Rosicrucianism and Maitreya Buddha
Preparing Mankind for the Future Understanding of Christ

Adriana Koulias


When mention is made in the outer world regarding the ‘Rosicrucians’ invariably one encounters similar reactions to those encountered at the mention of the ‘Templars’. Unfortunately what is known of them is stained with ignorance and suspicion since all most people know of them, thanks to people like Umberto Ecco and others, is that they were either Charlatans or Magicians who experimented with making gold, or Alchemists hell bent on searching for the stone of the wise, while in their spare time creating living beings in laboratory beakers.


The truth is Rosicrucian wisdom has existed since the Atlantean times, but it only became known by this name in the fifteenth century. History tells us very little about the real Rosicrucians because in the past it was required of initiates that they work quietly, whilst living ordinary lives. The lessons learned from the burning of the Cathars and the destruction of the Templar Order had been well learned.


At the end of the age of Kaliyuga or Darkness when the Archangel Michael ascended to Archai and was passed the regency of our fifth cultural epoch between 1879 and 2229 ending the archangelic period of Gabriel, it was possible for Rudolf Steiner to begin to throw light over this stream.  What I am about to explore with you tonight encompasses the results of Rudolf Steiner’s painstaking spiritual investigations interspersed with those of other anthroposophists such as Prokofief and myself. We will explore the origins of Rosicrucianism, and its past present and future tasks as the leaders of Esoteric Christianity who prepare the way for the coming Maitreya Buddha. Next week we will explore the role of a Bodhisattva in particular we will discuss the Bodhisattva of our present Post Atlantean Epoch, how he is working to become, in the next two thousand nine hundred years, the Maitreya Buddha, and what this means for humanity as it stands at the threshold of perceiving the Etheric Christ Event in the sixth cultural age. The great Russian epoch or Philadelphia.


Before we begin I must first say, that since we grow nearer to Christian Rosencreutz every time we use our own faculties of clear unbiased thinking, I exhort you to take nothing on faith, but to examine these things for your self. Truth is not so difficult to recognise when the thinking is logical and warmed by heart forces.


Our first question must then be,


Who were the Rosicrucians?

The Rosicrucian path that lies between the Yoga path and the Christian path of initiation was prepared before Christianity and took on a special form through the great initiate, Dionysus the Areopagite, who in the esoteric school of Paul at Athens inaugurated the training from which all later esoteric wisdom and training has been derived.  In time the guidance and development of this stream was taken up by a very exalted individuality whose name became synonymous with it.


I am filled with a deep sense of awe and reverence whenever I think of the great individuality that has been associated with this stream, Christian Rosenkreutz. This individuality belongs to the Cain stream, there is perhaps some grounds for even saying that he was Cain himself who is incarnated once more as Tubal Cain, Joshua who led the Jewish people across the Jordan and took Jericho, and importantly as Hiram Abiff.


Some of you may have been here during my last couple of lectures, when we explored the two streams of humanity the Cain and the Abel streams, that is the stream of the fire of enthusiasm and the stream of the calm waters of wisdom, practical knowledge of the outer world that works through the inner upstreaming of the will, and the wisdom that is particularly occupied with what works downward from above into thought and becomes inner knowledge.


We heard that Hiram Abiff belonged to the Cain stream, or the stream of those who can ‘do’ and as such worked in the service of Manes. This Cain stream is the stream that is mainly concerned with working in the world. Hiram Abiff is the builder of the Temple of Solomon. Solomon is a representative of the Abel stream that is mainly concerned with the inner life, ‘those who know’. 


In the time of Christ Christian Rosenkreutz was incarnated as Lazarus who dies and is raised again by Christ and is inspired by John the Baptist to the extent that he becomes known as John the Beloved. The word ‘beloved’ is a word used in ancient Egyptian initiations when a neophyte is brought back to life after three days by the hyerophant he is then called the ‘beloved’. He becomes John when the Ego of John the Baptist completely merges with his and overshadows it. The Templars revered the two Johns and called their initiation Johanine, this is what is meant by the Seal with the two Templars sitting upon a cross. John is the apostle of Christ who stands at the foot of the cross as the son of the Sophia and the future creator of the gospel of St John and the Apocalypse.


Subsequently he passed through a series of incarnations in the early Christian centuries in which he suffered martyrdom, and he incarnates as Charibert von Laon grandfather of Charlemagne and the founder of the Brotherhood of the Holy Grail. Later he returns as Prester John, who is characterised by Wolfram von Eschenbach as the son of Feirefis brother of Parzifal in the ninth century. 


He returns to the earth again in 1235 AD in order to accomplish a great deed.


What was this deed?

There is a Cosmic Law that what the Gods prepare for mankind can only be brought to humanity through the sacrificial deed of a single human individuality. Every new element that serves a rightful progress of humanity must be brought into the world by individuals and completely experienced and carried out as a potential won for the further development of humanity.

In the fourth century a great conference was held by Manes where the greatest of earthly teachers or Bodhisattvas came together to decide on the how the wisdom of the Bodhisattvas of the Post Atlantean age should flow more strongly into the future of mankind. This was a preparation for a time when man, due to evolutionary necessity would become entirely cut off from the worlds of spirit. Human vision into Spiritual worlds through the old mystical inspirations that were acquired by adherents of the inner way would become less and less possible. A new initiation based on the inner striving through personal freedom was necessary so that in the future mankind might approach the mysteries in full clear consciousness through the dint of personal effort.  This wisdom, that is, the amalgamation of all the mysteries of antiquity and of the foreknowledge of future times became known as the mysteries of the Rose Cross. Those present at this conference held by Manes were the human reflection of Buddha, Scythianos and Zarathustra.

As a result of this conference Manes himself had developed further and was in a position to return as Parzifal in the ninth century where he united the inner and the outer paths in the Grail stream and the further forming of the Brotherhood of the Holy Grail which had been inaugurated by Charibert von Leon three centuries earlier. The Brotherhood of the Holy Grail, through a process that I shall go into more fully next lecture, safeguarded the profound mystery of the preservation of the copies of the I of Christ/Jesus until the appropriate moment in the evolution of the earth and of humanity. They were the guardians of this secret. The chalice used by Christ Jesus at the Last Supper caught the blood flowing from the wounds of the Redeemer on the Cross – that is the expression of the `I' in the chalice of the Holy Grail. And the chalice with the blood of the Redeemer, with the secret of the replica of the `I' of Christ-Jesus, was preserved in a holy place, in the Brotherhood (The Templars formed the exoteric aspect of this brotherhood) of those who through their attainments and their Initiation are the Brothers of the Holy Grail.

It was chosen that Christian Rosenkreutz be the individuality that should undergo this initiation, since he had been preparing for it since before the Mystery of Golgotha and in his life as Lazarus/John. 


It stands to reason then that the individuality who would become Christian Rosenkreutz in a future life should not have been born into the stream of priests, that is, those who belonged to the old way, or the Roman Catholic church but to those who looked to a new way - the Cathars.


He was born to a Cathar family in Germany around 1235 and was brought to France when he was only a baby. As a young child he was taken by his parents to Montsegur to the Cathar priests who had been expecting this leader of humanity. They guarded him and kept him safe in the fortress in anticipation of taking him to a monastery prepared for him by the Templars with the help of St Bernard, in the Pyrenees mountains.


These were terrible times, the Crusade against the Cathars was ongoing, though it waxed and waned.  However it was around the time of the young child’s change of teeth in 1243 that a new crusade was instigated by the Pope and it was no time before king Louis made his way to Montsegur to besiege the fortress. The Cathars lasted eleven months before they surrendered. The young child was spirited away by four Cathar perfects, Amiel, Hugo, Poitevin and another not recorded by history in a sack. They hid in a cave and escaped through one of the many tunnels that ran beneath the fortress, as the gigantic bonfire fuelled by the human flesh burned to a climax. This special child – the treasure of Montsegur - was then taken to this Cistercian monastery and safely guarded and instructed by twelve individualities. Seven of these wise men possessed all the knowledge passed over from Atlantis to the Holy Rishis of India. In the other four lived the wisdom of the sacred mysteries of the Indian, Persian, Egypto Chaldean, and Greco Roman epochs and the twelfth was possessed of all that would characterise the fifth post-Atlantean epoch.

Before we continue let us recap on what Steiner has told us concerning the human being.


Rudolf Steiner characterises the human being to be made up of three physical aspects three soul aspects an Ego and three spiritual aspects which will come into their own in the far distance future; Physical body which he shares with the mineral world, Etheric body which he shares with the plant world and which gives life to the physical, the Astral body by way of which he takes in the outside world. Three soul parts, the Sentient soul, which makes him a feeling being, the Intellectual soul which makes him a thinking being and the consciousness soul, which allows him to act with the help of his spirit, that is the Ego.  Three Spiritual aspects being Manas or Spirit Self, Buddhi or Life Spirit and Atman or Spirit Man.

The seven who possessed all the knowledge of Atlantis were the reincarnated seven Holy Rishis of India, who Steiner tells us were led by the divine Manu, the biblical Noah to the Tarim Basin or Gobi desert after the Great Flood had submerged Atlantis. These men carried over into our time a condition of consciousness that had relinquished the old clairvoyance which was as time passed like a second flood submerging into man’s being towards a time of darkness or Kaliyuga. These seven were the least clairvoyant but the most capable of the rudimentary form of what we now call clear thinking and they carried with them the knowledge of all seven Oracles pertaining to the planetary influences. This knowledge was imparted by seven of the twelve who gathered around Christian Rosenkcreutz.


The eighth imparted all the knowledge gathered by the ancient Indians during the course of time. Because the Etheric body of the ancient Indian occupied a space beyond the physical body, the Ego of the ancient Indian acquired its knowledge through the organs of the Etheric body – an Etheric body not influenced by Lucifer - in order to see what streamed in from the cosmos. In the first Post Atlantean Epoch a man who worked in the everyday world used his physical senses, but when he wanted to acquire knowledge he had to learn by using a different state of consciousness – a consciousness acquired through his Etheric organs to see into the Astral or the stars that spoke to him. This made it possible for him to distinguish two types of knowledge; knowledge of the outer world of Maya and knowledge of the higher world of spirit. This gave rise to the Vedas, Yoga, and the profound Bagavad Ghita. The Indian considered the physical world as something that had to be shunned - a Luciferic Temptation which gave rise to a wisdom concerning the mystery of the tree of knowledge the Astral body and the overcoming of Lucifer. This became a seed for a future knowledge concerning the Catharsis of the Astral body that was given in Buddha’s eightfold path.


In the times of the Persians the Etheric body began to descend down into the physical body and the Ego was more and more able to acquire wisdom through the Astral body as it was directed to the outer world through the faculties of the senses and less and less through the Etheric organs. Zarathustra at this time was able to see Christ in the  aura of the Sun. The feeling for duality arose, because the physical world  now was as important as the Spiritual world. Zarathustra was able to see the darkness of Ahriman and the eagle Marduk as the emissary of the Sun being Ahura Mazdao. The old Sun mysteries, the mysteries of the bread of life, the sun forces that enter the earth and fertilise it. The mysteries of the Tree of Life or Etheric body that is seen through the perfection of the Astral body this the ninth bestowed upon the young man.


The tenth Initiate possessed the knowledge of Egypto Chaldean times, when the Astral body began to experience sensations inwardly and the Ego was able to acquire wisdom through the Sentient soul. All that could be absorbed concerning the world and inwardly felt was then the knowledge of this time; star knowledge, the calendars for instance and knowledge concerning the spiritual nature of man as could be known through the sentient soul, that is, the experience of the Macrocosm within the Microcosm. All initiation of this kind was directed towards man experiencing the Spiritual world within himself within the physical body that is resurrected in the spiritual – the Temple sleep. This was therefore the mystery vouchsafed by the tenth and imparted to the young man.


The eleventh possessed all the treasures of the Greco Roman period in which the Ego of man was capable of grasping the world through the intellect.  This was a marriage of spirit and matter, when man’s Etheric body moved down further into the physical body and coincided most directly with it. It is the time of the lowest ebb of man’s spiritual consciousness. The Ego received its knowledge directly from the outer world and fashioned thoughts from this knowledge that became philosophy - Plato. However this was also the time when the Christ impulse descended into the world to save mankind from falling further and further into matter. After the mystery of Golgotha when the Christ impulse descended into the earth and into Man himself what knowledge had been acquired outwardly was now to be known inwardly. Man was in preparation for the consciousness soul.


The preceding eleven could only impart what was a memory of what they had been experienced in previous incarnations, the twelfth on the other hand was responsible for imparting to the young man all that was vouchsafed of the knowledge of natural science and of the time to come – the Fifth Post Atlantean Epoch, that is the German Anglo – our times when the Ego will receive knowledge through the workings of the consciousness soul as our Etheric body rises up once more out of the confines of the head. Since 1413 – interestingly the Templars who were the guardians of the age of the consciousness soul were exterminated in 1314 - thoughts and feelings have begun to stimulate the will and, will eventually lead to the soul acquiring imaginative qualities; the Imagination soul. This was the knowledge of all that was acquired by way of the consciousness soul, which was imparted by the twelfth.




The Human Etheric body as it stood in relation to the human head during the various epochs:





Rudolf Steiner tells us that this Initiation of Christian Rosenkreutz by the 12 was only possible due to a special dispensation. One individuality had to win for all mankind the potential for further development. In previous times those who were to be initiated were guided by a hierophant into a world into which descended those higher beings from their lofty heights, who could communicate with him. Now a man had to rise through his own effort and alone ascend to the sphere where reside these lofty beings. This sphere is the sphere of the Bodhisattvas – Buddhi Plane - or the sphere of providence or foreknowledge.  


Because of his life passed as St John, the individuality that was the young man in the midst of the twelve, as he lay as though dead for three days, could be brought to the experience of Paul at Damascus.  Whilst there he was the first human being to take into the Sophian substance of his soul what had been safeguarded by the Brotherhood of the Holy Grail, an imprint of the I of Christ/Jesus that had been prepared long before at the foot of the Cross when Christ had told him that Mary would now be his mother and he her son, that she would take him into her house, that is into the higher reaches of the sphere of the Cosmic Sophia to the region of Eagle/Scorpion where through the influence of the Spirits of Form, right into his physical body, he received the teachings of the twelve irradiated through and through by the light of the Christ being, out of the contemplation of the central spiritual Sun of Christ.


When he returned he was able to bring about a synthesis of all that he had learned , he could unite the twelve rays of human world conceptions in his soul in one single radiance toward the future goal of further unifying the two streams – Cain and Abel - philosophy/ religion and science and art. This became known as Rosicrucian Christianity.

As a result of the influence by the spirits of form working right into Christian Rosekruetz’s physical body he was permeated by the impulse of the Eagle - or the impulse of the Ego. This means that in the future he will take upon himself a new mission of transforming the lower Ego - scorpion into the higher Ego the Eagle – a task that will cause him the greatest suffering that a man can undergo.

A short time after this intiation the young child left the physical plane and was reborn again in 1378. Once again we are told that he is born to heretical parents in Germany; and that when he was twenty eight years of age he began a seven year journey to occult centres in particular to the middle east, where he experienced the event of Damascus in Damascus itself. He returned when he was thirty five, now able to grasp with the intellect what he had grasped with the feeling life in the past life as the young man. He found Europe to be unresponsive to his knowledge and so he established a school in which gathered around him the twelve who had been his teachers and were now his pupils. At eighty-one years he was once again united with Zarathustra, Buddha, Scythianos when he underwent an initiation with Manes as hierophant. This is recounted in symbolic form in the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.

Prokofief tells us that the cosmic region of the scales is where the marriage between the bride and the groom is consummated. Christian Rosenkreutz during his Chymical wedding must therefore have reached up to the level of Scales where The Christ being meets a Buddha, and so we can see how he can be described as Buddha’s friend and teacher. Like Buddha he need never have incarnated again, however, since it is his task to maintain contact with the physical earth he incarnates every one hundred years, and even when discarnate he works from spiritual worlds. Because he has purified his Etheric body, it does not disperse into the world Ether when he leaves the physical world, and is able to remain intact for those who can make use of it. 


After his passing on into a discarnate condition, on earth Rosicrucians continued to work in quiet circles. Outward life was to remain untouched by what came to them as revelations from the spiritual worlds.  All was conducted in great secrecy due to the terrible persecutions that would be brought down upon those pupils of Christian Rosenkreutz by the Catholic Church. There were usually only seven initiates incarnated at one time who could carry out this work. Three brought down the symbols from the spiritual world and four deciphered them, this is how we have acquired the secret symbols of the Rosicrucians.


Despite the best efforts of those human beings incarnated in these subsequent years humanity was descending further into materialism so that in the sixteenth century it became clear to Christian Rosenkreutz that the two streams of mankind instead of coming together were becoming ever more rigidly divided.  The two classes of men were becoming more distinct, those who,


  1. Wanted to live for the inner life, or the spirit only – to withdraw altogether from practical affairs – Abel Stream – religion and philosophy.
  2. Those who became more and more entangled with the world engulfed in the affairs of practical life – Cain Stream – art and science.


Christian Rosekreutz, therefore called an assembly of initiates some years before the end of the sixteen century. Present at this conference were his former teachers the twelve, those who were his closest pupils, it also included the Buddha or his earthly reflection, Scythianos, Zarathustra, and Manes. The only way to help mankind through the age of Maya or increasing materialism was to influence human beings in the life between death and rebirth.  Here they specifically investigated the Jupiter mysteries of thinking or intellectual life for which Christian Rosenkreutz felt a special affinity.


Some of you may know that in the life between death and rebirth man must become an inhabitant of all the planets whose beings bestow wisdom to him. Steiner tells us that the fifteenth and sixteenth century was a catastrophic time on Mars the equivalent of the time prior to the Mystery of Golgotha on earth. And so at this time mankind when passing through the Mars sphere between death and rebirth experienced an impulse towards the materialistic view. The declining culture on Mars needed salvation, also for the sake of the world. The Mars culture needed an upward impulse. The task therefore fell upon the Rosicrucians to solve this problem. At this conference Christian Rosenkreutz decided to transfer the activities of the Gautama Buddha to Mars. In 1604 the Gautama Buddha the Prince of Peace accomplished for Mars the planet of war and conflict a deed similar to what the Mystery of Golgotha accomplished for the Earth. The teachings of Nirvana of peace, experienced through the Mars sphere were suited directly to the practical life.  Conversely different forces stream down from Mars to men who meditate in a Rosicrucian way, thereby acting on those who seek the inward life. Therefore it is that every human being is in a sense a Buddhist when he passes through the Mars sphere in life between death and rebirth. A healthy practical life and a healthy esoteric life is the result. A Rosicrucian must not be torn away from the practical concerns of life, but must live in accordance to Karma while going about his esoteric training.


It is interesting to note that the year before this sacrifice by Buddha, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz was completed by Valentin Andreae. Not long after it the thirty-year’s war began, perhaps as an echo of the great tumultuous events on Mars. An interesting note is that Mars is also connected to the larynx since it is when passing through this sphere between death and rebirth that mankind elaborates this organ. This will become important in our next lecture when we discuss the coming of the Maitreya Buddha and the new singing/speech that must be developed.


In his next life as the Count of St Germain he brought back the knowledge concerning the social future, the Grail Brotherhood’s ideal that was so disastrously misunderstood. Brotherhood in the physical body or world, Liberty in the soul, and  Equality in spirit. 


Christian Rosenkreutz entered incarnation again and became the spiritual teacher and initiator of Rudolf Steiner whose individuality was to impart the knowledge concerning the macrocosm  that is cosmic knowledge and the knowledge of the microcosm of man, that is the training of the soul, in a modern way to all of mankind.


The Rosicrucians added the roses to the black cross, the symbol of death which is resurrected in the red roses a symbol for the principle of the I or Blood purified of all its selfishness. In order to accomplish this a practical moral development that purifies man’s lower nature must accompany inner meditation. The Rose cross was also a symbol for the 12 petalled chakra, or the heart chakra that belongs to the Astral body situated in the chest region and destined to be a future organ of wisdom. 12 virtues must be developed in all, six petals were acquired through unconscious initiation. The conscious acquisition of six virtues will, in times to come, develop the other six. These six virtues are: control of thought, power of initiative, balance of the faculties, optimism which enables a man always to see the positive side of things, freedom from prejudice, and finally, harmony in the life of soul. When these virtues have been acquired, the twelve petals begin to move. They express the sacred quality of the number twelve which we have in the twelve Apostles, the twelve knights of King Arthur, and again in all creation, in all action.  


Rudolf Steiner received this initiation directly from Christian Rosenkreutz, and it consisted of wisdom from both mystery streams: Since the Mystery of Golgotha, what has been outer becomes inner so that the knowledge of the Macrocosm –Cosmic knowledge can be used for inner meditation and the knowledge of the Microcosm that explores the training of the soul is a achieved in a practical outer way.


This initiation consists of seven steps which corresponds with the Seven Chakras that exist in man’s Astral body.


1 preparation, 2 imagination, 3 inspiration, 4 Preparation of the Philosopher’s Stone that is the total purification of the physical body and thereby the attainment of 5 Intuition which understands the 6 Correspondence between Macrocosm and Microcosm, allows one to 7 Live into the Macrocosm thereby finding Divine Bliss. Which correspond with seven charkas that exist in man’s body..


How did Rudolf Steiner teach the mysteries of  Micro and Macro?


Knowledge of Higher Worlds is the Microcosmic wisdom of the outer practical way that explores the inner being of man.

Occult Science is the Macrocosmic wisdom that explores the inward experienced knowledge of the spiritual science of the outer world.


These two streams must come together if we are to create the right conditions for the coming of the Sixth Cultural Epoch, since everything human beings ennoble on earth, everything they turn from nature into culture will form the germ of the next age. Everything that we have ennobled in the past cultural ages of the earth will bear fruit again.


Rudolf Steiner performed his own sacrifice on Earth in order to plant these tender seeds, and was crucified on the cross of the soul body of the Anthroposophical society.  Rudolf Steiner, a Rosicrucian initiate whose spiritual gaze was able to reach up to the Buddhi sphere and above to the Nirvana plane, paved the way for the future incarnation of the Maitreya Buddha.


7 into 12

Time into Space




New Mysteries

Initiation Knowledge

Development Sat – Vulcan

Occult Science


12 into 7

Space into Time




Spiritual Development

Balance of Soul Forces

Development Physical Atma

Knowledge of Higher Worlds



Alongside Meditation, we have a practical path of inner development.

What is this path?


Rosicrucian exercises enable us to perfect our soul faculties alongside the learning concerning the wonderful symphony of cosmic mysteries so that we can come to supersensible cognition. This can only happen if man is prepared to perform at each stage a self-sacrificial act


What is this self sacrificial act?


The Rosicrucian exercises cause a change in Thinking Feeling and Willing.


Rudolf Steiner tells us that in the past during Atlantean times man had been facing a danger. Thinking feeling and will were threatened with disorder – they would have become independent through the entrance of selfishness due to the combined co-operation of Lucifer and Ahriman. Christ performed a sacrifice before his sacrifice in the physical world, by ensouling an archangelic being – the angelic Nathan soul through whom worked the archangel Michael - in order to bring about harmonisation of thinking feeling and willing. We can see this as the imagination of Michael conquering the dragon.


Now mankind must perform its own sacrifice, it must make the thinking feeling and will independent and free while at the same time, strengthening the Ego so that it can take the place of the Spiritual beings that keep these soul entities in balance and harmony. This Ego strength comes from selflessness. There are therefore three sacrifices;






Feeling must through will and through thought become ordered and controlled. Passions and drives must conform to the dictates of moral reason - feeling begins to think – the heart is the thinking organ of the future. This requires a sacrifice of lower desires needs and wants of the Ego for a selfless love that encompasses all beings of the world and of the cosmos. This feeling life will become so acutely sensitive that the well being of the individual will depend entirely on the well-being of the whole and the whole of the individual. At the sight of a hungry person, another will feel the hunger right down into his physical body.


Thinking must become at times inwardly suppressed. It must stop developing its own thoughts. Thinking that comes from the self must be suppressed. The result is thinking that sacrifices a lower logic for a higher one, then the thinking is freed from the bonds of the physical brain and grows beyond itself to encompass cosmic truths - Universal ideas, common universal interests of the cosmos. In such a way will it become warmed through by feeling and so developed, through bringing about a co operation of the will.


Will must become conscious and permeated by the warmth of goodness. In this way it is freed from its sleep, and sacrifices its reliance on the physical limbs. It gains courage and begins to act out of love of moral feelings and thoughts. Then the personal opinions of the I are sacrificed for the truths that are eternal. This means that the Consciousness soul as far as it is fashioned from external impressions must be suppressed. Only then can imaginations begin to arise in it. Then will the consciousness soul be transformed into an organ of Imagination. This brings about freedom of the I which is the first step towards its task of taking into itself Manas or spirit self.


In the thinking the I recognises freedom

In the Feeling the I experiences freedom

In the will the I participates in freedom.


We live in the age when we must participate in freedom and this freedom will result in the Astral body becoming light-filled, permeated by the light of the Ego that has been made self-less.  Steiner tells us that we see with our eyes because the eye sacrifices its cognition. That is the physical eye allows light to pass through it. If the eye becomes selfish we are not able to see at all because the eye takes all the light into itself and passes none to the optic nerve and so to our brains – this is the cause of illness. In a similar way the Ego must become gradually selfless by following the guidelines of esoteric development and the strengthening subsidiary exercises that will cause it to allow the light of Manas to pass through it selflessly and into the vessel of the Astral body in the sixth cultural age. 



Repetitions ; each cultural epoch lasts for 2,160 years,



There will be a reflection on a higher level of all that was once achieved for the world. We see this for instance in our own age, especially those of us who are living here in Australia. Our 5th Post Atlantean is a repetition of Egyptian times which is a repetition of Lemuria which is a repetition of the Moon incarnation. If we look at Lemuria, at that time man was beginning to walk upright, with the down-pouring of the Ego. We see this reflected in Egyptian times in the construction of Obelisks the rising upward to the heavens to defy gravity, in our own times, sky scrappers and rockets. Our desire to explore the cosmos in particular our ascent to the moon is in a materialistic sense, in line with the desire felt by the Chaldeans to understand the stars and their significance which falls into line with the fact that in Lemurian times higher being who now reside in the moon, the teachers of humanity walked the earth.


Christian Rosenkreutz knew that mankind must plant now the seeds of tomorrow. Man must become inwardly ready for the Christ Impulse ahead of time, and work must be done now so that bodies may be found for the initiates of the future, that are sufficiently equipped with the ability to speak and hear a new language. The language of the heart. This is important if the Emissary of Christ, the great Maitreya Buddha is to  find a body in which to incarnate, and to find persons who will understand and therefore be in a position to aid this great spirit in his task of promulgating his message concerning Christ.


It takes 5000 years for this Bodhisattva to become the Maitreya Buddha. This means that it will coincide directly with coming of the Russian epoch, or Philadelphia. This will occur after the end of the rulership of Michael in 2229 and will be as Willi Sucher tells us, a time when the perihelion of Jupiter will be in Aries characterised in the Apocalypse of St John by Christian Rosenkreutz as the white horse. The white horse being the white intelligence and Aries signifying the hierarchy of Kyriotetes whose head is the Christ being. The Jupiter forces connected as they are with the spirits of wisdom precisely correspond to all seven hierarchic members of the heavenly Sophia. This signifies that mankind must, by this time have acquired the white intelligence, that is the intelligence of Christ through the Sophia forces. This time will be a repetition of the Sun condition of the earth when the Etheric will be elaborated in a higher way, a repetition of Hyperborea - a repetition of the Persian epoch when Christ will be seen in Etheric garment in the Astral plane, as he was previously seen by Zarathustra in the aura of the Sun. Before this can take place however a sufficient number of people must be living in the intelligence of Christ.





Those of us who choose to follow this path do so for the sake of all of mankind because in the sixth cultural epoch only a few will be able to overcome materialism.


A real Rosicrucian endeavours to reach a stage that is higher than his contemporaries not for his own sake but for the sake of others – as a form of sacrifice. In the same way Initiates have devoted their lives and sacrificed many things for us.


Rudolf Steiner tells us that Christian Rosenkreutz will be the greatest martyr among men, apart from the Christ who suffered as a God. Martyrdom of Christian Rosenkreutz will be caused by the fact that so few make the resolve to look into their own souls, in order there to seek for evolving individuality that comes from an intense struggle to recognise objective truth, since it is through objective truth that man can be led into the spiritual world. Christian Rosenkreutz will in the words of Prokofieff  take upon himself the task of transforming the Scorpion into the Eagle. That is, he will sacrifice himself for those who will hide from spiritual light for the scorpion is that being that hides from the light and stings itself if it cannot hide from it. The Egoistic Ego that seeks only individual subjective opinion and not an objective knowledge that is individualised. This feeling for the objective truth, this thinking heart, will be the fruits of Manas acquired through intense work on spiritual exercises and meditation in order to bring a conscious wholeness to the human individuality. This is what is meant by healing the breach between inner and outer man because only by unifying the Abel and Cain streams can we make ourselves ready for the sixth epoch, the Sun epoch, and the renewal of the epoch of Zarathustra - or Philadelphia.


The Bodhisattva – the future Maitreya Buddha




The Laws of Spiritual economy.

It is difficult to discuss this topic of the Bodhisattva without first referring, if only in a very abbreviated way to the laws of spiritual Economy.


What is Spiritual Economy? It sounds ominous, and I can tell you that when you first look at it certainly is ominous. I will not go into it fully because this would take several lectures, nor do I pretend to understand it fully, because that would take many lives. I will only try to elucidate it as best as is possible for me to do at this time. 


To understand Spiritual economy we have to understand the human being’s journey after death. When the physical body is laid aside the Etheric body disperses into the Etheric world after three days – with the exception of an extract, the fruit of the past life. Then the Astral body disperses again with exception of the extracted fruits. Leaving the Ego alone in its journey through the spiritual world towards a future life.

Rudolf Steiner tells us that it is a principle of Spiritual Economy that what has been gained cannot perish, but is preserved and transplanted on the spiritual soil of posterity. Progress made by a human being is not lost. On its way back the Ego passes through the Astral sphere and Etheric sphere and picks up so to speak those extracted fruits. There is a law, which allows one to tap into, if you like, the fruits of another human being a great initiate whose Etheric body has not dissipated. It is also possible for it to work a third way from higher beings to human beings who are meant to accomplish a special task on earth. In this way one can weave another individuality’s Etheric body or Astral body or even in some exalted cases an imprint of the Ego into theirs. For instance, Zarathustra donated his Astral body to Hermes and his Etheric body to Moses. It may also work from higher spiritual beings to human beings Ego an Avatar to an exalted human being whose higher elements are not only preserved but also multiplied. In the case of Shem for instance, whom was indwelled by an Avatar-Bodhisattva this made it possible for his Etheric body to be multiplied and woven into his descendants – the Semitic people. His Etheric body then became the vehicle by which Melchizedek the great Avatar-Bodhisattva, the divine Manu, entered into humanity in order to communicate with the Semitic peoples.


Paul saw the Christ in Damascus through an Etheric body that had been multiplied out of the individuality of Jesus of Nazareth. Any one who readies himself can ‘put on’ one of these bodies and therefore in spiritual reality actually embodies the Christ within. It gives a new meaning to the biblical quote, ‘Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him and he with me.” As I stated last week, Christian Rosenkreutz as John the Beloved received an imprint of the Ego of Christ during his incarnation in the thirteenth century.  He was the first among the whole of the humanity to receive this imprint of Christ’s Ego that had been preserved by the brotherhood of the Holy Grail. Rudolf Steiner as a pupil of Christian Rosenkreutz also received into his Ego an imprint of the Ego of Christ.



What is a Bodhisattva? What is a Buddha and what is a Dhyani Buddhi?


A Bodhisattva is a master of wisdom and harmony of sensations and feelings.

What does this mean? It means that a Bodhisattva has so perfected his Astral body that it is well on the way to becoming Manas. A stage that humankind will only have reached, en masse in the distant future, by the Jupiter incarnation of the earth. His Being or Sattva is illumination Bodhi and on the way to Buddha hood.


All great teachers have been an incarnation of a Bodhisattva.


There are two aspects to a Bodhisattva:


  • An Archangelic being who inspires the Bodhisattva, and may enter incarnation into the body of a human being prepared for this. He does not do this for his own personal benefit or progress but for the benefit and progress of mankind. This however helps him to achieve a higher development. This aspect of the Bodhisattva then progresses when he descends into the physical world.

·        A human being, an initiate who is capable of working in full consciousness with his angel upon transforming his Astral body into the spirit self. His progress is his concern, from life to life, however when it is achieved with the right moral attitude it enables the progress of mankind. An initiate ascends to the spiritual world and works consciously through the inspiration and incorporation of an archangelic being who may live in any of his sheaths eg, Physical Etheric or Astral. Zarathustra for instance was a Bodhisattva in whose Astral body there worked an Archangel. He so perfected his Astral and Etheric bodies that he was able to donate them respectively to Hermes and Moses who were both inspired by Archangelic beings and became Bodhisattvas themselves.

A human initiate who is not yet a Bodhisattva may be inspired by a discarnate Bodhisattva who is inspired by an





Rudolf Steiner tells us that there are twelve Bodhisattvas. Out of the twelve Bodhisattvas only seven incarnate at any one time. Five remain invisible. If the eighth incarnates the first becomes discarnate. Each possesses to perfection the qualities of, eg

1st, the harmony of the Physical body, 2nd a harmony of the Etheric that is Temperaments, 3rd a Harmony of knowledge that is the Astral body,  4th the above qualities expressed in terms of feeling, Sentient soul, 5th the above mentioned qualities expressed in terms of understanding, Intellectual soul, 6th the above expressed in clear consciousness, consciousness soul, 7th is the servant of the other six and holds sway over the other five and brings them into incarnation. The 8th Manas 9th Buddhi 10th Atma, 11th Holy Spirit, 12th Son . There is one Bodhisattva who underlies our seven successive civilisations as there was a Bodhisattva who was responsible for the cultural epochs of Atlantis the entire circle of Bodhisattvas works through him to achieve this necessary task.  Working for this Archangelic Bodhisattva are also the human Masters who have achieved Bodhisattva-hood inasmuch as they have raised themselves to the sphere of the Bodhisattvas; Manes Indian Civilization, Serapis from Indian to Persian, Zarathustra Persian, Hermes/Moses Egyptian, Kut Humi inspired the transition from Egyptian to Greek, Master Hilarion inspired the Greco Roman times (interesting to note that St Hilarion was the patron saint of the Templar Order) Master Jesus inspired the transition from Greek to Germanic, Master St Germain inspired the Germanic times, Master Rudolf Steiner inspires the transition from Germanic to Russian Master Morya inspires Russian Epoch. One always inspires an epoch while another inspires its transition.



We can divide this diagram into seven and five.  Five from fishes to Scorpio and seven from scales to Ram. The five forms the dark aspect of the Zodiac and the seven the light aspect. Why do we say this? We have to explore the mystery of twelve and seven for this.


  • In the number seven we have to do with everything Temporal the impermanent – everything that runs its course in time. Therefore we speak of the seven planetary incarnations of our planet, Saturn Sun, Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Vulcan. There are the stages of development of man, physical, Etheric, Astral, Ego, Manas, Buddhi, Atma. There are also the seven notes of a musical scale. Therefore when we are speaking concerning the seven wise men the Holy Rishis that act as teachers and guides of humanity we must speak of men who promulgated the truths that belong to Time.
  • In the number twelve on the other hand, we have all has to do with the Permanent, or the enduring, everything that runs its course in space everything that lies beyond planetary influences but extends to the stars. We have the twelve zodiacs, the twelve hours the twelve months of the year etc. When we speak of those Teachers of mankind that teach concerning those things that are lofty, that exist beyond the realm of time in the realm of space in the starry cosmos we are talking about 12 disciples of Christ, the twelve Macabees, the twelve Bodhisattvas or Avatars. These promulgate the truths that belong to Space.



Those beings that moved from space to time were those beings (the spirits of form) who separated themselves from the permanent deities. These became divided into good and evil influences on mankind. So everything that encompasses the influence of those beings that descended from Scorpion belongs to either good or evil. Above Scorpio, from the region of the scales and upwards we cannot speak of good and evil. It is beyond good and evil.


The Christ was that being that was capable of changing what had once been represented by twelve to seven. He was that being who brought the number twelve into seven without dividing into good and evil. He brought what was Spatial into the Temporal. It is He who stands in the middle of the circle of twelve. Christ is known as the ‘greatest Avatar’ the Sophia the most exalted Avatar after Christ is called the Great Teacher who also descended to a certain extent into another human being, the Luke Mary.


The difference between a Bodhisattva and Christ is that Christ is not is not a great Teacher, he is an object of initiation, he is life that pours into other beings like a Bodhisattva and can make them great teachers merely because they enjoy the bliss of being able to see Him.


Another being that belongs mainly to the realm of space and is on the side of good is that Being that inspires the Bodhisattvas. This Being encompasses both the dark and light aspect of the Zodiac in that it sends down its directives from the region of the Bull to the third hierarchy from waterman to archer.  This being was known in the old Christian tradition as the totality of the Holy Spirit. Each Bodhisattva therefore stands as a part of that great being the Holy Spirit – the wisdom of the world. It is this Holy spirit that rays down to the Bodhisattvas the image of the Christ being in his planetary aspect. And it was from the archangelic circle of Bodhisattvas - being an expression of the Holy Spirit - that there rayed down light-wisdom to the seven Holy Rishis.


A Bodhisattva then works on turning his Astral body to Manas and lives in contemplation of the glory of the Christ Being from His planetary aspect, that is up to the sphere of Scorpio, where he sees Him raying from the Sun as a Planetary body. When a Bodhisattva achieves Buddha-hood he will have advanced to a stage where he begins to work on turning his Etheric body into Life Spirit or Buddhi and is capable through his own forces to perceive the Zodiacal and planetary aspect of Christ in rhythmic alternation.  Because this is the sphere where the Sophia meets the Christ being it is called the Chymical wedding.



Spirit man                     Virgin    ---------------------------   Dhyani Buddha

Life Spirit                     Scales     --------------------------    Buddha-ChymWed True S

Spirit Self                     Scorpion/Eagle    ------------------    Bodhisattva  -  Higher self     

Ego                              Archer

Astral Body                  Goat

Etheric Body                Waterman

Physical body               Fishes

In the past mankind was only able to receive inspiration that descended downward to it from above from Super Human beings such as Manu. It was not necessary for them to descend into a human body for they could be observed by mankind while in an Etheric or Astral form. This became more and more difficult as mankind lost his spiritual eyes and could no longer be guided.  The Christ cosmic-earthly path of sacrifice has made it possible for man to overcome death, that is the shadowing of consciousness and endow his ‘I’ with eternal life, that is to preserve individual consciousness on all planes of existence. Christian Rosenkreutz was the first human initiate to ascend to the sphere of the Bodhisattvas in full consciousness in the thirteenth century and in so doing has made it possible for the rest of us to achieve the same. This means that we do not merely have Bodhisattvas that are Archangelic beings who inspire man from above by descending into the physical body of human beings prepared for them, but also high human initiates who ascend to the heights where the third hierarchy has its abode, and make their way to the level of Scales where it is possible to experience the Chymical Wedding having fashioned their own destinies and therefore physical bodies.


From a cosmic aspect we can speak of the Bodhisattvas working not only individually as separate individual archangelic beings but as members of a single twelve fold whole. This constitutes a being that is described as the personified all wisdom of our world. The third hierarchy which represents the Holy Spirit which is irradiated by the life wisdom that streams down from the Sun hierarchy or second hierarchy whose totality is the Sophia and whose leader is Christ or the Sun. So we can see that at the centre, Christ is reflected down to Bodhisattvas from the region of the Scorpio and they become a part of the physical aspect of the Divine Sophia. Man is now able to ascend spiritually from Fishes to Virgin in his development. When the Ego ascends to Scorpion Eagle it will have begun the journey towards the development of his Spirit Self. When it ascends to the region of the Scales, it will have begun working on Life Spirit and when he ascends to the virgin, it will have begun working on Spirit man.  Man has three Egos. Ego is archer, the other Ego or higher self is Scorpio Eagle and the True self is the scales.


All the Bodhisattvas will have incarnated and become Buddhas by the end of our earth evolution.


When then does a Bodhisattva become a Buddha?


A Bodhisattva must descend directly into a physical body in order to have an effect on human beings. He must have an understanding of all that it entails to be human and to live right into human destiny insofar as he is guided by an angel. When all earthly experiences are absorbed, that is the individuality knows how to make use of every single thing and has taken into himself to a sufficient degree the Bodhi or Buddhi of the earth he becomes Buddha. We can see now the legend of the initiation under the Bodhi tree and what this means. A Buddha is then capable of receiving the streaming down of Christ’s aspect from as high up as the region of the scales and the beginning of the light aspect of the Zodiac, thereby he becomes the light of the world. It is interesting to note that when Gautama Buddha was inititated his angel was freed - because a Buddha never needs to incarnate again in the physical body and became the Archangel Vidar who succeeded Michael when he became spirit of the Times.


So far there have been four Buddhas. The Archangelic Bodhisattva of our epoch, succeeded the Gautama Buddha and incarnates every hundred years into the Astral body of human initiates who have succeeded by the most intense self discipline in developing to the utmost the forces of their thinking feeling and will. When the human initiate who is preparing for the physical incarnation of this Bodhisattva has achieved the perfection of his physical members then the Maitreya Bodhisattva will descend into him and he will coexist with it.


Early in the last century the Theosophical society began promulgating that the Maitreya Buddha would incarnate into the body of a young Indian boy called Krishnamurti that this Maitreya Buddha was the supposed second coming of Christ. This caused a rift in the Theosophical society and resulted in the withdrawal of Rudolf Steiner’s supporters from the society. After Rudolf Steiner died there were those who supported the idea of Rudolf Steiner being the Bodhisattva who would one day incorporate the Maitreya Buddha. Many still believe this. In the spiritual world there is no individual belief, nor is there individual opinion there is only what is true.  Rudolf Steiner was indeed a Bodhisattva, however he was not the Bodhisattva who would become the Maitreya Buddha. The Maitreya Buddha did descend down into his Astral body, we can see that by the wonderful lectures that he gave around this time on the Etheric Christ. The fundamental difference between Rudolf Steiner and the human initiate that Rudolf Steiner has said will incorporate the coming Maitreya Buddha, is that this descent will occur right down into the physical body of this initiate. Jeshu ben Pandira is that exalted human being who prepares the physical body for the coming of the Maitreya Bodhisattva in the same way that Zarathustra prepared the physical body for the coming of the Christ being. However, when the archangelic Bodhisattva enters into the body prepared for him his Ego will not leave as the Ego of Zarathustra left that body he prepared for the Christ being, but will co-exist with it. This will occur in the thirty first year and he will not be known to the world until this time.


Who is Jeshu ben Pandira?

Jeshu ben Pandira, or Jeshu son of the Panther, lived on the earth one hundred years before Christ. He was the personage whom the dead sea scrolls aptly describes as the Moreh Sedek ‘Teacher of Righteousness’ the noble leader of the Essenes. He was one of the great Spiritual masters connected in particular with the power of speech, of the word. He was accused of blasphemy and  was stoned and hanged on a tree.


It is now believed even by worldly scholars that Essene beliefs and rituals are based on the Catharsis of the Astral body or soul had more in common with Zoroastrianism and Buddhism than Judaism. These beliefs found their way to Christianity through Matthew successor of Matthai pupil of Jeshu ben Pandira who was the originator of that gospel, eventually to the Eastern fathers, through them to the Cathars and then to the Templars. It was another pupil of Jeshu ben Pandira who created a colony in which Jesus/Zarathustra would come into contact with Essene and therefore Zarathustran mysteries. The impulse of the colony of Nazareth whose Essene teachings of Jeshu ben Pandira would influence the Jesus of the Matthew gospel came from Netzer pupil of Jeshu ben Pandira. The Nazarite order was part of that that was promulgated by Moses who having inherited his Etheric body passed on the teaching of Zarathustra.


In the thirteenth century Jeshu ben Pandira’s stream united with the stream of Christian Rosenkreutz and since then the two streams work together toward the future understanding of Christ . Five thousand years are needed for him to attain the level of Buddha. This means that he will become Maitreya Buddha somewhere in the sixth cultural epoch. This coincides with the time when the Michael regency will come to an end. Mankind must by that time have acquired the white intelligence, that is, the cosmic intelligence. Rudolph Steiner’s task was to open up the initiatory process that had only been conducted in secrecy before the end of Kaliyuga, to all of mankind in preparation for transforming the Michael intelligence into human intelligence.


Where does Manes fit in and what is a Dhyani Buddhi?


Since the turning point of time and the mystery of Golgotha it is now possible for a human being to ascend to an even higher level then that of Buddha. This is the level of that Eastern terminology calls Dhyani Buddhi – or Manu.  If you will remember our last lecture on Manes he is due to become the first human Manu at the end of the Seventh Epoch.  This means that he is in the process of developing himself with the help of an Archai to the stage of Atma, or Spirit man. He will be able to perceive Christ from the region of the Sun, which is in direct influence of the zodiacal forces of Virgo or the Cosmic Sophia. He will be able to perceive the Cosmic nature of Christ or the whole activity of the Sun being his planetary and his starry within the bounds of what is allowed him from forces of Virgo. This Man will become the highest human Sun initiate of humanity. The last Superhuman Manu led humankind from one root race the Atlantean to the Post Atlantean bringing about the transition from physical to Etheric evolution.  Manes will become the new Human Manu in the seventh cultural epoch so that he can lead mankind in the transition from life Spirit to Spirit Man. That is from the sixth root race to the seventh.






What conditions must exist for the incarnation of the Maitreya Buddha?


We know that one important aspect of his coming will be that he will be able to speak words that will directly inspire men concerning the Christ being. What do we mean by that?


Last week we explored how the human being today stands in relation to the advancement his Ego that has acquired wisdom during the course of several incarnations, through various soul members of his Astral body. In the past the human I acquired wisdom through the sentient soul, the intellectual soul and in our age the consciousness soul or spiritual soul. In the near future the I will gain wisdom through the spirit Self or Manas that is the I will experience consciousness in the spiritual realm by way of Spirit Self in the same way that he acquired consciousness of the world by way of the Astral body.  In the past man communicated the experiences of his Etheric, Astral or sentient natures respectively, in our times men communicate their thoughts very effectively because the ability to do so has been developed through the training of the thinking or the intellectual soul. The foundations for this thinking were laid down by Apollo taught mankind through the medium of music in preparation for when Materialism would enter into the evolution and sever mankind from the spiritual world. This teaching was necessary for today’s clear logical thinking to develop. Man felt the outside world around him and he thought about it, he created concepts that enthused him or repulsed him, that caused him to do this or that. These concepts then were capable of being communicated and we see the height of this occurring in the age of the philosophers, since the beginning of Greco Roman times. Our cultural epoch, the German Anglo epoch of the consciousness soul, has taken this thinking to new heights through the work of Rudolf Steiner, who through his book Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path was able to bring new concepts that explored how man looked at the world. Initially belonging to the Abel stream, of the priests, that is those who receive revelation from above mysticism, Rudolf Steiner in his Germanic life developed clear thinking as a spiritual pathway and thus united the two streams of Cain and Abel in co-operation with Christian Rosenkreutz with the goal of helping mankind to achieve this collectively by the time the Bodhisattva ascended to Maitreya Buddha. Why is this important?  Because it is this marriage which will lead to a change in the being, physically and spiritually of man.


In our age when a concept is communicated such as one plus one equals two, there is  no dispute. All men agree on these first principles. If they don’t they risk going against logic being seen to be either not very intelligent illogical or stupid.


In the same way in the future when moral impulses are communicated through the larynx, all men who hear them will understand this moral logic and will agree. Morality will be taught in the same way that we teach mathematics today. Then there shall be no dispute concerning what is a moral impulse and an immoral one, what is good will be made known through the larynx and men will not be able to dispute it without going against the universally regarded moral logic, and therefore being seen as immoral or evil. Truth beauty and goodness will stand in a similar relationship to man as thinking feeling and willing do now and their transformation in the Etheric body will lead to : -

Truth the Etheric equivalent of Thinking-----Truth in thought, feeling and will----moral Inspiration----conviction of the truth /moral logic 


Beauty/artistic Religious - the Etheric equivalent of Feeling-------Beauty in feeling thinking and will----Moral Intuitions-----feeling for aesthetics /reverence/Love


Goodness the Etheric equivalent of willing------Goodness in Deed Thought and feeling-----moral Imaginations ------conscious experience of conscience/ courage

How will such truth beauty and goodness be communicated and taught?


This now leads us to a great mystery. The mystery of the larynx.

It was in Ancient Atlantis that man first began to speak. This was the first time he said ‘I’. It was a result of the Ego being breathed into man by the Elohim Jahveh. Speech is the finest expression of the Ego. The larynx is the most complex and enigmatic instrument ever known to humanity. It is set into motion through thought.  Without thought and an Ego consciousness, there can be no speech or singing. We can now see how Apollo in his tragic incarnation as Orpheus made way for clear thinking through music.

Let us examine how when the human being became a reproductive being in Lemurian times, a part of the forces necessary for reproduction was separated off for thinking. At the time of the separation of the sexes, the Astral body of man divided: the lower part producing the sexual (physical) organism and the higher part giving rise to thought, imagination, speech.  In days of yore, the sexual organs (the procreative forces) and the organ of the voice (the word creative) were united. Two poles have appeared in man's being, where formerly there was but one single organ. The negative pole (animal) and the positive pole (divine) were once united and have separated. In ancient Hebrew there is one word for sex and speech

Think how the voice changes in a man at puberty and how the tissue of the larynx resembles the tissue of the female vagina. It is a well known fact in operatic circles that when a woman menstruates her voice changes. The larynx stretches and contracts thins or thickens, vibrates the entire length or only a portion, slowly or rapidly. All of it manipulated through the forces of thinking. I think speech! 


I was privileged for eight years to be the student of a remarkable woman, Jan Light, formerly of the Australian Opera company. She taught singing as though she were teaching concerning the subsidiary exercises.  She said that one had to think the note for the larynx to create the note. The larynx itself could not ‘think’ the note the concept a C above middle C had to be sung in the head before it was sung by the larynx. She taught the lower voice had to do with the whole body – the body voice – this elucidated by anthroposophy becomes the ‘Will’ voice, and the high voice the head voice - the ‘Thought’ voice and the harmony of the two - the middle voice the chest voice or as we will call it The feeling voice. The voice was only healthy if a harmonious interaction of these three voices was possible. This was the task of the middle or feeling voice. The middle or feeling voice had to harmonise both upper and lower, thinking and will. The lower voice had to give strength to the upper voice the upper voice had to give lightness and beauty to the lower voice, the middle had to be a perfect seamless marriage of the two.                                                           


 In the same way, those of us who practice Steiner’s subsidiary excercises must attempt to balance our thinking and our will through the life of feelings. The life of feelings must become for us the balance that prevents the will from becoming ruthless, and the thoughts from becoming cold. In turn thought must prevent feeling from becoming irrational and will must prevent feeling from falling into sentimentality that achieves nothing.

Through Steiner’s subsidiary exercises as well as the eight-fold path in conjunction with meditation we work directly on our thinking feeling and willing life, on the Astral body, so that we transform our physical larynx which is closely bound up with the heart into an organ of moral or Etheric communication. It is interesting to note that the larynx is regulated by Mars forces wherefrom since 1604 there streams the wonderful beneficent forces the great Gautama Buddha in preparation for the words that will be spoken by the Maitreya Buddha and heard by the people of the earth.  For it is not just the spoken aspect of communication that is meant here but also the hearing aspect, since the Eustachian tubes connect the ears to the throat. The development of the organ of hearing necessary to hear inspired speech  - Etheric sound will go hand in hand with the development of the organ of speech.

What will this inspired speech be?

Today a human being thinks and his or her thoughts pass out through speech. The next stage will be that feeling, warmth passes outwards. The word will be the expression of the inner warmth – pituitary gland. Then not only the warmth imbued word will go forth, but the word will remain, will be given form through the will which lives within it and it will become an actual being. The word passes through stage of consciousness that is thinking, life that is feeling, and will that is form.

In the sixth epoch,  when the sun rises in the constellation of Aquarius or waterman, the human voice will become the instrument through which the sphere of the Bodhisattvas will stream down to humanity and proclaim a new Christianity. Through the Maitreya Buddha the Holy Spirit will be communicated. It will stream into the hearts of men through the Astral world via the vehicle of the Sound Ether. This shall be the sixth epoch, the epoch when mankind will become sensitive to the sound ether and begin to hear what lies behind words – the bells will toll from the spiritual world for mankind.

It is interesting to note that of the throat chakra - the sixteen petalled chakra, the first eight petals are the result of the action of unconscious initiation - Buddha’s eight-fold path -  the other eight of the conscious initiation attained by dint of personal effort. The eight new petals correspond to the Beatitudes of Christ. They will be developed when the eight beatitudes of Christ are understood, that is the new eight-fold path that is concerned with the conscious development toward mankind’s future mission. The seven beatitudes describe the development of Physical , Etheric, Astral, Sentient soul, Intellectual Soul, Consciousness soul, Manas, Buddhi + Atma in relationship to how much of the Christ impulse enters into the various members of man’s being.  Does this remind of the octave?


In the developing human being Etherised blood moves from the heart through the larynx to the pineal gland. The Etherised blood of Christ follows it but does not unite with it until a person can takes up the Christ Impulse. This will be the possession of those who prepare themselves in sixth epoch. We can see how the development of these Chakras the head throat and heart are future missions. When this is accomplished by a certain number of human beings concepts will be communicated from out of imaginations – Manas - from spiritual worlds working into the pineal gland and downwards through to the larynx and to the heart, and from heartfelt inspirations that work upward from the heart to the larynx to the pineal gland. The larynx as such becomes a vessel, a grail for the macrocosmic and microcosmic etherised blood. We see then the intimate connection between the head and the heart through the larynx. The heart that is filled to the brim with moral thoughts, moral feelings and moral impulses. The truth will be the Manna that is poured out then from the larynx to exert a three-fold effect.

1.      A direct imagination of the Christ in Etheric garment

2.      An inspiration that resounds with the harmony of the spheres that is capable of proclaiming Him

3.      An intuitive moral power that will lead to the enthusiasm to do good deeds in the name of Christ.


Steiner tells us that what human beings transform of the spiritual organs in the Astral body will become the physical organs of the future physical body.  The ear will then have become so transformed that it will be possible to hear not only the musical seven tones but five others. Even today pure tones have been known to be produced (sine waves) with human voice. If you think of each human being as having his or her own signature sound, or individual series of frequencies thought to emanate from the living systems so that they correspond to physiological and psychological status then one can see how these frequencies may correspond to the astrological sign given at birth, and therefore death. You start to get an interesting picture of how Karma works from one life to another – again what is initiation knowledge in one life leads to an ability to resonate the music of the spheres in another through the vehicle of the physical body.


The seer experiences twelve tones in the Devachanic plane this will be experienced by humanity in the future when twelve tones will resound in the perfected resurrection body of man.


Man is gradually rising from the temporal sphere to the spatial sphere that is, man is taking the seven into the twelve. At the same time his physical body which resounds with twelve notes is becoming more like his Etheric body which has seven tones resounding in it. So that as he physically etherises his physical body from twelve to seven, he is spiritually moving from seven to twelve from the Temporal to the Spacial.  Man will therefore become the instrument on which higher beings will make manifest the music of the spheres.  Christ will appear in the sixth epoch in lower devachan, in Astral form, here he will ring out, that is he will be proclaimed as a sounding word.


Man Microcosm


Physical dev                    Physical 12     --------->      Etheric   7 Etherised blood 


Spiritual dev                    Temporal 7    ---------->      Spacial 12  Spiritualised Ego



Christ Macrocosm


Spititual Sacrifice              12 cosmic Space/Zodiac    ------>     7  earthly time Temporal/
                                         Planetary Region

                                         Comes from                                                                       

Physical Sacrifice               Temporal 7           --------------->     Spacial 12                      

                                         Brings cosmic time            into             Earthly space

                                         The forces of Buddhi

If we compare three examples,


a)      Indian singing ----we can hear even in today’s interpretation of it an Etheric quality – language still bore a connection to the things spoken of.

b)      Greco Roman times -----middle ages we can hear the intellectual metered and darkened aspect of a mankind losing its connection to the spiritual world and grasping with the hardened world of intellectual thinking – language moves from the inspired Homeric verses to prose. Loses connection with things and becomes abstract.


Things to keep in mind:


  • The effects of Darwinism in wrap and heavy metal that seeks to bind the consciousness soul to the physical body by the use of tribal- backward rhythms.
  • Noise of electrical buzz, machines, television, cars etc dull out the tender voice of the spirit.
  • There is never any silence! In our cars, in our homes at the supermarket! Musac plays even in the toilets of large shopping malls.
  • We must cultivate silence in order to hear.
  • We must stop using empty language. Slogans that are abstract and have lost their connection with the reality of a thing - Political correctness eventually leads to the lie. Resist ready made phrases and use creative thinking to lead to creative speaking.  


Today we all sing, at every moment, if we only pay attention to ourselves when we speak there is more and more melody. This will become more and more prevalent in the future when the voice will be permeated with the force and impetus of the spirit. Then it will begin to ring out in wonderful harmonics, and one will perceive the inner gesture of speech which will point to love and truth on the one hand or lies and deception on the other – the relationship of the speaker to the third hierarchy. Sounds will evoke the sensations of colour, speech colour in the same way that a colour is either warm or cool cheerful or drab. The speech will also evoke in us a feeling for the constitution of another human being in the breathing. Our breathing will slow down or speed up depending on the breathing pattern of the speaker. The speech will either be melodic or discordant and in the same way that we cringe when we hear a nail strike a path over a blackboard, even the thought of it, will we feel when someone speaks an untruth or in an illogical/immoral way. We must be working now on training ourselves to speak what is morally true good and beautiful. These words will be rayed back to the beings of the hierarchies and then in our life between death and rebirth to fashion our physical bodies for our next life. Language will then develop a move away from words to a poetic imagination understood beyond language barriers. The intellect will be moral. – clairvoyant imagination.


The real Rosicrucians, work out in the world and also in the spirit, developing soul forces with the help of exercises that purify the Astral body and so make possible the incarnation the Maitreya Buddha who will proclaim the impulse of goodness and blessedness that is the Christ Being. Right now he is being made manifest through the Etheric forces of Buddha’s angel who stepped into the Archangel Michael’s place when he ascended to spirit of the times at the end of Kaliyuga. This Angel, who was known as Vidar in the north has taken the name Ramael, since his ascent. The word Widdar in German means Aries or Ram, and we know that his sacrifice by remaining at the angelic stage through the Greco Roman period also occurred during the time when the sun was rising in the constellation of Ram. It also indicates his connection to the Christ being. We see the great connection between the Christ and he who will proclaim him, if we also take a look at the fact that as Buddha’s angel he was the son of Wottan the Archangel who, through Buddha, helped the northern people acquire language – once again the larynx.


The Maitreya will make his heart concepts live in the imaginations of those who listen to him and from out of these soul thoughts will come the a direct vision of Christ in Etheric garment.


The sixth epoch will be a recapitulation of the age of Zarathustra, it will be possible for man to see Christ in Etheric in the same way that Zarathustra saw him in the aura of the sun. In the fourth epoch Apollo the archangelic Nathan soul permeated by Christ who radiated the Christ in order to help mankind master his thinking feeling and willing through music – the nervous system played like a lyre. Man was played like an instrument by the Gods. Once the Astral body is perfected man will learn to play his own instrument and be receptive to the instrument of the one who will proclaim Christ – the Maitreya Buddha. Then will enthusiasm for the good become a reality and mankind will have achieved the ideal of brotherhood.


This redemption of the Astral body points to another great mystery, it will be the redemption of Luciferic beings that are present in the Astral body. It will thus be through the work of the Maitreya Buddha that the work of the coming Dhyanni Buddhi will be made possible.


Manes will become the human Manu or the angelic messenger of the Macrocosmic Sophia at around the end of the seventh cultural age after the war of all against all and will teach concerning the knowledge and redemption of Evil the outer work which will rely more and more on man’s new heart forces. This complements the inner work of the Maitreya Buddha the fifth Buddha  - teaching and proclaiming the impulse of goodness and blessedness that is the Christ being who overcomes evil for mankind in the same way he overcame death – the inner work which will rely on the forces of the new larynx and the Etheric heart.  This is the marriage of the outer and inner paths that will be the creator of social order for the sixth cultural epoch and will lay the seed for the sixth great epoch.


The great Maitreya will then sit under the Bodhi tree with his back against the trunk of it and will await on that Diamond throne in fourfold determination.


Those of us who are capable of paving the way for such great and momentous happenings, those of us helpers who seek to work in the outer circles of the White Lodge are given the task of developing our souls ahead of others, in order to aid our fellow man, come together in groups such as this one. Such groups will then have the great responsibility of helping those who in the future will have become submerged in materialism. Manes will lead those who have become capable of all that is possible after the war of all against all at the end of the seventh cultural epoch to the new Post Atlantean age. Only a handful will follow Manu. How many will depend on us. What we do in this life has great relevance for the next. We sow the seeds now in our souls and we reap the fruits much later. By the fruits we are told you shall know the tree!


Rudolf Steiner said, ‘humanity may wait in vain for a successor to the old Bodhisattvas, for the question as to whether one will appear or not depends on whether or not men would encounter him with understanding.’


I leave you with an extract from the Hodayot a poem by Jeshu ben Pandira, Teacher of Righteousness;


That spirit that lies in man’s speech,

Thou didst create.

Thou hast known all the words of man’s tongue

And determined the fruit of his lips

Ere those lips themselves had being.

It is thou that disposeth all words in due sequence

And giveth to the spirit of the lips

Ordered mode and expression;

That bringeth forth their secrets

In measured utterances,

And granteth unto spririts,

Means to express their thoughts

That thy glory may be made known,

And thy wonders told forth,

In all thine unerring works,

And that thy righteousness may be proclaimed

And thy name be praised in the mouth of all things,

And that all creatures may know Thee,

Each to the need of his insight

And bless Thee alway.



Kut Humi, Morya, Serapis, Christian Rosenkreutz, Master Jesus, Rudolph Steiner, Hilarion, Scithyanos, Rama, Venetian master



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