G.A. Bondarev

The Crisis of Civilization

Chapter   1: Ships and Destinies
Chapter   2: The Question of Christian Ethics
Chapter   3: The Archetypal Phenomena of the Social Life of Modern Times
Chapter   4: Out of the History of the Main Spiritual Streams of Humanity
Chapter   5: The Shadow of Roman Imperialism
Chapter   6: Britanno-Americanism, Latinism, Bolshevism
Chapter   7: The Spiritual Life of Europe and the Crisis of Freemasonry
Chapter   8: Freemasonry, Britannicism and Jesuitism
Chapter   9: The Unity of Shadow Occultism
Chapter 10: World and power
Chapter 11: Materialism, Ceremonial Magic, The Battle Against Christianity
Chapter 12: Middle Europe
Chapter 13: Germany and the Two World Wars
Chapter 14: The Problem of Messianism in the World Today
Chapter 15: Who Is To Blame For What?
Chapter 16: The Spiritual Configuration of Europe
Chapter 17:
Russia and the “Socialistic Experiment”
Chapter 18:
Russia in the Antagonism of “Eurasians” and “Atlantists”
Chapter 19: Good and Evil: The "Inexpressible" Mystery of Evil