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Flouride Awareness

Peak Oil Anarchy

Venezuela's Chavez Closes World Social Forum with Call To Transcend Capitolism   2-19-05

The Ninety-Five Percent Solution

A report from the
  UN Observer & International Report

The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism
By George Orwell

The moment
we recognize the illusion for what it is, and the empty word for what it is, we will be overcome by a feeling of immense shame.  We will discover that we human beings, endowed as we are with intelligence, use this intelligence purely to take care of the economic basis of our physical life, which is something the animals do without the benefit of intelligence. If, as human beings, we use our intelligence for nothing other than taking care of our economic life by providing
food and everything else we need for our physical existence, then we are prostituting our intelligence, because we are using it to do something which the animals can perfectly well do without possessing the luxury of an intelligence. At the moment when this self-knowledge dawns on us, at that moment
when we see empty words for what they are, we shall see the beginning of a great feeling of shame. And then the turnaround will come. Then will come the realization that a renewal of spirit and culture is needed.

Ideas for a New Europe Lecture Six – 21 February 1920   Rudolf Steiner


Essays & Writings:
By Dale Cox

High Moral Activity  4-29-03

Soldier for the Cause  4-28-02  Who pays the price for violence?

Patterns of Evil  3-8-02  A look at the reality of evil we fight every day

General Anxiety Disorder  12-14-01  You too could suffer from this horrific disease, don't worry, help is on the way!

The Crush  3-21-99  What is Oppression? Does it really leave lasting scars on the people it effects?

Circle of life  6-7-98  The concept of the cycle, is a circle that brings us back to our starting point, only after the passing of time, giving us a vantage point to observe where we've been.

Disinformation 6-4-98  Is there a possible motive to the explosion of information in this "Information Age"?

The Illusion of truth
  5-15-98  Is Truth merely based on the position of perspective? Or is there a deeper "Law" we seek to ignore in favor of conveinience?

Silent Citizen 
4-23-98  What is the nature of this expression we call society? Is this expression something we should start to pay more attention to?

Acute Megalomania  3-30-98 A look at the expression of ego and where it leads us.

A Brief Comment on the Assassination of JFK  Some conspiracy's are so obvious we look right past them when they're right in front of our face.
It Happened In Front of my House Last Night   Have we given racism a new more friendly neighborhood kind of face, or is oppression still just oppression?
Culture of Depravity   A look at the consequence of spiritual corruption.
Who's Fault is it anyway?  Who takes responsibility for our world?
History of a Rogue Nation  We like to use the term "Rogue Nation" to define our enemies, but it really defines us.
If your Not With Us A brief rebuttal to global playground posturing
Culture, the Law, and the concepts of Human Freedom.

The Republican War Program  Villains on Retainer.

"In the technotronic society the trend would seem
to be towards the aggregation of the individual
support of millions of uncoordinated citizens,
easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive
personalities effectively exploiting the latest
communications techniques to manipulate
emotions and control reason."

Zbigniew Brzezinski -
National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter:



STOP THE WTO  We must not allow individuals that live in and outside of our union to dissolve the context of that union for the interests of private profit!
WTO Media Report   Just to let you know you really can't forget that mainstream media in America is owned by the corporations, and they do seek to shape your opinion to be comfortable with theirs, by making theirs look like yours.

WTO Photo Gallery   See some images you didn't see in the mainstream press. You might recognize your neighbor, or maybe your mother or yourself.

The Shadow of Empire   Do we often know the real reason "Our" country does what it does to others? Or have we just given in to the fact that even when we say no, those we have given our power to will act anyways.
Chronology of events behind the Bush-Reagan Era  We need to begin studying history a little closer. Or it will creep up on us from behind, and what we've not wanted to look at will one day stand face to face with us.
What is Depleted Uranium   When do we as citizens of the planet earth become involved in the manner of weapons our military's create in the interest of destruction?
The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush   A must read for Bush family history. Beleive it or not.
Industrial Society and It's Future: The Unibomber Manifesto   You can't judge a book by its cover, or by how other people describe it. A very well written document. You may want to take a look for yourself to find out why other people didn't want you to.




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A few documents influential to history.

North Atlantic Treaty    NATO
Rambouillet Agreement  NATO proposed treaty between Kosovo and Serbia.
North American Free Trade Agreement  NAFTA
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT
United Nations Charter