GA Bondarev
Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenario
Book 3, Chapter 1

I. The Migration “Tsunami”

A reader of the first two volumes of our work may well ask in connection with what has been happening in Europe in the past six months: Does not the gigantic migratory “tsunami” that has swept across Europe so unexpectedly, invalidate the content of these booklets? No, it is not invalidated in any way. Quite the contrary: If one applies the principles of the methodology briefly outlined there, one will be able also to grasp the meaning of this “tsunami”; one will then recognize that it fits perfectly into the panorama offered by the social- political state of affairs in the world, not just in recent years, but for many decades.

Admittedly, it cannot be denied that the sudden entry (a veritable invasion) of nearly 1 1⁄2 million Africans and Asians into Europe came as something entirely unexpected to very many political scientists and journalists, and to this day they can find no explanation for it.

The politicians and the exoteric daily Press try to persuade us that the “unfortunate refugees” are fleeing from the murderous war in Syria (which according to latest reports has brought still more bloodshed as a result of Russia’s war on Isis), and that it is the duty of the Europeans to show sympathy towards them. Outwardly this sounds very good, but unfortunately it has little to do with the reality. We will not offer proof of this, otherwise we might be seized with a fit of anger.

In Europe it is reported more and more frequently that certain people in the immigrants’ countries of origin are distributing leaflets paid for by the Soros Foundation, in which the inhabitants are invited to move to Europe – straight to “Mother Merkel”, where everyone gets a house and a car. All the same, Soros himself gave Frau Merkel a good dressing-down at the Davos Forum 2016 because she is risking chaos

and the danger of collapse of the EU through the unrestricted influx of immigrants into Europe. But this only illustrates the level of morality among politicians. The REGNUM news agency reports: “American organizations (such as the Ayn Rand Institute or Rise Up) blatantly invite all potential migrants to Europe, promising them benefits of every possible kind. They pay for refugees’ travel and demand from them an IOU that obliges them to repay the costs...”

There were also reports in the Press of the nefarious activity of special criminal groups in Syria, who issue a Syrian passport to anyone interested and provide him with a collection of proofs that he is fleeing from the horrors of war or from political persecution.

Of course, all this soon became entirely unnecessary, because countless migrants make it to the “Promised Land” with no documents at all. They come from Eritrea where they don’t want to do military service, from Libya, from Namibia, from Afghanistan, from Iran and from all other countries imaginable.

The most baffling thing in the whole business, however, is the response of the politicians. If one looks for a word to define it, then the word is “irrationality”. Listening to their statements, you cannot avoid the impression that the entire political establishment of the West has gone crazy overnight and is suffering from pathological disturbances of the consciousness. But as there is in these people no question of insanity in the strictly medical sense, the cardinal question arises: What does this all mean?

Let us illustrate what we have just said with a few examples (and there are hundreds of them). During the first waves of the “tsunami” representatives of various parties met together in Germany and asked Merkel: “What will be the upper limit for immigration?” Frau Merkel pursed her lips and replied: “I will not say!” Here we ask ourselves: Where and when, and in what country – not just in a democracy, but also in a dictatorship – is such a thing possible? What president, what “Leader” would dare to give such an answer to a question that concerns the naked existence of his country? And what did the people do, who had posed this question? They said nothing!

Merkel now says that when the war in Syria is over and Isis is defeated, all the migrants will return home. In the prevailing conditions only an infantile, mentally sick person can say such a thing. But Merkel is mentally sound. So we ask again: What does all this mean?

One moment the papers are telling us that, together with the migrants, up to 4000 Islamic terrorists have smuggled their way into Europe; the next moment they are saying that, according to secret service documents, four terrorists have entered Europe. The border police say, however, that they do not manage to check more than one tenth of the new arrivals and that they are unable even to ask the names of all the rest. This would mean in theory, that if the whole of Isis wanted to transfer to Europe (and such plans are already being discussed there), it could do this unobstructed in the space of a single week.

This is clear to many people by now, but the politicians argue again in childish fashion: the terrorists can’t go together with the migrants, because the migrants are fleeing the terrorists! And so on.

We therefore believe that, everywhere in Europe and in Germany especially, one ought insistently to demand of the ruling circles an answer to one and the same question: “Tell us what this all means! Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes!” – But for some reason or other this does not happen. Yet now and again the voice of good sense can be heard. For example, after the “Night of St. Bartholomew” in Cologne, when the police received more than a thousand complaints from women who on New Year’s Eve had been the victims of sexual violence on the part of migrants, a police officer said that this had been an act of organized crime on an unprecedented scale.

All this is quite obvious, but we will doubtlessly be accused of spreading propaganda, all the same. So we will also quote the views of others whose view is similar to our own. Here is an article that appeared on 21st January in a Moscow newspaper (“What is bad, one sees from a distance”, as the Russian poet Alexander Blok said): “Europe is in the grip of panic. In Europe naked horror reigns. Europe groans with pain. Migrants and war refugees from North Africa who a short while ago were crossing the sea in rotting boats, suffered shipwreck on the coast and, after they had struggled ashore, begged the Europeans for a piece of bread, are now storming the borders, tearing down the barbed wire and throwing fireworks at the police.

And on New Year’s Eve they carried out veritable pogroms in Germany – a pursuit of girls, of young women. They grabbed at them, tore their clothes from their body, raped them. ‘What is going on here?’ ask the moralists of Europe. ‘How can these people who have been given so much by us Europeans, show such ingratitude? How is it possible that they do not appreciate our compassion, our tolerance?’

These spirit-seers and moralists do not understand the psychology of those people who have come to Europe from North Africa [and Asia – G.A.B.]. They have fled from European bombs and rockets, from European grenades. They have fled from their burning houses, from their bombed-out holy sanctuaries, from streets littered with unburied corpses. And they have not come to Europe to get a piece of bread and a job. They have escaped death and have come here thirsting for revenge. They see in the Europeans enemies who are the cause of their misery and they regard them as the destroyers of their civilization, their Arab Muslim social order.

How does Europe’s social consciousness react to this? The Left, the liberals, to which Frau Merkel also belongs, demand still more tolerance and forbearance, a raising of the Europeans and German quotas for admission of [non-European] foreigners. They believe that Europe will make them more human and their hearts more peace- loving. And one cannot avoid the feeling that Europe, that the great land of Germany, have forgotten their past. The countries of Europe have lost their will to survive, their will to resist; they have forgotten the wonderful cities they built, they have forgotten the great European culture. Germany has forgotten Cologne Cathedral, Dűrer; it has forgotten the Gothic cathedrals that soar heavenwards. It has forgotten its great composers – Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, as also its philosophers of genius – Hegel, Schopenhauer, Kant, Nietzsche. It has turned into an amorphous mass of castrates and is prepared to continue to open its gates to a gigantic horde of people who hate Europe and Germany. In this case, the fate of Europe, the fate of Germany is dismal indeed. Its level territory is inundated by the hot, glowing lava of North African hatred.

Against the background of ongoing excesses, the nationalists are aroused. They take to the streets in ever greater numbers, are better organized as the days go by and are already more numerous than the crowds of left-wingers, anti-Fascists, apostles of humanity, who preach multi-cultural tolerance. Today leaders appear at the head of these masses. Tomorrow political leaders will start to speak, and the day after tomorrow it will be spiritual leaders who will evoke memories of the great land of Germany and of German statesmen. They will condemn Versailles, the Nuremberg Trials and everything that happened after 1945. And under these circumstances the thought no longer seems Utopian [...], that the liberal, tolerant European Union will cease to exist. [...]

What will become of Europe? How will European history unfold in the next decades? Is Europe really an ailing, helpless old maid who has been sat on the back of a wild bull that leads her on azure waves across the sea into the unknown? Is it the end of old Europe? Europe, farewell? Or will this maiden awake, leap down from the bull’s sturdy back and be reborn from the foam of the azure waves, like the wondrously fair Aphrodite? Russia looks upon today’s Europe with a steady and wakeful eye.”

In essential agreement with this “view from Moscow” – to express it thus – is also a “view from Switzerland”. Swiss Army chief André Blattmann said the following in Blick am Abend – which is a tabloid newspaper but, at the same time, has the highest readership as it is distributed free: “One begins to get the impression that the 25-year period of peace could be over. State boundaries vanish and streams of migrants appear. Terror attacks shock the world, a military aircraft is shot down. That is today’s reality. It is also coming to us. Last week, the main station in Bern was cordoned off. A bomb explosion was feared. The Bern police resolved the problem in time. Many people still do not wish to see the clouds on the horizon. To paint a black picture is not one of my tasks. But it is my duty to alert the public to dangers and keep the army in readiness. The army is not yet mobilized. But the honest appraisal of the President of Cantonal Police commanders pulls no punches in an NZZ article: ‘No police force in Switzerland has enough personnel.’ Our safety net is the army. I have great confidence in our militia, the training is serious and all-round. Everyone will be pleased if their know-how is not required. [...] I wish us all a peaceful and secure Advent time.” (1st Dec. 2015).

This was a voice of healthy commonsense, the voice of reason. But a former Swiss minister of Defense responded as follows: “A strengthening of the control of our borders is unnecessary.” (!)


It is worth pointing out that the migration in gigantic waves (even in winter – in December and January – up to 3,000 people every day came from Africa and Turkey) is supported not only by the left wing (the socialists, the “Greens”) but also by the right (moderates, conservatives). Here it suffices to indicate the fact that the migration also received the blessing of the Pope, who instructed all church parishes to provide shelter for the refugees. (Viewed outwardly, this is indeed a Christian act.) Even the above-quoted former defense minister is a member of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) which is decried by the Left as a reactionary, if not neo-Nazi party. Even Frau Merkel, strictly speaking, belongs to the Right. Christian parties can, after all, not be socialist under any circumstances; they cannot be in the centre but, at best right of centre. Their political spectrum is conservatism.(1) Standing behind them are the Catholic and Protestant churches – perfect examples of conservatism. In these circumstances Merkel can by definition not belong to the Left.

Overall, it is impossible to see why the Right respond as they do, while the migrants make no secret of their revolutionary tendencies. In their slogans one can find numerous examples of inflammatory Marxist rhetoric: “Now we will seize power over you!” they proclaim. “You have ruled over us long enough! You have gorged yourselves long enough here and are completely given up to vice!” etc. (And the Pope adds his voice to the chorus: “That’s right, we must share what we have!”

Europe has eliminated its borders. (These exist only at airports – a paradox, don’t you think?) The migratory “tsunami” is inundating Europe, and its waves will only grow higher. But Merkel repeats her shamanistic magic formula: “We will manage! We will cope!” This sounds rather similar to the promises of the workers’ collective in response to the “Plans of the Party and Government” when they rang out in the U.S.S.R. This was how it sounded no doubt in the GDR too, where Merkel originates from. Only, one doesn’t really understand to whom, in her present capacity, she is making this solemn promise. There is no question, however, that such an authority exists. This can be seen in the facial expressions of those who have been “elected by the people”.

But how can one cope in the absence of an “upper limit” when, according to experts, there are in Asia and Africa up to 15 – or even 60 – million potential migrants?

Here, one cannot but see the following picture. Let us imagine a number of people who want to drown someone. But as they know he is strong and that he will put up stubborn resistance, they say to him: “Come, we’ll perform a humorous sketch, record it on video and give people something to laugh at. We will blindfold you now and plunge your face in water, and as soon as you feel the water blocking your air passages, you must start to drink in big gulps until you have drunk up all the water; then you will begin to breathe again contentedly.” “And how much water is there, then” he asks. “We won’t tell you that now," they reply. – And one can see why they don’t want to tell him, because they intend to throw him into a lake. If our picture strikes anyone as simplistic, then he should compare it with the following statement of Madame Lagarde in Davos: “Those countries who receive the ‘tsunami’ can expect a period of prosperity, while those cannot, who do not receive it.”

If we observe the European politicians who have been suddenly afflicted with “disturbances of consciousness”, one gets the impression that some force or other, comparable to a basilisk, the three-headed snake Gorynych from Slavic mythology, has entranced them with its infernal gaze into a state of total rigidity. They are fully aware that disobedience would be for them worse than death. And this force commands them: “Put no obstruction in the way of the migration- tsunami!” For the politicians this has become a categorical imperative. In order to humour the basilisk they vie with one another in calling out: “Our beloved migrants, our chief concern is to read your every wish from the look in your eyes! We are prepared to do everything possible to ensure you are looked after well over here! You are more dear to us than anyone on earth! You will enrich our culture! We will make any conceivable sacrifice for you! To us, your interests are more important than our own! For your sake, we will even sacrifice the interests of our own citizens! We must also consider how we can satisfy your sexual needs.” (On the latter question the “Left” even called a special meeting!)

Political nonentities make ample use of this whole demagogy and ensure publicity for themselves; they make it onto the front pages of newspapers and onto television screens.

The ordinary people, amid all this, are entirely at sixes and sevens. And this is easy to understand. Demagogy of such a quality was not even to be found in the Soviet Union or the Third Reich. There, an iron logic was inherent in the propaganda. There, untruth was given a logical, historical, even an epistemological foundation. And this aroused the wish to refute it. But today we have to do with attempts to turn consciousness upside down. It is dangerous to touch with one’s healthy commonsense the appalling logic that is served up to us hourly in the news bulletins. It is only too easy to get burnt by it. This is how use is made of the experience – assembled and already worked through in thought – of the “socialistic experiments” in Russia and other countries. But still more is hidden behind this strange quality of today’s lies. Does not its character bear witness in an especially convincing way to the imminence of Ahriman’s incarnation on earth? For, Ahriman is the spirit of the lie, though not in a moral sense. The lie is, as it were, the atmosphere of his world, with which he rejects our world. It is his “air”, the substance of his existence. And now it is filling up our world.

If we look at all of this on a purely external level, we cannot understand what the game is all about: either the Right wingers are making fun of the Left and are splitting their sides with laughter, or there comes to expression in this way the incipient panic of the Left-wingers, the hysteria that overcomes them because they sense the approach of the Inquisition that raises its head anew when they are deserted by the masses of the population. – Yes, all this is happening too, and in general terms it corresponds perfectly to what has been the character of people’s lives for a long time. But it is for precisely this reason that no-one notices that the untruths propagated by politicians and mass media for the last seven or eight months have a decidedly metaphysical quality and exist to a certain degree beyond the range of the human mentality. These people are untruthful out of habit and do not notice that their consciousness thereby become abnormal. And when the ruling classes have a consciousness of this kind, it is not difficult for the whole world to be set on fire.

The following is also extremely interesting: As never before, it is being confirmed nowadays – in an open, brutal, even cynical but very convincing way – that the conspiracy theorists tell the truth. Previously, the three headed snake Gorynych, when she was carrying out her plans, always left her vassals an escape route open – something that allowed them to disguise their role. Today, an escape route of this kind no longer exists. It is as if the hands that pull the strings above in the marionette theatre had shown themselves openly, had heedlessly drawn all the strings together into a single bundle and started to tug at it. This accounts for the “confusion of consciousness”. And explains why Germany’s Chancellor – “the most democratic head of State in the world” – has such a grim look, lowers her head and, now and again, almost breaks into a shout. (For example, in Brussels, when all her “dear friends” – the scoundrels! – condemned her migration policy.) Where else does something like this happen? Can Cameron or Obama, for example, behave in this way? And again we must ask ourselves: “What does this all mean?”

While in Western Europe this question is avoided, in the Russian press there are even attempt to answer it. In one newspaper one could, for example, read the following: “The well-planned and directed “migratory chaos” that is unfolding before our eyes in Europe, is not just a deliberately produced invasion; it is also an immensely important tactical operation to bring about a radical transformation of Europe – part of the plan to dismantle the nation-States [...] in the interest of multinational business, which is built into the national structures.”

This formulation is, in our opinion, by and large correct, but does not reach through to the core of the problem. This can only be done through a spiritual-scientific analysis of present-day events. With the help of this we will be able to understand why this migratory “tsunami” – which we will call from now on the “tsunami project” or, simply, “tsunami” – is surging towards Europe.

In our view, there are two possible ways of explaining this phenomenon. We will try to do this, whereby, as before, we will be applying the method of historical symptomatology. Let us recall briefly in what this consists in the case of our present research. With regard to Rudolf Steiner, the objection was raised against him that it is pointless telling people what radiates from Europe’s secret centres if one has not first convinced them that such centres, such secret societies, really exist. He replied that this is not at all necessary. It is not much help merely to know that this or that politician belongs to them. This can even result in a meaningless playing around with what is secret or occult, which can only be harmful for external reality. Where the plans are concerned, which evolved in the secret societies and were realized in practice by them on the basis of knowledge of the laws of world development, then one needs only to make use of one’s healthy faculty of understanding. In addition, one must view reality with the help of this faculty and then inquire whether the intentions and plans concerned were indeed brought to practical realization within it. (GA 186, p.67- 68, 1.12.1918)

This is also how our reader must proceed, to whom we have no prophecies or even forecasts to offer. Prophecies of the future, even if they stem from knowledge of documents of some kind which are unknown to the overwhelming majority of human beings, are generally not fulfilled, at least not completely, if only because there are on the earth human beings who think in a sufficiently living and objective manner, though also because the world is the arena of a battle between various contradictions, above all between good and evil, but also between progressive evolution and the efforts to steer it onto a false path. In the modern world we have recognized five main forces that are torn asunder by irreconcilable contradictions which, for their part, are an expression of the threefold character of the cosmic spirits who block humanity’s path to Divinely-willed evolution. (See illustrations 11 and 12 in Vol.2)

1. Here, we dissociate ourselves categorically from the habit of the Left, of branding all those who do not share their views “Fascists”. This is a fatal reminder of the Soviet Bolsheviks, who pilloried all who thought differently from them, as “anti-Soviet elements” and “enemies of the people” – with the result that these people immediately forfeited all their civil rights.

In Germany, but also everywhere else in Europe, there are any number of people who, despite the massive brainwashing campaign – “Germany never again!” – preserve a natural love for their homeland, their culture, language, nature etc.

As to the socialists, on the other hand, we would remark that their dedication – albeit only fragmentary today – to social justice, their protest against violence and exploitation, meets with our approval. The world entered fully into the period of socialism long ago.