GA Bondarev
Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenario
Book 3, Chapter 2

II. The U.S.S.A.A.E.R.

To the question as to the meaning of today’s events in Europe and, indeed, throughout the world, we would reply with the following two hypotheses:

1. The “tsunami” means the decided, brutal, irresistible beginning of the globalization of the world, which has been held up to it as a goal for a long time now. It begins, not with the setting up of a single world government, nor with the creation of a single world economy or world financial system (all this is secondary), but with the mixing of the races, racial crossbreeding. In this we see corroboration of our thesis, that the chief aim of the globalists is not only wealth and power, but the human being, which they wish to alter beyond recognition, as a species.

2. The “tsunami” project has been hatched and set in motion with the goal, as it were, of swinging the political rudder worldwide abruptly to the Right – that is, of ensuring that the right-wing, conservative parties gain the upper hand everywhere. The ground has already been laid for the objective possibility of such a change of course. World history is characterized by the ongoing battle of opposites. For more than 200 years it has, generally speaking, tended towards the Left. This inevitably reinforces the strength of the counter-blow. Let us look more closely at these two hypotheses. When the waves of the “tsunami” were already manifesting in a truly aggressive form in Greece, Macedonia, Germany and Austria and the immigrants were being greeted with the slogan “Welcome!” in Germany, one could find in the Internet video films with extremely revealing declarations, put out by representatives of Zionism. As this force is a component part of the inverted pentagram (fallen Paradisal man – see 1st chapter in Part 2), it must be taken with extreme seriousness.

In one of these declarations Sarkozy was endeavouring passionately to persuade the French – indeed, all Europeans – that crossbreeding with immigrants from Africa and Asia is their “duty”, their “obligation”, because this would give them a chance to overcome the racial decline into which they had fallen. His words shocked the listener; we could not believe our ears, as he was virtually saying that if the French and other Europeans were not prepared now – today, tomorrow – to adapt to the dark-skinned people and assimilate with them into a mixed race, then this would mean their end! Another prominent figure, a woman, pleaded still more passionately than Sarkozy that, if the Europeans want the future, they must take this step and start to mix on a large scale with the immigrants. Yes, she admitted, this decision is not an easy one, “but we Jews are ready to help the Europeans to achieve this transformation”. In other words: to ascend from racial decline and inevitable dying-out of the race, to rebirth!

Viewed externally, such declarations simply cannot be understood. Of course, the population of Europe is no longer growing, but we know only too well what gigantic means are applied to achieve this. This includes, above all, the “sexual revolution”, which has gone on for more than 30 years and destroys the institution of marriage, of the family; also part of this is the invasive cult of the hyper-egoistic personality who thinks only of career and sexual pleasure. And in addition we hear how the “pillars” of the shadowy world government assure us more and more emphatically that planet Earth is no longer able to support so large a population, which must be considerably reduced!

Where, then, is the actual problem? Why is it a tragedy if, say, there are no longer 80 but only 60 million Germans, no longer 67 but only 40 million Frenchmen or no longer 53 but only 30 million Englishmen? Because this would create a labour shortage? But there is more than enough of it, and as a period begins, in which manual work is carried out more and more by robots, less and less human labour will be needed. We are approaching a time when 90% of labour will have become superfluous.

The statements mentioned are interesting in quite another way. They show that many of those in power regard the “tsunami” as the first stage of realization of the globalization project, in the direction in which an important representative of the “Brotherhood of the Shadows”, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, formulated it. Already in 1925 he wrote the following in his book “Practical Idealism”: “The human being of the distant future will be of mixed race... The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, outwardly similar to the Ancient Egyptian, will replace the multiplicity of peoples with the multiplicity of personalities.” And then: “Judaism is the womb from which a new, spiritual nobility of Europe will be born... Strength of character, combined with strength of mind and spirit, makes the Jew in his most outstanding examples into the leader of urban humanity... The superiority of their mind and spirit predestines them [the Jews] to be a main factor of a nobility of the future...” (pp.22, 28, 49).

One can fully understand Kalergi, of mixed German-Japanese descent and a member of the old 20th century aristocracy which played a highly significant role in the secret societies. He hoped to belong in the future, together with the Jewish “aristocracy”, to the elite of a racially mixed humanity and to be among those who guide its destiny. But he did not notice what Rudolf Steiner was saying at that time, namely, that the aristocracy of birth was being replaced in the world by the aristocracy of the Lodges.

The leaders of the secret societies, who work “on the basis of knowledge of the laws of development of the world”, realized long ago that objective development is moving in the direction of socialism, and try therefore to corrupt this movement and use it to their own advantage. We need to understand that it is not oligarchs, not giant companies, not super-banks that will govern the global world, assuming this really comes about. (This seems to have been recognized in time by Mark Zuckerberg, who voluntarily donates a large part of his fabulous wealth to good causes.) It will be ruled over by an aristocracy of occult-political secret societies, its core, whose representatives have had some success on the path of individual occult development. Black magicians will rule the world, and not a hereditary aristocracy, financial oligarchs or oligarchs of any other kind. A typical representative was portrayed by George Orwell in the figure of O’Brien. They will need no property because, like the Bolsheviks in Russia in the past, everything without exception will belong to them. And they will direct the masses, who will be organized in accordance with a socialist system.

Under these circumstances the ideology of Kalergi will be hopelessly outdated. This was confirmed indirectly by Jacques Attali in his Basel lecture (see Vol.1), when he said that in 50 years’ time there will be no races, not even a Jewish one, any longer.

Strangely enough, those who research the problems of globalization never raise openly the question of what order of society makes globalization at all possible. It is quite clear that, so long as the bourgeois-liberal order is upheld, the new aristocracy will not succeed in its aim of gaining total control of the personality. And it would be foolish to assume that the new aristocracy has not yet understood this. Despite all its shortcomings the bourgeois-liberal order rests upon the personality, egoistic though this may be. Therefore it must be eliminated. Of course, Europe at the present time is definitely not ready for a socialist revolution. It no longer has a proletariat; its proletarians live in comfortable homes, drive smart-looking cars etc.; they have themselves become a bourgeoisie.

And here one cannot avoid the suspicion that the migrants of the “tsunami” are to become Europe’s proletariat and that all Europeans, with the exception of the “Greens” and radical left-wingers (Maoists, Trotskyists etc.), are to be declared members of the bourgeoisie. If this is the case, then the situation in Europe is extremely serious. Upheavals are on the way, that will alter it beyond recognition.

The bourgeois European, looking on, as he must, at what is happening now, hopes that all this will somehow “quickly pass” and everything will “be again as it was before”. This is how the Russian bourgeoisie thought in 1917. The writer Ivan Bunin had understood in 1918 that what had arisen in Russia would last a very long time. His acquaintances protested: “Come on, that’s enough old fellow! In two or three weeks the nightmare will have passed, and then you’ll be ashamed of yourself...” But the nightmare ended only 70 years later, and Russia had in the meantime ceased to exist.

It is therefore, we believe, worthwhile to reflect upon the fact that the world, before it becomes global, must become socialistic. Europe is to lay the foundation stone for this development. And it is therefore becoming the target of a socialist revolution of the Bolshevist variety.(2) In order to unleash this, the tsunami was let loose against Europe. As with a nuclear explosion, a social explosion requires a critical mass – at least, to express it in the terms of the Stalinist Bolsheviks, “in a single country” which, under the new conditions, could for example mean “in Germany”. Germany is the ideal victim, because it is already a thorn in the flesh for the global strategists on account of its spiritual, cultural-historical mission. In addition to this, there is in Europe no country more deprived of rights than Germany. After all, no peace treaty has been signed with Germany since the war ended in 1945.

Can revolution take place peacefully? In theory yes, provided the five forces of the inverted pentagram arrive at a “consensus” in this question. Then the non-organized masses, even if they continue to protest, will be able to change nothing. They will have no choice but simply to submit.

But what prospect is offered by the alternative to this? If it is realized, the forces of the Right can gain the upper hand politically even by peaceful means, they can expel supporters of the Left from their posts, dissolve the EU, reinstate the borders and set about the repatriation of the migrants. Theoretically, this could also happen. However, there are many indications that a peaceful solution to crisis is planned neither by the Left nor the Right. And the migrants themselves say: “We won’t go back! We would rather start a rebellion!”

It is possible that a role is played in this “tsunami project” by the fact that the Ahriman monad is already approaching earthly incarnation. For him it is important that there should be war and suffering on the earth, as Vladimir Soloviev rightly pointed out. Rudolf Steiner says that Ahriman will come not as a tormentor, but as a bringer of all earthly benefits imaginable. And these are appreciated most of all by suffering and dying people who are losing all hope. They will then follow him with enthusiasm.

A possible revolution will of necessity be similar in character to the Bolshevist revolution, though it will have its own specific feature. This specific feature will be the mixing of the races. It will replace the mixing of the classes. The global experimenters are eugenicists and selectionists but, at bottom, terrible racists, racists of the first order. They are conducting a battle against the white race as a whole – white people have hatched the plan of eliminating the white race! According to their plans it has no right to exist under the conditions of the “New World Order” – owing to the fact that it is the avant-garde of, not only technical, but also individualistic, cultural and spiritual-moral progress. It is advancing inexorably towards the freedom of the human spirit and, when this comes about, all rulers of this kind have had their day. Because they understand that the spiritual progress of the white race has an evolutionary character, this means for them, that the struggle against it must also have an evolutionary character, for example, by way of the biological mixing of the races into a homogeneous race of hybrids. In the latter, the potential for the individual ascent of the human being to the spirit will inevitably diminish.

How can such a race be bred? Naturally, with the help of the birth of children. For this reason, it is women who must become the “main driving force” of the new racial-proletarian revolution. Yes, indeed, the politicians have assigned to European women in particular the fate of becoming the chief instrument of the new eugenic experiment. In this it does not matter at all how the racially mixed children are born. Care is therefore being taken to ensure that millions of young, healthy, single men pour into Europe. It could be foreseen from the start that they would commit acts of violence against women. But the “selectionists” no doubt think as follows: Well what’s so special about that? The women will need in any case to adjust to African-Arabian surroundings. If they don’t want to, then we will simply force them to!

They will resign themselves and get used to it! The main thing is that they give birth to coloured children and the mixing of races begins. – And in many places special institutions are being set up, where they will receive new-born infants that are not wanted by their mothers. It is easy to guess what sort of children the mothers will give away.

Europe’s population has long been prepared – for what is, to all appearances, looming on an ever greater scale before it can be finally stopped – with the help of the sexual revolution. This led to a situation where the sexual act is experienced by many people as being no different from the satisfaction of any other everyday physiological need. For this reason, European men are no longer prepared to protect women from violence. And the women are expected to be able “easily” to cope with this violence. The legal situation has in the meantime developed de facto so far, that the rape of a woman by an African or Arabian migrant is no longer treated as a crime. The German police hardly accept charges of this kind any more. The newspapers tell of this quite openly and it is reported in the television news. But nothing is done! Statistics relating to the rape of women by migrants are carefully hidden from the public.

As for the rapists, everyone knows that sensuality and sexuality are more pronounced in the southern than in the northern peoples. This is why, for centuries, they have been subject to such strict moral rules. If the women there walk in the streets wearing head-scarves or wrapped in burkas, the reason does not lie in religious fanaticism. On the part of the Europeans, however, it was nothing less than sadism to draw, from one day to the next, a gigantic mass of young Afro-Asians to Europe, where a brilliant display of splendid female “croups” is presented to them on every pavement. But this is not enough. At the sight of these female allures a psychosis inevitably arises in them. And the cunning European politicians act as though they understood nothing; they talk of an immediate “convergence of cultures”! In contrast to them, the migrants (both new and old) for the most part view the whole of Western civilization as one big brothel and describe all western women as “white flesh”. In truth, the problem does not lie in their need to adjust to the European surroundings, but in the fact that the Europeans will be forced to adapt to the customs of the migrants. This must be explained honestly and openly to the entire European population.

One will have to admit that the sexual revolution has cruelly betrayed women. It has not enhanced their dignity and has not brought them freedom. It has merely unleashed their instincts and made them an object of world-wide pornography, the object of a consequence-free sexual consumption by men – something all revolutionaries dream of. And it is not difficult to recognize that, despite everything, not so many women are capable of consuming men sexually. Men, on the other hand, do so everywhere with the greatest of ease. Because here we have to do, no longer with social psychology, but with the laws of biological evolution and of the moral evolution of the conscious human being.


Sexual revolution always goes hand in hand with a political revolution. The ideas of freedom which drive people to revolution become, after their completion, freedom of the instincts. For this reason, violence and terror begin. Thus it was during the French and also during the Bolshevist revolution. For example, documents have been preserved which prove that, in 1918 in a number of Russian cities, Red Army soldiers going on leave were handed a warrant granting them the legal right to “socialize” a woman of not less than 14 years of age. (Would it not be time here in Europe to speak, not of rape, but of the “socializing” of women in the name of the lofty goal of the mixing of races?) And the well-known Bolshevist Kolontia – a woman of noble birth – sermonized that the sexual act belongs in the same category as the drinking of a cup of tea, and demonstrated this conviction in practice herself. A contemporary Moscow journalist reminds us of the conditions that prevailed in our land after the Revolution; he says: “At the beginning of the twenties in Moscow and Leningrad, naked citizens got onto trains as if it was quite a normal thing, ate their midday meal in canteens and worked in State offices.” The first demonstration of naked citizens in Red Square took place in 1919. At its head was an accomplice of Lenin and Trotsky, Karl Radek. A well-known Soviet actor confessed that he had once run naked around the church of Christ the Redeemer (which he then regretted for the rest of his life).

It is very important to mention all this, because the sexual revolution in Europe did not take place simultaneously with the political revolution, but before it, and in this way prepared the ground for it comprehensively and thoroughly. The instincts are unleashed; only a thin veneer of European gentility and good behaviour prevents it from breaking through to the surface. And in the case of the new proletariat such a veneer is entirely lacking.

"Respect us! We are not free game even when we are naked!"

These two revolutions have already met. This found symbolic expression, if we may put it thus, in a protest against the Night of St. Bartholomew, carried out by a female artist, a certain Milo Moiré, also in Cologne.3 This was, no doubt, a most effective way of defending the rights and dignity of women. The demonstration called forth deep remorse in the Africans and Arabs. No “Night of St. Bartholomew” ever happened again in Cologne. Yes, the great Haggler – is also a comedian.


The events in Europe are strikingly reminiscent of what happened in Russia in the period between the citizens’ revolution in March 1917 and that of the Bolsheviks in October of the same year. If anyone could remember, or would study the numerous accounts of contemporary witnesses, they would acknowledge with unspeakable astonishment that Frau Merkel is simply copying the behaviour of Kerenski, the then head of the provisional government, and that today’s Left (socialists, “Greens” etc.) are facsimiles of our former social revolutionaries, cadets and Menshevists.

Just as Kerenski with his empty phrase-mongering and illogical behaviour was merely gaining the time needed by the Bolsheviks for preparation of their revolt, so is Merkel doing something similar. Her weak pronouncements, removed entirely from reality, in which she promises, with no force of conviction whatever, to bring order to the flow of migration, and maybe even reduce it a little, aim merely, so it seems to us, to calm somewhat the public state of shock, play for time, and get at least another two million migrants into Germany.

It is widely known today that all the members of the Russian provisional government (and also a considerable portion of the General Staff) were members of Lodges and carried out unquestioningly the instructions received from there. These stated that the bourgeois-liberal government was to hand over power to Lenin and Trotsky, who had been prepared for their mission in western secret societies. (It would be pointless to describe all this again in detail.)

As in Germany today, there were also then in Russia rallies for the radical Left-wing, the Bolshevists, as well as demonstrations for the Right. The latter was castigated by the Press as a “Black Hundreds” movement; this was the equivalent of today’s verbal cudgel “Nazi”. The Left-wing press, which now ruled unchallenged, undermined the authority and destroyed the career of anyone who dared to express views that differed from the socialistic tendencies it was propagating, etc.

The cadets and the social revolutionaries were represented in the State duma of the provisional government and undermined it to the best of their ability. Then they built up in Bolshevist Russia, through alliance with the Mensheviks – the “workers and peasants” – a power structure and administrative apparatus, because the real workers and peasants (who had no education) were not able to do so.

In Europe exactly the same can happen: If a revolution broke out there, it would be led by the socialists and the “Greens”, in alliance with a (sufficiently well-educated) section of the Afro-Arabians, who have been trained for revolution by ISIS.

The Bolshevist revolution in Russia also found its echo in Germany. The socialist experiment began there, too, and with the same methods as in Russia. Leading up to 1933 a critical situation came to a head, which a choice had to be made between the dictatorship of the internationalist socialists and that of the nationalist socialists. People chose the latter of the two evils, because the first had already demonstrated its horrific character with sufficient clarity.

Is Germany now heading for a new 1933? The situation is – we repeat – very similar. Germany made its choice in that year, and in Russia Bolshevist power had already consolidated the revolution. The present-day analogy to such a revolution, which is, however, at the same stage as that in Russia during the civil war, is what ISIS is doing. This is a Bolshevist revolution through and through, though within a different setting, which should deceive no-one. The entire demagogy, cruelty, recklessness and arbitrary behaviour of the ISIS barbarians corresponds exactly to the way Russian Bolshevist revolutionaries were acting in 1917. The bombing campaigns of the Europeans and Americans against ISIS correspond to the battle of the Entente against Bolshevism, which proved to be pure fiction, because the Entente was really working for Bolshevism. Russia’s intervention in the battle against ISIS reminds one of the war conducted by the White Guard together with the Entente against the Bolsheviks. And its fate in the partnership of the new “Entente” is the same.

The analogies we are pointing to could be multiplied ad infinitum. But let us now turn to the unveiling of their extremely deep background. With this in view, we must look somewhat more closely at European history over the last 100 and then the last 200 years. For the moment let us content ourselves with the observation that, if events in Europe run in accordance with the scenario now unfolding, the EU will fall apart and then celebrate a happy resurrection as a new Union of Soviet Socialist Afro-Arabian-European Republics. And this will not be a union of peoples or countries, but one founded on the principle of race.

In this case Russia will find itself in literally the same position as Germany at the beginning of the thirties (we mention this for the benefit of those who have read Parts 1 and 2 of this work). Directly on its western borders a new Bolshevist State will have emerged.


2. This is what we suppose; although we fervently hope that we are wrong in our supposition.

3. This Milo was talked about on an earlier occasion, when she traveled about naked on a Basel tram. Her photo was shown in a newspaper. But she only became famous when she had caused a sensation as an artist. At a tram stop in Germany (she herself is Swiss), she erected a tall structure with a hole at the top, stood naked above this hole and started (please excuse us!) “laying” painted eggs from her vagina, whereupon they fell onto a sheet of paper spread out on the ground, and smashed – and this was the motif for a picture. A new movement in painting had been born. The specialists know what it is called. It is worth noting, because it represents, without question, the culmination of pop-art; after this it will probably only go downhill with it.

We would also like to mention, by the bye, another press report according to which, at the main station of Kiel, a horde of 20 migrants chased after three schoolgirls in broad daylight. The police arrested two of the delinquents, but then released them. This report aroused in us the wish to move with the times and describe the event in the spirit of strict political correctness. This is what came out: “On 24th February a group of refugees who had fled from the terror of Putin’s bombing campaign, decided to exercise the natural civil rights granted them by our democratic State, and socialize three schoolgirls. In full awareness of the legal, political, historical and revolutionary legitimacy of the action, they did not do this in secret, but decided to carry out the socialization in the shopping centre of the railway station. But some bystanders – no doubt members of the Right wing – called the police who, in an initial surge, arrested two of our dear friends; but after they had been told what had happened, they left the scene.”

Incidentally: “From unofficial sources we heard that the charming wife of Monsieur ... , for the sake of fulfillment of her duty and obligation as a citizen, is preparing to socialize with three Libyans in the famous Place de Grève in Paris. This demonstration was suggested by Monsieur ... , the most democratic politician in France today, for the occasion of the celebration of Franco-Libyan friendship. It is, after all, a well known fact that Libya, even in the period of cruel dictatorship, made efforts to help France to perfect its State system.” Se non è vero, è ben trovato ... (Well contrived, even if not true ...). weak pronouncements, removed entirely from reality, in which she promises, with no force of conviction whatever, to bring order to the flow of migration, and maybe even reduce it a little, aim merely, so it seems to us, to calm somewhat the public state of shock, play for time, and get at least another two million migrants into Germany.

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