The Symbology of Astrology




Astrology, is more than just a study of the stars. Every form of matter in the universe is subject to the effects of gravitational influences. Astrology, is a study of cycles. The main fear people seem to exhibit in relation to Astrology, is that of being to easily defined. We never seem to notice our propensity to appear complicated and mysterious. A side effect of prolonged exposure to illusion. But, Astrology is not that simple. No one configuration (natal chart), will repeat itself for roughly 26,000 years. Which means your an original, kinda, doesn't count if you act like a clone. Take your character with a vertically erect spine, it kinda tickle's, but the results on your life are astounding. 

Now, I'm not a diehard astrologer, so don't quote me. Do some studying. The natal chart is going to be the main key to understanding who you are, and maybe why your here. But, that's where I leave it. No offense to those who delve way further. But the universe is infinite, as is the voice of god, listen to it with variety, and it will ring all the more truer for you. Balance your approach to all things, without expectation, and you will see the gifts god has to bestow upon you.

I will periodically update this info as I am updated, stay tuned, and remember to enjoy yourself.


Fire / Rods
New beginnings, energetic, active, assertive, only direction is forward, aries knows what it wants and goes after it, strong willed, don't take no for an answer, aries relates to the body, survival and being.

Rotation: 687 Days
Action, aggression, martian energy is assertive, projective, active, individuality, the sense of self, where you are, that's why it influences Aries, Mars is the driving force of evolutionary progress, to be and to express.
1st House: "Being" Emergence into form, rising as an individual from the mass, or evolving to a new expression.


Earth / Pentacles
Love, fertility, earth people, easy going, but capable of being as stubborn as a bull, affectionate, sensual, physically orientated, they appreciate beauty, and experiencing life through the physical senses, thus they like to be in one place for a long time.

Rotation: 225 Days
Is your sense of esthetics, what you consider beautiful. Venus is creativity, venus associates well in one on one relationships. Venus stirs the passions of the heart.
2nd House: "Having" Test of ownership, realization of personal power, understanding the definition of your form.


Air / Swords
Gemini is the intellect. Gemini's live for knowledge, they are life long students of everything, they love to talk and share knowledge, they are infinitely curious, and portray the eternal child, trying to figure out how to grow up without actually doing it.

Rotation: 88 Days
A planet in motion, mercury is the messenger, he moves between realms, through all forms of communication. Mercury enhances speaking, writing, conscious thinking, sharpening the intellect. The investigation of the very nature of consciousness, draws Mercury to seek itself in form.
3rd House:" Informing", Thought, the manifesting of concepts and ideas via interaction and expression.


Water / Cups
Sensitive and emotional, naturally intuitive, compassionate, family oriented, but they're hearts rule they're heads,

Rotation: 28 Days
The Moon, YIN, is the part of you which is inner directed, passive receptive, reflective, its associated with emotions, intuition, and the feeling nature. The Moon effects our unconscious world, reflecting the unseen emotions behind our actions
4th House: "Maintaining" Stability, power at the personal level, feeling the experience of self, turning inside to the internal universe.


Fire / Rods
Good-natured, confident, enthusiastic, a hopeless romantic, Leo loves to be in love. The nature of the lion promotes self-expression. Leo's focus is expression, never hanging in the back of the crowd, Leo is up front in life, but in the realm of the emotions they are very sensitive. But, then aren't we all.

Rotation: 365 Days
The Sun, YANG, describes you as an individual entity, pure, distinct and unaffected by your surroundings. The Sun reflects the truth of expression as the center of not only who we are, but what. The Sun represents the part of you which is outer directed, conscious, active, energized.
5th House: "Expressing" Purity, acting out ones innermost nature, the innocence of truth, truth of self in action


Earth / Pentacles
Worker, studious, detail oriented sometimes to a fault. Virgo is the truest representation of the earth mother. Dedicated and true to the action of simply being. Virgo is amazed by the tiniest details of life and sharing. Virgo comes to us with the simple open heart, true giving in innocence, and the hope that it will be returned as such.

Rotation: 50 years
Chiron is the doorway to self mastery. Evolution of consciousness is growth in detachment from the personal ego, and merging with the universe. Chiron bridges the internal to the external. Assisting in opening to each successive level of participation.
6th House: "Transforming" Self perfection, Dealing with the personal crisis, by adapting and allowing, learning the concepts of growth and change.


Air / Swords
Balance and harmony, Libra hates conflict, anger, hostility. Libra is mostly non confrontational. Libra falls under the sign of the scales, only justice wears no blindfold. Able to see both sides of an issue lends compassion to Libra's expression. Just don't cross they're line, Libra is not about to take it.

Rotation: 225 Days
Is your sense of esthetics, what you consider beautiful. Venus is creativity, venus associates well in one on one relationships. Venus stirs the passions of the heart.
7th House: "Being Together" Learning balance in relationships. The cooperation of individuals, beginning to participate in the larger whole of society.


Water / Cups
Transformation is the only definition Scorpio requires. The clairvoyant observer, Scorpio works to steer us towards our greatest expression of personal honesty. The silent manipulator, Scorpio knows all the answers to our unasked questions. The next word to describe Scorpio is sensual, they touch in intimate ways, leaving the heart flaming in infamy.

Rotation: 248 Years
For being the furthest out from the Sun, Pluto reaches into the deepest depths of our being, stroking a deeper truth in self to the surface. Like water in a pond trying to be still, Scorpio ripples us, makes us move. The Scorpion's sting transforms us through the pain of letting go of our most intimate illusions.
8th House: "Having Together" Death, regeneration, and the resultant energy of relationships as they impact the individual, and society as a whole.


Fire / Rods
Expression, Sagittarius has the ability to organize on a grand scale. The cosmic socializer, making the connections that build the future. As fire breaths life in to all form, so to does Sagittarius breath life into ideas and dreams.

Rotation: 12 Years
Expansion, Jupiter drives us to express ourselves in a big way. Like putting the finished product on the stage, Jupiter inspires us to reach further for our goals.
9th House: "Informing Together" The search for universal truths, pure expression of the group energy, maturity and understanding.


Earth / Pentacles
Responsible, serious, hard-working, cautious, and conservative. Capricorn seeks to be logically formed in a universe of infinite probability. They're focus helps them mature fast. They appear in control to hide a shy sensitive side. Insecurity is emphasized in a need for order.

Rotation: 29 Years
Saturn is the planet of restriction and control. But, Saturn also represents violent change. Breaking up the forms of structure only to leave us guessing as to what to build next.. Saturn is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Saturn exposes to us the depth of our illusions bringing us to a truth of self we sometimes find difficult to deal with.
10th House: "Maintaining Together" Proof of works, Achievement, becoming involved in the whole, the experienced results.


Air / Swords
Aquarius is the final expression of our motivation to change. Aquarius is the process of sensing decay and striving to pull humanity forward lest we give in to decay and fade away. Aquarius is revolution for equality, freedom, and fairness in the world. Ever watching out for the little man, Aquarius is ever wary for the wolves at the border.

Rotation: 84 Years
Uranus is the planet of change, freedom, individuality, equality, humanitarianism. But, also anarchy, chaos, revolution, the sudden reaction to the limitations of form, and outdated concepts. Uranus inspires us to explore the seemingly unconventional, seeking the freedom of expression in the transformation of self.
11th House: "Expressing Together" The power of society released through the individual, creative social vision.


Water / Cups
The last step in evolution is to lose the definition of self and rise to the next level of expression. Pisces seeks to define itself because it has lost it's definition. Thus it is want to adopt the expression of others to its own self undoing. We must seek through Pisces, a new definition of self that elevates us to a higher vibration.

Rotation: 165 Years
We fall into the cosmic oceans of Neptune and lose ourselves in the menagerie of who we were versus who we can become. The ruler of the depths of our unconscious, Neptune gives us the opportunity to redefine ourselves, but at the cost of sacrificing ourselves. Only by creating a void do you create the opportunity for something new to be born.
12th House: "Transforming Together" Self Transcendence. The opportunity to create a new reality, or spiraling back into the one you tried to leave.