The Question of Gender

Let me state from the onset, that this essay is in no way a judgment of people who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle. In order to fully appreciate our situation, we must from time to time step out of ourselves to obtain an objective perspective. It is my hope, that this essay will be a helpful peek outside the box of current human thinking. In a real sense, modern western thought is based on a preponderance of illusion. The intensity of spin that exists in the media discourse, is designed to create conflict and disorientation. Designed to lead western humanity into the forest of Pandora's box. Which is to say, that before we even begin to discuss the topic of gender, it should be noted that our thoughts and feelings manifest via the same laws of form as our actions. Which is to say, your thoughts and feelings produce an effect within you, that is then governed by the laws of karma. You are a being, currently engaged in a process of evolution. The physical world that currently exists around you, is dramatically temporary in relation to what is to be the potential span of your existence. But it is environmentally vital to the current stage of our development. To manipulate it adversely is to produce adverse effects in the course of our combined evolution. Our culture is not accidental, it is intentionally oriented to lead you astray of the proper course of your evolution. So while you know the theories exist, your belief in them is based on common consensus, common western consensus doesn't believe in our spiritual evolution, or even reincarnation for that matter. You have been told that we are the descendants of monkeys and that you only get this one life. Instead, you are indeed the children of divinity as we understand it, your essence is energy, or light if you prefer. Your future potential ranges far beyond this minimalistic groveling for vanity you are currently enslaved in. But you have enemies who don't want to see you achieve your full potential. Enemies you know nothing about because they've controlled western culture for at least the last 1700 years. You were indeed born into a "prison for your mind", to quote a famous fictional character. By enslaving our minds, this external enemy seeks to corrupt and degrade our souls. But, not only are you up against these hidden external enemies in the world around you. You also have a hidden enemy within. We are currently born with an element of self-negation. The external enemy seeks to drive us ever deeper into our own self-undoing via fear. You shouldn't perceive these concepts as religious, because it is indeed science. We don't have the time to go into that here, but suffice to say this concept of negation effects all form in this environment called planet earth, in different ways. It works differently in us because it also effects thought and feeling, which we would normally consider intangible. I say all this in the hopes of illuminating the larger picture of your existence. The one that exists, not only beyond the scope of your nine to five, but also beyond the scope of this one specific lifetime. The consequences of your everyday thoughts, feelings, and actions are far reaching. You need to be aware of this, because the forces that control you via the mediadrome, don't want you to understand that. Needless to say, controlling what you believe, is essential to the survival of any tyranny.

Historically speaking, prior to the Eve event, we were an androgynous species, meaning masculine and feminine were joined and we were self fertilizing. The Eve event occurred around the end of the Lemurian epoch, dated relatively around 60 to 80 thousand BC. As a process of our evolution, we go through a specific number of stages. The next stage of evolution begins to appear towards the end of the stage it will follow. The old civilization ends and we go into whats referred to as a kamaloka period. Like the seed goes to sleep in winter, it is the new seed that awakes in the spring, and the memory of the old seed fades away, fertilizing the new seed with its passing. Thus, the Atlantean epoch saw our full development into separate genders. As spirit, it is said we are descending, or digressing if you like, falling deeper into materialism. This motion of falling was created by a singular influence in the course of our evolution. Call it the Luciferic influence, but don't restrict the notion as religious. If not for the influence of the Luciferic principle, we would not be what we are today, our genders would not have divided, and most importantly we would not have the option of choice, or the opportunity for fantasy. Again, its not about religion, its about the process of creation at its most complex, the disposition of form, call it the cosmic law. It is this law that binds the very molecules that make up our reality. We are subject to it, it is not subject to us. This is important to remember. Because every manifest aspect of your being exists within these rules, or it would not be able to exist in this reality of time. The essence of your expression does not originate in, nor is it limited by your physical being. Your imagination and your feelings, while intangible in the physical world, still exist within the parameters of the law, thus these expressions produce a tangible effect within the organization of the individual. What you want to believe in may change your view of reality, but it doesn't change the world you live in, or the laws that govern it.

Mind your wants because someone wants your mind. The object of this reality is that you come to know yourself, not as the character you play in the drama human, but as a spiritual being who's destiny lies far beyond the limitations of flesh and gender. I say this to say that what you think, feel and do in the physical world effects how you come to know your cosmic self. In order for a tree to grow it must have the proper nourishment, or its growth will be stunted, and it will be limited in its ability to grow to its full height. Our cosmic soul manifests in a similar fashion. It is the reaction of our cosmic heart to the circumstances we create for ourselves in the human drama, that brings us to understand ourselves, and our capacity's. This is not an accidental reality. We don't just appear here for an instant and then fade to black. This entire reality follows the organizational principles of the law. For this reason, when we fell through the Eve event and became two separate genders, the reactionary law, you could say, was that we would alternate genders upon reincarnation, so that we would always maintain an affinity for both masculine and feminine internally. If you are a male in this life, you will be a female in the next, and a male again after that. Until we reach a point in our not so distant future where the direction of human evolution will have turned back up. When we are destined to become androgynous again, like we were before the Eve event. At which time we will be a very different people to what we are now. The idea is that in order to guide our future expression to its healthy end, we want to maintain balance in all things, moderation in all things. Because, such is the human experience, that what we experience today is carried forward in the essence of our expression tomorrow. Someone makes you mad today, you shrug it off and it doesn't effect your tomorrow. Someone breaks your heart today, or physically abuses you, and we tend to take that forward with us well beyond tomorrow. For those of you who are older, you may recognize this burden of cumulative life experience. The more years you have to look back to, the more burdensome looking back becomes. Who you are today is the result of all the decisions you have made in the past, the feelings those decisions created and the memories attached to them. When we die and passover into our existence between death and rebirth, we process this sum of our lives, and use it to correct our continued evolution in our next human lifetime. If you created gross transgressions against others, you will manifest the appropriate corrective circumstances in your next incarnation to guide your own soul back to balance. The concept of karma is to correct any imbalances in our nature that would corrupt or compromise our future expression.

Thus, there can be no error in the disposition of gender. The trick with reincarnation, is that for the most part there has been a veil cast between past memories and current experiences. Which is why you don't remember your past life experiences. But, as we move forward, that veil is thinning as a result of the changes occurring within us as we evolve. Which is to say, there are those among us who are remembering past life experiences. Not specific names and places mind you, but gender orientation. The strongest memory you would have from a past life would be the most basic, gender orientation. It has been my observation that we are rather dynamic beings. We have created in human civilization, a broad field of potential experience. The degree of social discordance we experience today is the cumulative effect of our expression in the past. And I don't just refer to physical violence, but also violence of the mind and particularly violence of the heart. There is any variety of situations we can experience that would cause us to develop either an overly strong feminine nature, or an overly strong masculine nature. Which would manifest accordingly in which ever gender upon reincarnation. Our affinity to gender is not a biological thing, it is the manifestation of our eternal soul, it travels with us from lifetime to lifetime, no matter the gender we inhabit. The necessity for balance lies in the fact that the two must eventually become one again, therefore they will need to be equal in balance, or the proper form required for the next stage of our evolution will not be achieved. As the tone of overall emotional imbalance increases in our culture, our reactions will become ever more extreme. There are none of us born today who does not bring with us an affect of the emotional violence we have suffered, or more importantly created, in a previous life, into our reactions in the life we currently live today. It is in this light that the law of karma seeks to guide us back to balance. But not so much the law of karma, but our own spiritual aspirations to evolve. In the process between death and rebirth, all illusion is dispelled, we understand ourselves as the spiritual beings we are, and while we cannot change the alternation of gender that is the law, we organize our new physical incarnations to bring us back to the course required for healthy evolution. We ordain the circumstances necessary to bring ourselves back into balance. As we endeavor to balance our own expression, we will also be called to balance the overall expression of our culture. The culture we helped imbalance with our past behavior. Again, this has nothing to do with religion or even ideology. It is our historical enslavement to the concepts of gender, race and ideology, that have produced so much violence within the history of our culture. In the same way our feelings are influenced by our surroundings, so to are our thoughts. This is a cause and effect reality. When, in reaction to our physical, mental, and emotional surroundings, we shift our perspective in any one direction to an unhealthy degree, it usually must be pushed back in the opposite direction to the same degree in order to return balance.  Because of the influence of the Luciferic principle, we have the capacity for error, for self delusion. For this reason our teachers of old warned us of our vulnerability to Maya, or fantasy. If you cannot be either, male or female, while in their singular expression, your perpencity towards imbalance will eventually corrupt your ability to be both in the future when we rejoin the two as one. Which is to say that the two, separate, are not alike. They are the individual halves of a whole, important in their individual capacities, and how those capacities serve the expression of the whole. One is not better than the other, they are equal in necessity to our future expression.

It was to the recognition of this divine relationship between the masculine and feminine aspects throughout nature that the concept of marriage was based upon. We are not singularly one gender, we are inherently both. You will not evolve properly as only one, you will have to be both. We should continue to recognize the sacred marriage in its purity, regardless of the concepts we create to mimic it. In the larger picture, the same laws that govern the balance of gender within us, also govern balance of our whole expression. It is my belief that we originate in a vibration that we refer to as love. This is the only dynamic within our reality that I believe stands beyond the laws of karma as we experience them. The expression of hate will bring you back to an appreciation of love. While an abundance of love expressed will not force karma to teach you to hate. The only reason we see love and hate so closely associated in our culture is not due to the vibration of love, but rather to our corrupt interpretation of what love is. The purpose of our evolution is to bring us back to the purity of the love vibration. Part of the quiet angst we experience within ourselves, is the feeling of being alone, caused by the separation from of our unity of love, in order that we may experience individuality. We all seek to return to the vibration of love through each other, when we must return to that vibration within ourselves. This is why our social relations have become strained. A person we love is not giving us the feeling of love, but merely making us comfortable enough within ourselves to open our internal door to the love we would express through ourselves. The metaphor of unconditional love was given to us to help guide us through the delusions we would suffer trying to base our  expression of love on someone else's compliance to our ego, or will. Trust me when I say, I am no more comfortable with these concepts than you are. It has been the reflection upon the results of my own life, that has brought me painstakingly to the realization of the law. Our expression is bound by it, but for good reason.

We are not judged by god or anyone else. During the process between death and rebirth, we judge ourselves. Because, at that time our perspective of ourselves and reality in general is dramatically different, than what it is during our time between life and death. During the process between death and rebirth, we are dramatically more aware of our higher spiritual nature, than we are when we are distracted by the imagery of materialism. We guide ourselves towards karmic experiences intended to balance our evolution. So, by all means, I am not saying you should stop doing what your doing. I merely wanted to give you the context within which you are doing it. Know that you will cast circumstances into your next incarnation with everything you do in this life. This is already the case in your currently life. I am no judge of what is or isn't good for anyone else, let alone myself. I am only saying that my understanding of the law has served to illuminate the context of my everyday choices. I know I am directly responsible for what I believe, and how that effects my choices and the inevitable outcome of my life. The power of choice is both a freedom and a burden. For certain, to make the choice in this life will be far easier than a negative reaction to this life in your next, of that I am certain. But, also keep in mind that we are individually responsible for the imbalance we create within our ongoing culture, as a result of how others see our actions. Your progress as spirit can only be cultivated while you are safely within the confines of time here on earth. Here is where the work of evolution must be accomplished. I have absolutely no doubt that you will remember this upon the transition to death. But, in the journey between death and rebirth, you cannot change, you can only reflect. Which is why I think it is important for you to know the power of your choices now, when you can do something about it. Do not put off until tomorrow a task you can complete today. We do not have forever, while it seems long to our current perspective, we are here for a limited time. The further away from the path that you wander, the more effort you must make to guide yourself back in the proper direction. I personally hate that one, but I am thankful for it's consistency. It is wasteful to hate someone because they act differently. Through our search for individuality, we are also moving towards a more compassionate recognition of our unity. The notion that we are all on this journey together, goes well beyond the limitations of race, gender, and ideology. It should lead us to the realization that all our endeavors are aligned to lead us to the eventual resolution of conflict between us. Hopefully, that resolution can be compassionate, because all of us have transgressed against the law in one way or another. None of us is perfect or we would not be here. The future is the product of the choices we make today, choose wisely. Peace!