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The Two Sacrifices of Zarathustra for the Jesus Child and Man
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It is a Necessity of Our Earnest Times to Find Again the Path Leading to the Spirit  By Rudolf steiner

On the Ilnesses of Our Time
by Dr. Karl Konig

What was the 20th Century
What was Hong Kong Actually?
by Terry Boardman

If, within the limits of ordinary consciousness, the human being wishes to study his soul, it will not suffice for him simply to direct his mind's eye backward, so to speak, in order to discern by introspection his nature as someone who looks out upon the world. He will see nothing new by this means. He will perceive himself in his capacity as a spectator of the world—merely from a different direction. In his waking life man is almost entirely occupied with the external world. He lives by his senses. In their impressions the external world continues to live in his inner life. Thoughts weave into these impressions. The outer world lives in the thoughts as well. Only the force with which the world is grasped in thoughts can be experienced as man's autonomous being. The sensation of this force, however, is of an entirely general and vague character. By means of ordinary consciousness one can differentiate nothing within this sensation. If one had to discern the human soul in it, one would obtain no more about the soul than a vague sensation of self; one would be unable to identify what it was.


The archetypal phenomenon of man, the pentagram of the microcosm within the "triangle" of evil, is reversed in this "complex" way if it refuses Christ’s helping hand (fig. 16). It will be "reversed" in the sphere of social life as it has come to particularly great and even decisive importance in the epoch of the consciousness-soul. The setups of evil shown in the figure basically integrate the entire spiritual elite of today’s humanity. Everything that in one way or another is gifted and creative serves one or even several forms of evil. Hardly has a human being discovered his creative abilities, he is seduced, attracted or recruited by corresponding associations, parties and orders. Other paths to self-realization will be closed to him. Human talent and the ability to develop are turned into colossal dangers. Average people within the mass are manipulated.

We have arrived at the conclusion of our consideration. Five-headed evil working in the five centers of worldly power is not the result of "free" play of bad tendencies in individuals, but a strictly integrated, spiritual (or better, anti-spiritual) unity, we could even say –organism that is super-sensibly personified. It denounces civilization and humanity as well as inevitably itself due to its inherent lawfulness (explaining the grim fight of its individual aspects), but still existing as a whole. Looked at purely from the cognitive point of view, it is an utterly interesting phenomenon of reversed dialectics. It contains a striving for synthesis ruled only by negation; its rudimentary elements do not attain higher existence due to cancellation. (This opens for us a deep understanding of the essential difference between Marxist and Hegelian dialectics.) In this case egocentricity acquires eternal character –the attribute of the higher world. But man should not enter this "infinity" because nobody knows what could happen to him if he were to be transferred back into the original condition of a "clump of clay".

Crisis of Civilization  By Gennady Bondarev


At the Gates of Spiritual Science
By Rudolf Steiner

Lecture I:  The Being of Man August 22, 1906
Lecture II:  The Three Worlds August 23, 1906
Lecture III:  Life of the Soul in Kamaloka August 24, 1906
Lecture IV:  Devachan August 25, 1906
Lecture V:  Human Tasks in the Higher Worlds August 26, 1906
Lecture VI:  The Upbringing of Children. Karma. August 27, 1906
Lecture VII:  Workings of the Law of Karma in Human Life August 28, 1906
Lecture VIII:  Good and Evil. Individual Karmic Questions. August 29, 1906
Lecture IX:  Evolution of the Earth August 30, 1906
Lecture X:  Progress of Mankind Up To Atlantean Times August 31, 1906
Lecture XI:  The Post-Atlantean Culture-Epochs September 01, 1906
Lecture XII:  Occult Development September 02, 1906
Lecture XIII:  Oriental and Christian Training September 03, 1906
Lecture XIV:  Rosicrucian Training — The Interior of the Earth — Earthquakes and Volcanoes September 04, 1906

The Enigma of Canon XI

The 'Abolition' of the Spirit – The Year 869 & Its Significance in the Destiny of   Europe

By Terry Boardman

At the Christmas Conference for the refounding of the Anthroposophical Society Dec. 24th 1923 – 1st Jan. 1924 , Rudolf Steiner restored to western culture something that had been lost for nearly 1100 years, namely, the threefold image of Man – once known as the Trichotomy - the image of Man as consisting of body, soul and spirit. This had been missing since the year 869, when it was deviously  'abolished' by fiat of a Church Council. In the years 1916-1924 Steiner laid ever greater emphasis on the historical significance of the 8th Ecumenical Council of Constantinople 869 (1), which is usually completely ignored in conventional histories, and which, he often said, had "abolished the human spirit". By that he meant the Council had denied the separate existence in each individual of a spiritual soul through which the individual could seek communion with the spiritual world; instead, the individual was to depend on the Church and its hierarchy for guidance. The 11th Canon (ruling) of the Council closed off for westerners the individual's path to the spiritual world, which remained open in Asia through meditation and other spiritual practices.

Exploring Spiritual America

Destiny of the Americas

Rudolf Steiner from The Lecture Series "Inner Impulses of Evolution"

The after effects of the Atlantean Mysteries in America and Asia 

Atlantean Impulses in the Mexican Mysteries. The Problem of Natural Urges and Impulses,  the Problem of Death

Rudolf Steiner's "Mexican Mysteries" Reviewed
By Stephen Clark

Chapter II Mexican Mysteries Revisited
Chapter III of American Chapters