The Ninety-five Percent Solution
A Precursor to the Silent Awakening
By Dale G. Cox

It has become a frequently mentioned economic fact that 95% of the worlds wealth resides under the control of 5% of the population. In the West this is a positive iconographic image used to encourage the acceptance of capitalism. It gives us the illusion that each of us has the opportunity to acquire gross amounts of wealth. We could all be a Bill Gates or a Donald Trump. It could happen over night! This illusion has made the west a Mecca for those in pursuit of individual wealth from all over the world. Considering where some of those people come from, capitalism becomes for them the pseudo placebo for freedom. However, real freedom cannot be achieved under a system based on economic inequality, which is the nature of capitalism. The purpose of this essay is to bring to light the threat this fact poses for individual freedom, the concept of human rights, and the expression of ethics within our social culture. Globalism is the means whereby a few individuals came to be in control of 95% of the worlds wealth. Globalism is not a new topic in the world today it is merely the new word for colonialism. The Industrialist has long pursued the agenda of Globalism. In this time, Industrialism strives to bring us to the realization of our dependence upon the dynamic of Globalism. This would be to the success of their 5% solution, where a few people would be able to control the world via economics. This is indeed already the dominant reality. The concept of Globalism is forcing us to become more aware of where we each individually fit into the world economy of today. So what does that mean to us? It raises the question of whether or not having 95% of the worlds wealth controlled by 5% of the population is really a positive for all of us globally?


Imagine all the money that changes hands on a daily basis. Imagine that 95% of us only controls 5% of the money, at any given time. It would mean that 95% of the people making those transactions would be doing it with someone else's money. That would also mean that at least 90% of us could realistically be considered transient, due to the fact that we would only ever possess the money adequate for survival from paycheck to paycheck. In America we like to count ourselves superior to really poor people, simply because we have been led to believe we are actually buying our home. At least 90% of the homes currently being bought in the United States are really owned by the Bank. Until you pay your house off your really just a more committed renter. You simply become the property management company, and you, instead of the owner, pay for all repairs or maintenance. Yes, with real estate being the only solid place to invest money, you can get back what you put into it, usually. But, imagine the people who pay consistently only to have a life situation arise which cuts their ability to pay and what they have spent years paying for, can in several months be lost to foreclosure. The mortgage company then gets to “sell” that accumulated value to the next “renter”. Granted, there are “privileges” that come with home “ownership”, but this reality is more and more reserved for the “privileged. That buffer zone of souls who inhabit the area closest to the wealthy. The purpose of their “privilege” is to play the role of transition between the elite and the poor. If there was no “middle-class”, how could the poor possibly tolerate the position of the wealthy? The “privileged” middle-class serves basically as a smokescreen to convince the poor, and the middle-class themselves, that the real wealth is attainable. It really is not! Due to the nature of the debt illusion, the Bank owns title on practically every piece of property on the planet that's not owned free and clear. Incidentally, the Banks also control most of the currencies worldwide, as they usually own the debt sovereign countries have to make in order to operate from day to day, year to year. For instance, America’s national debt! The American people, as taxpayers, basically become the debtor for a debt owed to a collection of private investors known as the Federal Reserve Bank. The value of our dollar is based on the amount of “our” debt. That debt is produced by people who lately have blatantly displayed the fact that they don't work for us. Thus the debt “they” produce amounts to larceny and graft, or in more nostalgic terms, the looting of the treasury.


To help us become conditioned to it, this dynamic of very few individuals having control of most of the money, repeats itself in almost every organizational structure on the planet. In the hierarchy of business structure, the Boss usually has all the money, he/she owns the company, makes the decisions, and we are employees. We all see it every single day. We've grown up seeing it every day, even spending our childhood's preparing to enter into its game. This dynamic subliminally validates the exclusivity of wealth staying in the hands of the few. We usually go into debt (school loans) to shape ourselves into tools the people with the money can use. We angle ourselves to passively or openly compete with our fellow man, for the fleeting opportunity to acquire more of the accumulated wealth for ourselves. Most of us do this everyday, and yet the balance of wealth in the world stays basically the same. Every day! Which must mean that the 95% of us that are competing “every day” to become one of the 5%, are losing miserably. In fact, for all our efforts, we may not even have ever been in the same game as the 5% with the wealth. Realistically, having 95% of the worlds wealth would put one in a good position to keep the other 5% at bay. They've obviously done that successfully, because we, the 95% have been comfortable with this arrangement for quite some time. Why is that?


It should be noted that this essay is not inclined towards communism. So for proper designation we should balance the term of wealth with the term of power. As when we look at Russia or China or any modern communist nation, wherein the illusion is created that the people are all equal, the leadership is still exclusive and enjoys “privileges” that the general masses usually do not. This is the same dynamic as 95% of the money residing in the hands of 5% of the people. These people merely have a wealth of power, and privileges beyond that of all others.


Incidentally, it's usually been this 5% of the worlds population that has made all the decisions to fight all the wars we've ever fought and died in throughout history. Usually, 95% to 100% of those killed were us. So not only have we never had the money, but we seem to have taken the greatest risk for it. We seem to have made the greatest sacrifice so that wealth could remain exclusive. Why is this?


You could probably thank Darwin for this, in some small way. The very notion that we are simply smart monkeys seems to have taken root. In that we seem to have no great expectations for human history. Let alone a notion of evolution! We seem to have no great expectations for ourselves outside of basic day to day survival. It seems to have become the consensus that humanity will always continue to do exactly what we're doing today. Simply eating, sleeping, and reproducing. Combine that with the fact that for at least 9000 years the meek (the 95%) have been slaughtered relentlessly in the interests of the 5%. We've been conditioned to expect to be slaughtered. This is why the notion of the absurdity of this activity seems to have never dawned on us. Show us a few live action pictures of animals hunting and killing each other and we get the general idea. Of course, you'll have to forgive me for marginalizing the importance of the human drama. We mustn't marginalize the importance of our social history, which more than justifies each and every one of those wars as being necessary to bring us to where we are today. So then where exactly are we? Our graves are visible on the horizon of history and yet our condition, that of the poorer 95%, has essentially never changed.


So why, in all this time, has the notion of us learning to share, never taken hold and grown? Has the control been that effective? Has the war that wealth has waged against us throughout all of time, always been successful? Apparently! Along with that defeat, we have always lived with poverty, disease, slaughter and famine. Granted, you could say that up until at least 500 years ago we were still technically struggling with nature to survive. Today we have no excuse. The effects of the worship of money are obvious everywhere within our “modern” culture. The human soul has been the victim, as was always intended. In recent centuries, the perspective of the wealthy has been to only educate the “masses” as much as was necessary to make us industrially functional. Monkeys smart enough to push the appropriate buttons at the appropriate time. The children of the “wealthy elite” have always been educated to be superior to the poorer classes of the world, groomed to take leadership over them. The perspective of individuals within the Church was to keep us obedient to those in position above us. For the last 2000 years we've been a flock to these people. Would you believe? The Church's original purpose was to guide us along our spiritual evolutionary path. Instead they have retarded us in a posture subservient to them, to materialism. This was a developmental inevitability that the Christ made his sacrifice to prevent.


Religion aside, we also have the social dilemma produced by this tendency of ours. We can hypothetically send men to the moon, and yet our world is still plagued with poverty, war, pestilence, starvation, disease, etc. This can only mean that 95% of the worlds population, “us”, wouldn't think of asking the other 5% to give any more than they already have. We shouldn't ask them to clean up their toxic messes. We shouldn't ask them to foot the bill to feed the hungry produced by their greed or wars of acquisition. Or to cure the sick, or even to stop the war that's raged throughout time. Yes, “the” War! There's only ever been one war fought on the planet earth. The war between Good and Evil! Good would see us all living in peace and harmony. Evil can only see us living in constant conflict and chaos. Sound familiar? Does this concept change the playing field? Yes! Now instead of pinning this dilemma on 5% of the population, we all have to take responsibility for our collusion with it. The 5% always manages to convince a minority of us that their way is true, money helps with this, as the promise of power for the “individuals” involved (middle-class). So if we all have a bit to play in this, then really it's not the 5% at all, its “Us”. “We” decide to defer our own karmic responsibility as human beings to the 5%. The 5% merely plays the little devil on our shoulder, or the fear in our minds. We say “sure, I’ll go kill for that reason”, or as witnessed more recently, “I am willing to kill to protect my way of life”. This is childish! Period! The American soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan has everything in common with the Arab man he fights against. Both are pawns in a game that doesn't even include them. Yet they die and produce karma that must be redeemed by all of humanity, most of all by the individuals concerned. This has been a pattern throughout most of human history. Our recollection of history only has room to remember the “individual” heroes, rather than the countless masses that perished with the Hero. I would personally take this as an insult. But the Hero worship could be considered one of the foundations of the “me” ego concept within western culture. A concept born of social depravity that cultivates within the individual a constant search for social recognition, in whatever form serves the purpose.


The people of the earth must become aware that we are all in this together. The notion of 5% of the worlds population controlling 95% of the worlds wealth is untenable. It is the antithesis of global harmony it says it seeks to promote. The evidence is all around us. Even in the west we try to act like our growing number of homeless is a problem indicative of those “individuals”, rather than a sign that we have a larger social problem. Those people in the West who think they are better than those elsewhere in the world, still struggle for every day survival and think they are privileged. Modern medicine does not seek to rid the world of disease as much as it positions itself to become the giver of life to entire cultures, that in the future will find themselves struggling through life with the growing adverse effects of industrialism infecting their bodies. This is a failure in ethics. While Cancer, and a host of other “disorders” are not merely the byproducts of industrialism, they are in a more cosmic sense the wages of sin. Western history is built upon the injustices of a long bloody past. The wanton destruction and persecution of innocence must be responded to, and accounted for within us karmically, and genetically. We are emotional beings. We affect our form with our thoughts and feelings. A dysfunctional soul produces dysfunctional genes. It is the delusion of their vanity that leads them to the abyss. Their children will pay the high price for this vanity. We are all at a key point in history right now. We can see the current world and its entire history from our desktops. This is the first time in the history of the world we have come so close together as a global community. When I buy a pair of athletic shoes, I now have to consider if they were made by a child of poverty for less than ten percent of what I paid for them. Do we allow 5% of the population to degenerate us into a global dictatorship, simply because we want to be more socially recognized through our shoes, than the person standing next to us? Or do we rise to the occasion and work to produce global harmony for all peoples worldwide. This is not a question of if, only when. As I speak, the third world war that will pit the children of the west against the children of the east is being prepared on the stage of global geopolitics. By adhering to the delusional restraints of “nationalism” we prepare to send an entire generation to an untimely death, if not several generations, as the new concept of the “draft” has expanded its age scope. What will be our excuse for consenting to this?


Let us digress from our topic for just a moment to explore the mass psychology manipulation tool called “Nationalism”. Even though we have the hugely grotesque historical blot of Nazism in our recent past, here are new generations willing to fall for the same trick again in America. From theatrical remakes of the Pearl Harbor attack, to countless war dramas taking us back to our conflict with “National Socialism” in WW2. To current propaganda derived from the use of such empty terms as “our way of life”, to “they hate us because we're good”. Good grief Charlie Brown, how FUCKING STUUUPID do you have to be to fall for this shit? Please excuse the expressive language, but there is a place in my soul that literally screams in anguish to see my fellow humans fall for such a simple trick. Nationalism is the tool used by the elite to stimulate the masses, the poorer 95%, to a false hate based on imagery. That's how they get us to fight each other for their reasons. Oh, indeed you could throw in the imagery of a poor little blond girl captured by those evil brown men, to rally us to racial hatred, that works too. But don't show us deformed Iraqi babies victimized in the womb of their mothers by the effects of depleted uranium contamination. Huh, duh, what's that? My point exactly! Every soldier who has ever gone to war for any reason, from current times all the way back to Cain slaying Abel, his brother, has done that, slay his brother. Individually every single one of those souls has paid the price with personal karma, and we have paid the price with the cultural karma. The cult of violence is one of the oldest and least recognized cults on the planet. You need to convert your Nationalism to a new Globalism that sees every other human being on the planet as your neighbor. Or you will forever be categorically a stupid animal, and your children will be forever maintained in the same corrupt concept.


In 1917, Rudolf Steiner presented a pamphlet exploring the notion of a “Threefold Social Order”. He attempted to present this as an alternative to the “Wilson Plan” that was bent on producing an environment for the cultivation of “National Socialism”. This concept of a “Three-fold Social Order” was rejected by the very 5% we have come to know and revile. It presented a society that was the exact opposite of the “5% solution”. Based on the knowledge of who we were spiritually as well as physically, and where “we” were trying to go evolutionally. Hence again we experience the specter of evil in the history of humanity, and the perpetuation of the “War”. Steiner’s Three-Fold Social order presented a plan based on three spheres of human life, Spiritual, Social and Economic. According to this plan in the realm of economics the individual would be “less than” the whole, whereas in today’s world of Capitalism the individual is greater than the whole (the 5% solution). In the Social world all would be “equal”, versus the social inequality produced by such animalistic expressions as racism, classism and elitism. In the spiritual sphere, the individual would be “greater than” the whole. Meaning that, each individual would be free to pursue their chosen expression of religious life. Instead, we have the idea of a modern “Crusade” being fostered within the “Christian West” against Muslim “Fundamentalism. While realistically, Muslim Fundamentalism was a strategic creation of the CIA for just this purpose. Probably in the same way Americans are encouraged to lean towards “Christian Fundamentalism” as its antithesis. This concept of a Three-Fold social organization is the exact opposite of what we live with today. It would help us evolve to a positive realization of our potential as “Humans”. Versus the current system which seeks to drive the human race down into animalism, depravity and death.


One note to make here is that this format should be familiar if you remember anything of elementary school history. Feudalism was a system whereby a Lord owned all the land and the people on it. Although the term “Feudalism” seems to have faded from history, the technical concept has not. Even into the 1700’s most Europeans were beholden to the Lord of the land they lived on. This was the historically accepted motivation for the French revolution. This was why by the end of the 1700’s poor “immigrants” from all over Europe were fleeing the old order for opportunities of freedom in the “new world” called America. They came believing they could become the “Lord” of their own land. Many were still indentured bondservants fleeing ownership. Contrary to the popular American history, many were criminals. For certain, 95% of them were poor. The invasion and complete decimation of the indigenous peoples of America stands as one the most grossly understated social atrocities of human history. Americans are taught in school about manifest destiny, when it was really invasion and genocide. The oppressed immigrants of a feudal Europe participated as the cheapest invasion force in the history of modern warfare. They paid to come, paid with their lives, and indeed subdued an entire continent. Just so their children could again become beholden to the “new” lord of the land. The Banker! Now the Corporation, as an economic representation of the bank, has become the new “Lord” in a world of economic feudalism, where large groups of people and whole communities are beholden to these large corporations who bring economy to their community. Simply because they have 95% of the money!


In essence, for at least the last 3 to 4 centuries the game of global geopolitics is and has mostly always been a stage play engineered to control the masses. Despite our progress technologically, today we live in a world controlled by a collection of petty Mafias and Black Magicians. Our tendency to make our lives better is consistently compromised by greed and human degeneracy. We are currently dramatically vulnerable to these Mafiosi as a civilization. They are always prepared to plunge us into darkness in a variety of ways. That notion is based on “our” usefulness to “them”. The American worker will soon become a thing of the past, to be replaced by the Imperial foot soldier. Who will use and wear technology he not only knows nothing about. But also as a result of the “dumbing down effect” of “public education”, will not have the mental ability to figure it out. All of the technologically progressive efforts of our civilization have been put to the task of producing the ability for the 5% to control the world militarily. They have taken the opportunity to produce weapons we have not imagined possible. Some of which are already in use! Their thought is that there are too many of us. Life as we know it literally hangs in the balance of our (the 95%) actions over the next 5 to 6 years. “They” are realistically only 5% of “us”, which means if we can generate the desire to see through the illusions they have enslaved us with, we can achieve a peaceful solution. If not they will again generate a third world war to pit us against each other. This war is guaranteed to be much worse than the previous two “they” created. The outcome will be in their favor. Left alone most of us, the 95%, would just like to live a happy life. Get along with our neighbors, have a sense of community and see the positive expression of our labor. We are responsible for allowing the few to make us afraid. In just the past few years America has attacked two sovereign nations under the guise of our fear. Both of which we find out later were unfounded. Time to wake up America, most of the world is already awake they’re just waiting for us. They don't hate us, they know we're asleep. They just want us to wake up. The choice is yours. Choose your path carefully. Your children will have to live with it, if they survive!