Industrial Society and It's Future
The Unibomber Manifesto

The Psychology Of Modern Leftism 
Feelings Of Inferiority 
The Power Process 
Surrogate Activities 
Sources Of Social Problems 
Disruption Of The Power Process In Modern Society 
How Some People Adjust 
The Motives Of Scientists 
The Nature Of Freedom 
Some Principles Of History 
Industrial-Technological Society Cannot Be Reformed 
Restriction Of Freedom Is Unavoidable In Industrial Society
The 'Bad' Parts Of Technology Cannot Be Seperated From The 'Good' Parts 
Technology Is A More Powerful 
Social Force Than The Aspiration for Freedom 
Simpler Social Problems Have Proved Intractable 
Revolution Is Easier Than Reform 
Control Of Human Behavior 
Human Race At A Crossroads 
Human Suffering 
The Future 
Two Kinds Of Technology 
The Danger Of Leftism 
Final Note