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"The flame will cool tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow....But someone must see this already today, and speak heretically today about tomorrow. Heretics are the only (bitter) remedy against the entropy of human thought."

Yevgeny Zamyatin  (1884-1937)


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Schizophrenia, Bi-polarity, and the path of Human Evolution

The Dawn of a Spiritual Awakening

Dale G. Cox

Science versus Spirit:

Let me introduce you to the world of spiritual science.  Before we get deep into our topic for today, lets take a moment to look at the nature of Material Science in the effort to better define the term "Spiritual Science".  Simply put, the basis of material science is any medium we have created a machine to measure.  Thus, the field of material science is flawed.  Before the microscope was invented in 1590 by Zacharias Janssen and his father in Holland, cells did not exist.  Before Isaac Newton observed an apple falling from a tree as phenomena around 1665, gravity did not exist.  In 1803, the British scientist John Dalton improved upon Democritus' idea of Atomos and developed the first 'atomic' theory.  This theory stated that all matter was composed of tiny particles called atoms.  Prior to Dalton's "discovery", atoms did not exist, even though Democritus thought they did 2200 years before, and Dalton merely explored the idea.  This has been the progress of material science.  Decrying the wisdom of the past merely for its lack of "proof".  If science can't prove it mechanically, it doesn't exist.  Every time we made a great discovery in measurement, we discovered our theories about the universe were wrong.  Material science simply adjusted accordingly, and it again reined supreme as the definer of knowledge.  Prior to at least 1200AD, practically every religion on the planet, including Christianity, believed without a shadow of a doubt that our material world was based upon a world of spirit that reined supreme.  Today humanity has been metaphorically, "lost in the wilderness", blinded to the true nature of our reality.  Spiritual Science is the scientific study of the phenomena our machines cannot yet measure.  The study of the human spirit, and its origins in a divine world of spirit.

As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

Max Planck,  The Nature of Matter, speech at Florence, Italy, 1944

The key limitation we must note in regard to material science is that it can only measure outward expression.  Monitoring the chemical changes in the body is watching the outward expression, not the inward.  The inward expression is what stimulates the glands to create chemical reactions in the body that material science can then observe.  What effects the inward expression that causes it to affect the glands, to create a reaction or expression that material science can then observe, is not observable by material science.  Material science cannot yet measure or observe the dimension of feeling, emotion, or spirit that sends reactions into the body that become visible in a person's expression.  This is the realm the bipolar individual navigates without the aid of material science.  Material man does not experience the spiritual and emotional world outside of his own inner dialog.  To all intensive purposes he lives in a box.  He believes his expressions are reactions to stimuli he receives from the external world.  He does not experience what is internal in others, or what part of his feelings are actual reactions to the invisible thoughts and feelings of others.  Bipolar syndrome is a reaction to stimuli received from this invisible, spiritual and emotional world.  This simple difference in perspectives between the material person and the bipolar individual is one source of the disorientation the bipolar individual feels, living in a world where most of those around him are blind to the world he/she experiences.  The simple concept of experiencing the material world from a deeper spiritual and emotional perspective is enough to drive an unprepared individual insane.  Being exposed to the world of spirit in this way, adds an incredible amount of depth to the experience of the soul within a bipolar individual.  The unprepared soul must become accustomed to this different perspective of social interaction.  This, modern science cannot understand, because it cannot measure the internal bipolar experience with an external machine, at least not yet.  All the medications material science develops to "cure" bipolar syndrome are designed to deal with the outer symptoms, not the inner cause.  Thus, I encourage the bi-polar individual to seek a different path to understanding where he/she is, the path of Spirit.

Modern science has made great strides in understanding how the physical human functions.  It just doesn’t seem to understand why. Because modern science cannot "measure" the spiritual human, it is reluctant to admit the spiritual human exists.  This is the great failing of science/medicine in our time.  The spiritual human is the why in what the human body does.  Thus, all of modern science's postulations about what we are only embrace the observable.  This limited perspective greatly affects the success of modern medicine.  It is also an issue with modern psychiatry.  It is limited to trying to glean internal human structure from external observation, when it is quite easy to mask internal structure with external expression.  This concept is the nature of the lie.  It is because materialism degenerates our human experience, that we think our lies, our inner expression, are invisible.  Lying has now become a stable concept within the context of our human nature.  We build the structure of our personality "masks" based on our ability to perfect the external lie in self-defense.  We only tell the truth within ourselves where we think no one else can see.  But sometimes even there, we fall for our own lies, and we develop the habit of lying to ourselves, hence denial.  This is a source of frustration for the bipolar individual, having to live with the lies he or she cannot get their loved ones to face.  The bipolar sees a world of lies, and a host of liars saying it isn't so.  To make matters worse, the liars want to "fix" the bipolar individual so he/she can't see their lies any more.  So the materialists can go on feeling comfortable their lies are hidden.  Until modern science can observe the world of spirit, it will never truly understand humanity and our path.

A Human Being is formed from the world of spirit into the world of form. Thus, what we are exists as energy first, then that energy interpenetrates matter and creates our physical form from the molecular level up.  To observe the marvel of human life, one only need study the phenomena of human conception and birth.  Science thinks the human body forms itself, and the human spirit enters sometime later.  When in reality, the spirit is the author of the form and steers its design from molecular conception.  The human is a multidimensional being capable of much more than we can perceive at this point.  The mental limitation of the materialistic perspective often prevents us from realizing we're in a constant state of evolution.  The human body reproduces practically every cell within it every seven years.  The body is in a constant state of molecular activity.  Human consciousness only really recognizes the passing of time from the reference of the material world.  We watch our bodies change and grow old.  Otherwise our perspective feels as if it has always been where it is, and what it is.  The physical body is a locality of phenomena for its spiritual occupant, but we are not the body.  What you experience as life is a direct result of our expression towards the universe.  In other words, the karma of our actions.  As a human being you are directly involved in a journey of evolution, going through incarnation after incarnation.  Thoughts are not limited to the physical brain.  Feelings and the expression of spirit, extend beyond the boundaries of the physical body, sometimes without limit.  The human organism creates karma in three ways.  Through thoughts, feelings and actions.  This plane where our energies intermingle has been referred to metaphorically, as "a sea of emotion".  It is in this turbid sea that the bipolar individual swims, sometimes without knowing, often as if in a storm.

The fact that the full realization of the individual is impossible with physical science exposes the fully ineffectual nature of modern science and psychiatry in relation to bipolar syndrome.  The science of Psychiatry seeks to define the very inclinations of human behavior by observing the individual in relation to the life history the individual has accumulated from current birth up to the current moment.  Not taking into consideration that past life experiences and karma create a pre-existing psycho-social disposition within the individual at birth.  Karmic circumstances that have brought not only the individual, but almost everyone he/she knows into the field of that individual's life for the purpose of individual evolution.  Lately, material science has taken to reducing our human experience to the simple chemical interactions in our body.  Thus, trying to promote the illusion the the human being is nothing more than a biological robot that can always be chemically repaired.  This perspective eliminates at least 70% of the basis for any given human experience.  It effectively eliminates any notion of predisposition in the origination of a soul.  Presuming every soul to be a clean slate from birth, and relegating psychiatry to nothing more than human auto mechanics.  It is clearly observable from life that every individual will react differently to any given situation.  If this is so, how can one speculate as to what the reaction or inclination of any given individual would be in any given situation?  The reaction would be exclusively based on the field of experience that soul had encountered throughout the entirety of its many incarnations on the planet earth.  Thus, every reaction to every external stimulus would be different to the power of seven billion, the estimated number of people on the planet at this particular point in time.  How can modern Psychiatry presume to imagine specific criteria with which to classify the behavioral reaction of seven billion "different" people?  Psychiatry is usually ineffectual in stopping relational violence before it happens.  Because the motive within the individual is invisible to materialism until it manifests as an external action.  The bipolar individual sees the truth of human depravity in the motives that emanate from people on a constant basis.  Materially, most of us seek to mask the, sometimes, unbridled fear and/or wrath we feel on a daily basis.  One day we will all stand naked before each other and this will no longer be necessary. But the process of coming to terms with our individual truths will be interesting.  Today, only the bipolar individual gets the rare privilege of encountering this truth.  This realization will eventually come crashing in upon every human being alive.  Today, the bipolar individual is the evidence of a continuing human evolutionary process.  If we all truly understood the implications of that concept, it might change the world we live in.  Some people don't want that realization to occur.

Wading into a sea of sympathy's and antipathies.

Let us begin with some clarification of terminology. The term"bipolar" is simply the clinical description bestowed upon this seeming affliction, by material science. In all actuality, the proper term should be "initiate". This is a term used in the esoteric circles to describe an individual who has crossed the "threshold" of realization to behold the world of spirit. In almost all of our ancient spiritual streams, there have been rituals designed specifically to take an individual across this threshold of realization. From ancient shamanic rituals involving herbs and mushrooms, to the more modern temple rituals in Egypt. Individuals seeking firsthand knowledge of the spiritual world have engaged these rituals, to experience in some form, the inner nature of the spirit world that surrounds us.  Thus, the term "bipolar" really is a modern degeneration.  The proper term for these individuals should be "initiate".

Today's modern Initiate is on the front edge of a cresting wave of human evolution.  To see the truth of the human souls that surround us is both painful and enlightening.  Behind our masks of materialism, we indulge ourselves in flagrant emotional debauchery, vanity and petty egotism.  Our selfish natures rear large in the seemingly hidden world of our imaginations.  But this is the real world of spirit, and we are naked before god.  No masks!  The expression of your heart is the most profound contribution any individual makes to the Universe.  Our buildings will crumble in time, but the tone of our hearts sends a far-reaching signal into the universe, and it hears.  That signal is then reflected back at us and we experience it as karma.  The modern initiate is exposed to the naked truth of the human heart.  In this respect the human being is still a wild animal.  The barbarity of our hearts is the invisible inclination for all manner of violence in the world.  We smile externally and hate internally.  Say we love, but lash out with the violence of rejection.  As humans, we are an enigma unto ourselves.  But in arrogance we proclaim that we are certain we know who we are.  We are the false gods we worship, and we fill the world with our iconography.  The modern initiate exists in this world of our emotional largess.  The fear, pain, rejection, anger, that we feel is broadcast into the energetic space that exists between us.  It fills the "sea" with storm.  The modern initiate has no filter for this environment.  We see what is most heinous in humanity and we are terrified.  We see what is so divinely beautiful and innocent, and it brings tears to our eyes.  The raw extremes of this reality weigh heavily upon the heart.  The distance between these two extremes is enough to strain our emotional resolve.

In reality, humanity is what I would call a unified field.  We are all connected.  Like in a small pond, you can't piss in one side of the pond and expect to drink fresh water from the other side.  It should also be noted that we exist in what I would call a cause and effect universe.  Meaning for every action, there is a reaction.  Not necessarily an opposite reaction.  As regards the human aspect of this dynamic, I'd say more of a reflective reaction.  If you promote hate into the field, you will eventually meet that hate.  If you promote love into the field, you will eventually meet that love.  In anger and fear our light is distorted, corrupted, and cold.  In love and patience our light is warm and embracing.  In our intimate relationships we are drawn and addicted to the warm light we see radiating towards us from "other".  Thats because this warmth is our desired environment.  We are naturally drawn to the warmth, to the extent that we become violent when rejected by it.  Not necessarily in a physical way initially, but in an emotional way against ourselves.  Later, when we can no longer sustain the pain, it can become physical violence.  Responding defensively, we fear the loss of the warmth, we don't want it to move away from us.  We may forcefully seek to control it, only succeeding in crushing it and turning a part of someone else dark.  To look at a flower is to allow its beauty to exist in freedom.  To pick a flower is to possess it selfishly for only a moment, killing it in the process.  We covet the warmth, and seek to draw it within ourselves, to fill a void made empty by our own imaginations.  In the name of our broken heart, we wreck such horrid violence upon each other.  Love can only be given, it cannot be taken.  We are a society of surface platitudes, and subsurface strife.  This is the world the modern initiate exists in.

Historically speaking, this is not an entirely new environment for us.  At the end of the Atlantian epoch, we all experienced a natural clairvoyance.  As we descended deeper into materialism this ability faded.  In the early cultures of our current civilizational epoch, the physical world was to us more dreamlike, the spiritual world more real.  We witness this today when we are in the presence of a newborn child.  We spend most of our first few months sleeping, as our consciousness transitions its focus from the spiritual world to the material world.  We are drawn into the material world by our repeated exposure to it.  But, initially, it must appear to us as dream.  As it appeared to us many thousands of years ago.  Back then we saw the spiritual world and interacted with it.  What we prefer to view today as Mythology, was indeed reality.  We saw spirits in the wind, spirits in the trees, and a host of other spirits moving about in the world around us.  The deeper we fell into materialism, the more this "sight" faded from us, until eventually we could no longer see the spirit world.  That doesn't mean that world ceased to exist, no, it has continued to exist.  Now our consciousness is beginning to see that world again, just not in the same way we did before.  We are several thousand years older now.  As a species we have changed, and we are in the process of undergoing yet another major change.

Many modern initiates do not know they have crossed the threshold until it just gets to be too much.  This point is different for everyone, and occurs at different points in life.  For most modern initiates the potential is a karmic predisposition, not a chemical imbalance.  The downside to this is that most modern initiates have gone through a long process of internal conflict.  Trying to sort out the wide variety of feelings they experience as their own, before coming to this realization.  We seek to understand why "we" feel the way we do, because we think everyone is just like us and has gone through the same process of self realization.  We initially don't understand that everyone else isn't like us, isn't going through this, or that we are experiencing everyone else's emotions.  We take this heavy burden upon ourselves and try to rationalize why we think so poorly of those closest to us.  Having our boundary's unknowingly compromised makes it very difficult for us to determine just who "we" are, in the crowd of emotions flowing through us.  In the case of the Schizophrenic, those boundaries are completely overwhelmed. To the extent that the schizophrenic can no longer focus on their day to day life, as they become an intersection for a variety of entities both physical and corporeal.  We must find the space to get away from the crowded "sea" out into stiller waters, to come to a safe understanding of who "we" are.  Good supportive friends are usually helpful to this process.  They can give us a "truthful" place to be.  There is also a variety of meditations that will help us clear our space of all the extraneous emotions.  There we must learn to reinforce our sense of self, so that we can navigate the waters without losing ourselves in it.

The modern initiate can experience emotions much the same way other people experience rain or a sharp wind.  We must become accustomed to this new environment.  In time, everyone will follow this path, we will set the way.  We are the first wave of humanity to come to the harsh realization that evil does exist in the human heart.  We are the first generation to cross the "new threshold" in a non initiatory way.  As human beings we are one of the more dynamic expressions in the universe.  A whole host of spiritual beings surround us on a daily basis.  They seek to influence us because they live through us, but they cannot be us.  Even people who have not crossed the threshold, are influenced by these very same spirits every day, and don't know the difference.  Thus, being an initiate doesn't make you any more susceptible to the influence of these spirits, now you just get to understand that they are there.  It should be noted that while this seems like a novel experience.  It can give the modern initiate a false sense of power, as not all of the "spirits" you may come in contact with will have your best interest at heart.  Indeed, quite the contrary, many of those spirits will only seek to use you, to your detriment.  Resisting there influence merely means coming to terms with who you are, and understanding that their presence doesn't change the rules.  You are still responsible for your life and you will always either suffer or benefit from the consequences of your actions.  Having a firm set of morals and values helps in this process.  You all know the drugs do not help.  The drugs may numb the body, but they only frustrate the soul.  We cannot hide from this.  I know how painful it is.  Just remember, your karmic predisposition is not an accident.  This will not get easier, but we will get better at dealing with it.  Seek to flee the storm and it will blow you along with it.  Turn and face it and you will get stronger in your resolve, and you will move through the storm quicker.

Understandably, every modern initiate will experience this in a way unique to their soul's experience, and their specific social environment.  This will be sort of easy for some and difficult for others.  The world beyond the range of the physical senses is active and engaging, and may present itself in a myriad of forms.  Our journey is through the heart to a higher degree of love.  The safe path through this experience is through forbearance and compassion for those we experience on a daily basis.  Being critical of the lies we see around us will only make us cynical and add to our isolation.  Being critical of the lies will only draw conflict to us.  The rest of humanity is sleeping, soon they will awake, and we will be there.  We already are, we just need to come to terms with that and accept what we are.  You are not alone, though often it may feel like it.  It is my hope this essay will add an alternative understanding to the experience many of us are having.  In future writings I will attempt to illuminate the path we tread.  How you approach it must be your choice.  I don't presume to offer an alternative to any existing therapies, just the choice of knowledge.  Knowledge that doesn't seem to be currently available from material science.  This is not a disease, it is a blessing and a revelation.  The revelation that we really aren't just clever monkeys.  We are spiritual beings on a journey of evolution.  A journey that traverses incarnation after incarnation across time.  We do not end in darkness.  On the contrary, we continue on into the light.  There is a real and magnificent purpose to our existence.  For you this realization has just begun.  Just remember to breath.