The Grail Stream and the Anti Grail Stream

Adriana Koulias



Thank you for coming tonight, I have missed being here and it is so good to come to you now with the fruits of my research of the last four months. This lecture is a culmination of work on the Grail in relation to Rudolf Steiner’s “Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric”, “The Mission of the Folk souls” and a trip that I have made to France in June.


We will ask the question what is the Grail? We will explore the mystery stream of the Grail past and present. We will discover who are the human and the supersensible guardians of the Grail and how they inspire human beings and this will lead us to the opposing Anti Grail Stream. We will explore what guides it and how it has manifested in the past and continues to do so today.


Rudolf Steiner has said that it is through absorbing the knowledge of the Grail that the impulse of the Christ event, its significance, will be revealed and will become a power in the life of the human being.[1]  So …


What is the Holy Grail?


Before the Mystery of Golgotha:


Before the mystery of Golgotha human beings sought for communion with spiritual worlds through initiatory paths that led to ‘Revelation’ – the passive ‘Revelation’ of the Sun Being as the highest expression of the spiritual world in the human being.[2]


Human beings experienced revelation of the Spiritual World through the great Sacrifice made by the Sun Being who descended to regions where in the ‘mysteries’ He could be ‘revealed’ to human beings. From Indian times to Persian times this ‘revelation’ occurred in the Etheric body (Indian Epoch) and in the Astral body (Persian Epoch). But it was not until the Egypto Chaldean Epoch that man developed ‘Gnosis’ or ‘knowledge’, that is, a relationship to what is experienced as a feeling within the human being for the revelation. But this relationship, or this knowledge remained of a passive kind, that is, man could not be a conscious participator. The story of the young man of Sais who tries to take a peak behind the veil of Isis and is punished with death[3] illustrates this point. The human being who bore ‘within’ a picture of the Sun Being only ‘felt’ this picture in the Sentient soul by undergoing a kind of death to the physical world - a sleep, a passive acceptance. 


By the time evolution had reached the age of the Intellect and Roman times human beings had acquired a clearer consciousness of the physical world at the expense of consciousness into worlds of spirit and it was now necessary for the Sun Being to descend into the physical organisation of a human being, Jesus of Nazareth in order for His  ‘revelation’ to take place.




Indian ------------------Etheric Body ------Vishvakarman----------------Higher Devachan


Persian -----------------Astral Body--------Ahura Mazdao----------------Lower Devachan


Beginning of ‘Gnosis’


Egypto Chaldean------Sentient Soul---------Osiris------------------------Astral World


Greco Roman----------Intellectual Soul------Christ------------------------Physical World


The ‘Gnosis passes over into the safekeeping of the Angels.



After the Mystery of Golgotha:


After the mystery of Golgotha, what had once been achieved in the mysteries as a result of ‘gnosis’ or ‘revelation’ of the Sun Being within man became the ‘revelation’ of Christ in the physical world. Christ who had shed his blood and died an earthly death. Christ’s blood, the expression of his Ego had united with the earth on mount Golgotha and this opened the way for human beings to unite with Him in a conscious active way through their own efforts.[4] 


As a result the ‘Gnosis’ had to be carried to the Astral world by the Angels.[5] This ‘Gnosis’ or ‘revelation’ in the Sentient Soul since the time of the ancient Egyptians became transformed into an imagination in the Intellectual Soul steeped in feeling.[6] This imagination was the imagination of the human being as a cup, a perfect vessel for ‘receiving’ the Being of Christ, that is,  a vessel into which Christ could not only be revealed but also ‘reborn’. Revelation becomes Rebirth.[7]


This imagination was given by Christ Jesus to his Apostles the night before the Crucifixion. This was a formula by which they would be able to remember that after His death and subsequent resurrection it would be possible for human beings to ‘receive’ Him into themselves consciously.[8] Human beings would one day receive an imprint of his I into themselves as it would be received into the Earth[9].  This He gave in the twofold imagination of the bread and the wine – the taking in of His body[10]:


  1. Microcosmically --- the wine represented His Etheric blood the expression of His Ego residing in the vessel of the human being – man would one day actively and consciously work at the perfection towards His ‘rebirth’ in the various human sheaths.
  2. Macrocosmically ---- the bread was His Etheric blood or the expression of His Ego residing in the Etheric vessel of the Earth – the forces of the Cosmos[11] residing in the earth. This is what will make His rebirth possible into macrocosmic sheaths, thereby fashioning, through the Earth’s redemption by human beings, an inverted cup from which will pour out the Being of love that is Christ through man into the entire Cosmos.


After the mystery of Golgotha this knowledge was kept alive in two ways:



1 Exoterically in the ritual of the High Mass


Because humanity had to be brought gradually to these secrets what could be given exoterically was of a less conscious nature and was a preparation for a later time when it could be understood. That is why for a long time the Mass was said in two parts, the Low and the High mass. The word mass itself stands for the Latin word Missa, from the word dismissed. This referred to the practice of dismissing the Catechumens or Deacons - those not initiated before the Offering.[12]


The mass itself occurred in three parts,


1.      The Gospel – The reciting of the Creed the ‘I believe in one God’

Deacons are dismissed.

2.      The Offering - The bread and wine are presented to God on an Altar, here a prayer is said silently by the priest - the Oration Super Oblata which was the ‘secret’ – the private Loving offering to Christ.

3.      Transubstantiation – in which the wine and bread are transformed into the blood and body of Christ. The priest says “Deus qui humanae substantiae” God that is human in substance…and the trinity is called upon with the words “Suspice Sancta Trinitas”.


Rudolf Steiner tells us that the entire mystery of Golgotha is hidden behind these Mantrams[13]. It depicts an initiatory path, which enables the human being to ultimately commune with Christ.


Think of the word nave, that is, the central isle of a church. Nave is derived from the word ‘Navis’[14] a ship or ‘Navalis’ which means to sail or navigate. The initiate is led down a central Nave that is, he sails or navigates down the central nave towards the Altar in a similar way that an Egyptian initiate sailed down the river of souls on the boat of Isis to the gates of Duat. The English word ‘Altar’ is derived from the Latin words ‘Altus’[15] or ‘Alte’ meaning high and the word ‘Alter’[16] meaning to become the other way, or to change to become another person – in other words, putting the two words together it means: to change into something ‘higher’- Initiation.


In Anthroposophical terms we can say that the three parts therefore relate to the three sheaths and the six planetary epochs as:


1.      The Gospel - to the Astral body  the belief – Moon and Jupiter.

2.      The Offering – to the Etheric body – the loving offering – Sun and Venus

3.      The Transubstantiation – Physical body – the transformation of the sacrament - Saturn and Vulcan

The priest is the representative of the Ego – the lower Ego and of Earth Evolution.

The secrets of the Higher Ego of Christ in the purified vessel of man and the Ego of Christ residing in the body of the Earth given in the Mass were esoteric secrets not to be given to all. As they became less and less understood the high mass became an exoteric experience, whose only purpose was in retaining a connection with worlds of spirit and the possibility of the future.   


2 Esoterically in the myth of the Grail cup


The memory of Christ having been a Sun Being began to die and it[17] became more and more important for the Esoteric stream to preserve these secrets for a later time when it could be understood. It could only be known by special human beings who were the first to work through imagination in the Intellect. The chalice or cup of the Mass became the Holy Grail  - the cup that could only be found after much hardship and would only descend to earth when man had built the castle. This means that it could descend only when human beings had so perfected the Astral body, Etheric body or Physical body respectively. At the time of Parzifal this was the perfection of the Astral body through the Consciousness soul - a selfless love turned into action (will made conscious).


This perfected human sheath is the Holy Grail that like the pure plant calyx is pierced by the rays of the Sun.[18]  It is the cup used by Christ Jesus at the last supper, the cup that Joseph of Arithmathea used to catch the blood of the Crucified Jesus Christ on Mount Golgotha. It was also that cup which was given to the angels for safe keeping until Titurel could build the castle of the Grail. It was synonymous with the Knights of king Arthur, with the quest led by Parzifal to find it and with the Templars and Rosicrucians who were their successors.[19] Human beings could achieve this through a path of perfection that led to the conscious participation in the ‘Receiving’ or ‘Rebirth’ of Christ[20] in the various perfected sheaths. 


The Grail Stream is then that stream that works from a Brotherhood of initiates formed to guard these mysteries and to distribute through mystery centres what was appropriate for humanity. This was called the Brotherhood of the Holy Grail.[21]  The Brotherhood of the Holy Grail has the responsibility of guiding the Grail stream in its task of carrying the transformation of this ‘gnosis’ or ‘revelation’ into the intelligence, or ‘Rebirth’ that leads the human being from being a ‘Christophoros’ or Christ Bearer to a ‘Christodekteros’ a Christ Receiver. It safeguards the secret of:


1.      How humanity can achieve the task of so purifying the various bodily sheaths Physical Etheric Astral through the power of the Ego so that they may be fashioned into a microcosmic Grail into which the Holy blood of Christ - an expression of His Ego can enter

2.      How humanity can through purifying these sheaths redeem the earth so that it can become the macrocosmic Grail into which the Ego of Christ can enter.




The Four Esoteric Streams, which took up what had been given Exoterically and carried it Esoterically in the Mysteries of the Grail.


The Eastern Stream - Astral Body- The Gospel:


Belonged to Manes and was taken from East to West by him in his incarnation as Parzifal.  Parzifal journeys from fool to Grail king by working out of the forces of the highest member of the soul possible at that time, the consciousness soul. The Consciousness soul works thinking and feeling into the realm of will so that it becomes conscious. It therefore is able to ask the unselfish question, “What ails thee brother?” This active conscious sacrifice or selfless love points to one of the most exalted tasks of this stream, to lead a brother to the Grail. It is the transformation, through the forces of the spiritualised will to counteract the effects of Lucifer in the Astral body,[22] Doubt[23]. In the Astral body lies the Secrets of Faith, the Creed - I believe! Faith in the Astral body leads to a lighting up of the Ego of Christ and transforms it to Spirit Self[24], this is what lives in the cup of Joseph of Arithmathea and keeps him alive, the mana - the faith - that was given to the Jewish people followers of Moses. It is what keeps the Knights of the Grail alive. It is the secret of Eternal life and the reversal of the effects of the fall.


The Western Mystery Stream Etheric Body – The Offertory:  The deadly wound and the divided soul occurs through a lack of love. This stream understood that when man had undergone the fall something had been taken away from him. Something inside him was in fact dead or lost to his consciousness. The human being became an Amfortas (wounded in the groin or through the fall and the separation of the sexes) and a part of the Physical and Etheric bodies was dead. Not dead as we know death, but the life that ran through it had a disposition towards death[25] (degenerating Ethers). An initiate knew he must bring life back into those dead portions of the physical and Etheric bodies that were unconscious through selfless love, which is ‘life’. It was for this reason that the two mystery streams were united by Parzifal, for only he could temper the wound brought about by the fall by redeeming the Astral body or the Intellectual soul through the Consciousness soul. This in turn would heal that part of the Etheric body that was ‘wounded’ or that had remained unconscious. The place in which this teaching was taught was called the Castle of the Grail.


Parzifal the greatest of all earthly initiates knew that in that dead part where man had no consciousness, in that space beings of opposition could take up abode. The Domain that was most vicious and hostile to the Grail was seen as Chastel Marveil where hate and division prevailed. This was the place where all forces which attack human beings in the unconscious aspect of the Etheric and Physical body, gathered. The healing of the deadly wound that was acquired through an illegitimate selfish love with the love that is beyond the self[26] was integral to enabling the lighting up of the Ego of Christ in the spiritualised human Etheric body – Life Spirit - as well as the redemption of the fallen Ethers. This is the healing of Amfortas by Parzifal.


The Southern Mystery Stream – the Transubstantiation of the Chalice belonged to both the Templars and the Rosicrucians and concerned itself with the building of the physical Temple for the incarnation of the Word in Matter. John the Beloved was the Initiate guide of this stream. He was once incarnated as Hiram Abiff the builder of the Temple of Solomon and Charibert von Laeon founder of the Brotherhood of the Holy Grail.  He becomes Christian Rosencreutz in the fourteenth century - the first human being to have experienced an initiation in which he receives the imprint of the Ego of Christ[27] right down into his physical body.  This is the Final Conclusion to the shaping of the philosopher’s stone, the perfection of the physical body from Carbon to Diamond in readiness for the down-pouring of the blood – ego substance of Christ. It is the phantom or resurrection body. It is a symbol for the transfiguration that is witnessed by Christ’s disciples after His death. 


The Northern Mystery Stream – Holy Communion - belonged to the Germanic people and concerned itself with the secrets of the Ego – the secrets of the sacrifice of the lower Ego into which the Christ Ego or higher ego could enter. This stream belonged to Rudolf Steiner whose task it was to lead the human being towards a perception of the Ego through the act of Will toward a revelation of it as a self contained spiritual Being[28] - Spirit Self.  





It was through Rudolf Steiner that these four streams came together.


How did they come together?


Preparations were made in the early centuries after the Mystery of Golgotha where it was decided by the great initiates, Zarathustra, Buddha, Scythianos and the great Manes, when the coming together of these streams should occur.[29] It was decided that in the ninth century Manes would be incarnated as Parzifal who had in the past been incarnated as Mani. Parzifal was inspired by the Celtic folk Soul or Archangel to bring the Eastern mystery Stream together with the Western Mystery stream in becoming Grail king. This allowed the Celtic Archangel to withdraw from its people. The Celtic tradition had to be sacrificed for this to happen. This was the preparation for a further unification of the Southern mystery stream the stream that dealt with the transformation of the moon forces in physical body the female element[30], with the Eastern stream that concerned itself with the Catharsis of the Astral body and the Western stream that concerned itself with the Etheric body at around 1254 in the initiation of the young boy (Christian Rosencreutz) surrounded by the twelve at Montsalvat – a sanctuary set up by the Templars in what was once Aragon and North of Spain but is now a part of France[31]. During this initiation he received into him an imprint of the ego of Christ through all his sheaths right into his physical body.[32] This young boy would go on to become Christian Rosencreutz. Thus the Rosicrucian stream now embodied the knowledge of the Ethers, Astral body and the transformation of the physical body illuminated by the light of the Christ ego and became known as the mysteries of the Rose Cross.


It was only after the period of darkness or Kali Yuga that it was possible for the final unification of the four streams to come about through Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy in the laying down of the foundation stone meditation 25 December 1923 as a kind of High Mass or Cultus in which higher beings participated in communion with human beings. We can see this if we study closely how in the foundation stone Meditation there is given the path through which man can experience the cosmic Rose Cross, the ultimate conscious experience of the transformed physical body as the end of a path towards becoming the vessel of the Christ Ego.[33] 


The Unification of the Four Mystery Streams and the White Lodge.


After the Mystery of Golgotha the Ether body of Christ Jesus was taken up into the cosmos,[34] to the sphere of Saturn or father Chronos and began its descent back towards the earth like an echo at around 948 AD. This began His second coming. Between the years 1920 – 1935[35] Christ had descended as far as the sphere of the Angels and it was this that made it possible once again for a great human initiate to receive what had been taken up to the angelic realms after the Mystery of Golgotha and to give it to mankind once again as Exoteric knowledge - the Grail mysteries. This is what made the unification of the mystery streams at the Christmas Foundation meeting by Rudolf Steiner possible.


There are now four new mystery streams whose task it is to guard and to distribute the knowledge of the Grail, that is, the knowledge of Christ Consciousness Consciously received by man so that it can be reborn, that is the ‘receiving’ of it by which man is made a Christo-dekteros[36].


Rudolf Steiner said in his last address to the Anthroposophical Society at Michaelmas 1924 that four groups of twelve individuals will represent the start of four new esoteric impulses.  The Microcosmic Grail streams seen from the standpoint of the earth look like this:


As we see above each stream has 12 initiates working under one great ‘Human’ guardian who works from the Brotherhood of the Grail. This brotherhood of the Grail works towards imparting the secret of the grail to individuals, that is, how the individual must prepare his vessel for a conscious communion with Christ.


This brotherhood is presided over by higher beings (Archangels) of the White Lodge known as the Masters of Wisdom and of the Harmony of Feelings and sensations. These Archangelic Teachers form the circle of twelve Bodhisattvas who reflect the Cosmic forces of the Christ Being as His being is understood from the standpoint of the different signs of the Zodiac through the power of the Holy Spirit that descends down into their circle from the region of the Bull. In the Grail Motif the Christ becomes known to human initiates through the power and grace of the Holy Spirit – the Dove.


There are other supersensible beings that have another task in this respect. Their task  has more to do with humanity as [37]a whole. These five beings have a special interest in all that is given to mankind concerning the substance of Christ that will enter the microcosmic Grail of the human being and the Macrocosmic Grail of the Earth. Rudolf Steiner mentions them in his book The Mission of the Folk Souls. They are especially interesting because they all share a common pattern of sacrifice. Each being has sacrificed a move to a higher rank, that is, agrees to remain behind in order to accomplish a particular task. This must not be construed as a Luciferic form of remaining behind as we have seen occurred to those beings that chose to develop their own consciousness and became beings of untruth. This kind of remaining behind entails a great sacrifice a renunciation of what was due them for the sake of world evolution. This was not done out of a selfish desire but out of a self less love.



Supersensible Inspirers of the White Lodge and the Grail Stream.

Michael – Cosmic Intelligence –– Experience of the Consciousness of Christ in the Spiritualised Ego – Spirit Self - Anthroposophy – in the Sphere of Sun as a Star.

Michael was that being that renounced becoming a spirit of the Times so that he could guide the Semitic people, the Hebrew people.[38] He was the Sun Archangel and highest of all Archangels, he could have moved upward to the rank of Spirit of the Age but he agreed to remain an Archangel so that he could work effectively into the  Hebrew race or group in preparation for the incarnation of the Ego of Christ into the body of the Luke Jesus who was a descendent of David. The Hebrew people were to develop to the utmost the path of Monotheism in preparation for the power of thought as it is experienced by the Ego. Michael has a special connection to the Ego, since he also sacrificed the cosmic intelligence which he guarded by casting Lucifer from heaven[39] thereby ensuring the fall that allowed human beings to acquire Ego forces, individual freedom and the power of reason. Michael is the Son of the Sophia and the guiding spirit of her daughter Anthroposophia who was brought to human incarnation by the great human initiate Rudolf Steiner. Since this time, Michael has become an Archai, and the Guiding Spirit of the Times[40]. He has also become the group I of the Michael community at the supersensible foundation of the community of Michaelites with the founding of the Michael School which is the forerunner of a future Michael community when Michael will work with Christ in the Realm of Karma – right down into the physical body (in the same way he worked with Jehova into the Hebrew people) to create a Michaelic race of the Grail.[41] That is a race that will take into itself, into the ego organisation (Grail) the consciousness of Christ,[42] the substance of Christ, through Cosmic intelligence.


Raphael – Mediator Between The Microcosm and the Sphere of the Sophia - The Chymical Wedding – The Healing experience of the Consciousness of Christ in the Spirit Self as a Product of the Work of the lower Ego - Exoteric Christianity – In the Sphere of Sun as a Planet.

Raphael was the Archangel of the Greek people raised himself to the rank of Spirit of the Age or Archai to become Spirit of the fourth Post Atlantean Epoch or the Greek age. During the time that the Mystery of Golgotha took place he had the opportunity  to rise to the rank of Spirit of Form. This he renounced to become a spirit of the age that acts through the Ages with a special mission. This mission was to become the Guiding Spirit of Exoteric Christianity or the guiding spirit of what can be divulged concerning the way to a communion with Christ to the outer world.

Raphael thus placed himself in front of the Christ impulse in order to do this. After this the Greek nation crumbled away as it no longer had a guiding spirit.

Through his inspiration worked St Dionysus the Arapogite the first bishop of Athens, and the Templars who turned their esoteric knowledge of the Grail into an Exoteric form of Christianity. It was also through Raphael’s impulse that the Christianising of Aristotle was taken up by Thomas Aquinas so that man could begin to understand Christianity in a clear logical way. Through Raphael’s impulse the knowledge of Plato contributed to the great Renaissance period. 




He is the intuitor of exoteric Christianity mediating between the world of man and revelation from the sublime macrocosmic sphere of the Father[43]. It was his task to inspire men to an understanding of what blossoms in the soul as the Sacred Child that comes from the union of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother.



That is also the spiritualised Astral body or Spirit Self that comes into being through the workings of the selfless Ego in the human Astral body[44]. This child or Spirit Self becomes irradiated by the Ego of Christ that comes to dwell within it as consciousness. We can see how Raphael works through the great initiate and Bodhisattva, Elijah and later with this individuality as John the Baptist[45] and in his incarnation as ‘Raphael’. During this incarnation he took the Archangel’s name as his own.


The Archai Raphael will continue to work with John the Baptist when he returns again to carry the exoteric Macrocosmic Grail impulse as it is experienced in the region of the Sophia into the age of Aquarius or Waterman or the ‘Kyrios’ the Christ within the Soul[46] (Spirit Self) this will be the Sixth Epoch or the Russian epoch of Post Atlantean evolution. Raphael will guide this era and it is for this reason that he has been entrusted with carrying through Religion, the knowledge of Christ to ordinary people, in order that they may not forget the Christ and spirituality. This is necessary so that in future times human beings can commune with Him when clairvoyance in the Spirit Self begins and humanity moves from Religion to Knowledge. In this way he has worked closely and continues to work with Michael.


Let us not forget that John the Baptist experienced first hand the Ego of Zarathustra leave the Grail or body of Nathan Jesus so that it could be filled with the substance of the Ego of Christ. As Raphael the painter he was able to depict the virgin and the two Jesus children because firstly, he had a memory of his life as John the Baptist in which he physically observed the life of the two Jesus children, and secondly, through the inspirations of the great Archai Raphael who was able to direct to him the knowledge concerning the cosmic Sophia.


In another incarnation as Novalis this individuality inspired by Raphael, was able to experience the marriage of the earthly Sophia and the Heavenly Sophia, the marriage of the Lily and the Rose[47].  There is a connection here also with John the Beloved or Christian Rosencreutz. You may remember from another lecture I gave that Christian Rosencreutz was the first human being to take into the Sophian Substance of his soul the imprint of the I of Christ. He was the first truly human ‘Grail’ - a precursor to the rest of humanity,[48] -  all Johanine Christians were to be reborn for all humanity. If we pay particular attention to the fact that in that incarnation when he was surrounded by the twelve and influenced by the spirits of form[49] working right into his physical body, we can see how Raphael an Archai whose capacities are really those of a spirit of Form could work with this great initiate from the region of the Eagle Scorpion, the Sphere of the cosmic Sophia or the sphere of the Sun as a planet. From this time on the Lily is surpassed by the Rose. This is further strengthened by the fact that the Archai Raphael also worked with John the Apostle at the foot of the cross through John the Baptist whose Ego was intimately connected with the Apostle[50]. John the Beloved, the only one of Christ’s disciples who was able to remain ‘conscious’ at the cross became the ‘son of the Sophia’ when he was told by Christ to take ‘Mary’ as his mother.


The Celtic folk soul - Experience of the Consciousness of Christ in the Spiritualised Etheric Body in the Sphere of the Planets - Esoteric Christianity

The Celtic Folk soul worked in the Germanic and Celtic people – this was an important Archangel who at the time of the descent of the Christ impulse to earth renounced his move to Archai to become the Guiding Spirit of Esoteric Christianity which led to the decline of the Celtic people.[51] This Archangel is especially important to Anthroposophists as he has guided those who have preserved occult knowledge through the ages in the sphere of the Sun, the School at Montsalvat the Castle of the Grail wherein lies the Grail, and where dwell the knights who keep watch and ward over the great mystery of the sacred replica of Christ’s Ego substance, or consciousness and how it is attained. This had to wait for the time when Michael would become Time Spirit. In the meantime during the period of darkness the mysteries were kept alive in the Grail romances and literature that carried the esoteric Grail knowledge of the Cathars, Templars and genuine Rosicrucians, through various lines of the Grail family to the world. After this period of darkness it was to be given as wonderful imaginations in the worlds of Spirit from the Sphere of the Sun as the Grail school the School of Michael. Later it would find its way to the world once again in Anthroposophy as Rudolf Steiner’s Science of the Grail. Today this folk soul also inspires the development of the Grail as a path of Love – the New Manichean Stream (whose first deed was made manifest through the great sacrifice that Rudolf Steiner made when he became president of the Anthroposophical society thereby uniting his Karma with it for all times, and at the laying down of the Foundation stone of Love). This stream will seek more and more to work in the Etheric body of man and in the Etheric body of the Earth to understand and transform evil. It works through the greatest of all human initiates Manes who will guide this stream into the future. He is the pupil of the Great Manu who walked among men and inspired them during Atlantean times[52]. He is the ‘fool’ that journeys towards becoming wise through the efforts of the Ego in the soul becoming conscious of the spirit – The Consciousness or Spiritual Soul. He was the first to achieve this for all mankind in his unification of the Eastern and western Streams which would embody the Manichean and Arthurian mysteries, the knowledge concerning the Ethers the Etheric body and the Astral body – of overcoming evil through the building up of forces for the good in the soul in order to let the light of the spirit shine in – the consciousness soul. He will become the first human Manu in the Seventh Cultural Epoch and will guide mankind from the 6th Post Atlantean Epoch to the Seventh.[53]

I am tentatively going to suggest to you that the Celtic Archangel is the same as Uriel. Little is known about Uriel, but Rudolf Steiner tells us he is the Archangel directly related to summer and the earth’s Etheric nature[54] of spirit woven through with matter (Gold and Silver). He weaves the Golden garment worn by Michael. His name in Hebrew means God is the radiating principle of light. He is the archangel that leads the path to divine love in the Etheric body through the planetary intelligences. Uriel's symbol of an open hand holding a flame depicts a great gift to humanity.  It is the flame of Love to ignite the heart in service to God. Uriel resounds in the Ether in musical tones[55] and becomes Inspiration. He is responsible for illuminating us so that we acquire human wisdom. The divine art of alchemy is supposed to have been his inspiration, and it was also this angel who gave the Kabbalah to the Hebrew mystic tradition. In this tradition Uriel is associated with the middle pillar of the Tree of Life (Ethers), and specifically to the sephirah Malkuth, the kingdom. "He is the keeper of the mysteries which are deep within the planet, underground and in the hidden depths of the living world, that is, the mysteries of human being’s errors that contribute to the degenerating Ethers[56] and therefore he has a relationship to Karma and conscience. St John’s tide is his time of year and this ties him not only with St John the Baptist but also with St John the Apostle. “The highest initiatory teachings belonging to the New Age... are under the direction of Uriel." [57] Here we see the connection with Christian Rosencreutz and Esoteric Christianity. It is my tentative proposition that this Archangel is not the same as Oriphiel but is synonymous with Zuriel. This became his name when he took on the task of Guiding Esoteric Christianity: Z – transition - u – (Space) ra (Sun) el (archangel)[58] that is the Archangel that guards the mysteries of the transition of Christ from the sphere of Space to time, from heaven to the human being and the earth.

Vidar/Ramael – Supersensible experience of the consciousness of Christ in the Spiritualised Astral body or Spirit Self - New Clairvoyance – in the Sphere of the Moon.

Vidar/Ramael is the Angel of the Buddha, who at one time had been Vidar the Angel of Odin (previous incarnation of Buddha) of the Northern mysteries.[59] When Buddha ascended and needed no longer to incarnate his Angel Vidar the most developed of all the angels who had taken into himself the impulse of Christ in the Sun before all other angels[60] was no longer needed and could have ascended to Archangel. He had then before the birth of Christ fully developed his Spirit Self but chose to sacrifice his ascent to Archangel in order to continued to work in the service of Christ as the angel that in the Luke gospel announces the birth of Jesus to the Shepherds[61] and through the individuality of John the Baptist[62].  This sacrifice occurred during the Epoch that stands under the sign of the Ram until 1879[63] at which time he ascended to Archangel taking Michael’s vacated place to become Sun Archangel, the Archangel of Christ, Ram – a – el and so became the guardian Spirit of the pre-fall forces of the four ethers, the youthful fructifying forces through his guardianship of the Nathan soul. He will fashion the Etheric sheath out of spiritualised universal love into which Christ will incarnate in the Astral world or Moon Sphere, out of the medium of the Sound or Chemical Ether. This will inspire the Maitreya Buddha (Jeshu ben Pandira) to announce the Christ being in the 6th epoch by using a new kind of inspired Speech, a moral speech.[64] It is however in the soul or Astral body, that he will work intimately with man in order to lead him to a conscious supersensible experience of Christ that is protected from the intrusion of the old Clairvoyance or Fenris Wolf. He is the inspirer of a new clairvoyance which will battle the old clairvoyance that is perceived through the use of unredeemed fallen Etheric forces.


Nathan  Soul ---   Grail Angel ---- has Sacrificed itself four times and will sacrifice itself three more times as a vehicle for the Christ Being (Grail Receiver) in the Sphere of Astral World ( Moon Sphere), Lower Devachan (Sun as a Planet) and Higher Devachan ( Sun as a Star).

The Nathan soul is that being that in Lemuria chose to remain in spiritual worlds and not descend into the world of matter in order to be the guardian of the pure pre-fall Etheric forces. She did this in order that she might be the vehicle by which the Sun being of Christ could make Himself known to the world of men through her three sacrifices on her descend to the world of men. The Nathan soul which bears a feminine quality descended into the world as the Luke Jesus in order to provide a perfected Astral Body and Ego[65] so that it could become the vehicle of the Ego of Christ during the three years. She is the jewel struck from Lucifer’s crown, the angel that fell but did not follow Lucifer. The Angel who creates out of spiritualised thoughts the Etheric light in which the Christ being will be perceived in the Astral world in an Etheric sheath, and awakens a new capacity of spiritual thinking amongst mankind. [66]


Together these higher beings direct the knowledge that the world receives concerning the Renewed mysteries of the Grail.




Before the mystery of Golgotha the Grail was experienced as something that existed outside the human being ‘gnosis’. After the mystery of Golgotha, the human being could no longer wait for the gnosis to come to him, the gnosis had died away, the human being had to find his or her own way to a renewal of the gnosis, to the Grail. Parzifal characterises this journey through  wilderness and loneliness, through trials and temptations to the attainment of the Grail. This legend in fact characterises his future mission when the Grail will then be experienced from within to shine outwards. It makes sense of the biblical question ‘have you sufficient oil in thine own lamp?’


In this journey towards the Grail the human being is not only responsible for him or herself but also for his brother or sister. This means not only the human brother but also the spiritual brother as well as the double that resides as a negative aspect of the human being, and the earth and all its beings both physical and spiritual.


This double which is made up of all that is unconscious in the human sheaths due to the results of the fall is transformed and brought to the service of Good- that is to the service of the Grail when Christ consciousness enters into that unconscious aspect of the physical and Etheric bodies in man. Likewise Lucifer and Ahriman are also redeemed along with the unredeemed elemental beings of Luciferic and Ahrimanic nature trapped in man when the Consciousness of Christ resides is the Astral and Etheric bodies. Macrocosmically the redemption of these beings and of man allows for the consciousness of Christ to redeem the fallen ethers. This will create a Macrocosmic sheath into which His Macrocosmic Ego can enter. The consciousness of Christ therefore acts like a healing balm not only to man but to the Earth.


It stands to reason then that the Anti Grail stream would work most especially against this ‘Consciousness’ of Christ from penetrating into those ‘Unconscious’ parts of man and of the earth. These opponents - the Anti Grail Stream have worked in the past and continue to work in the present and the future in opposition to the knowledge concerning the descent of the Ego of Christ into the various bodily and spiritual sheaths of man and of the Earth. They are inspired by those beings who do not wish to see human beings progress to full balanced consciousness of the world and of the spirit but wish to


1.      Bind the Ego Consciousness to matter - Materialisation of Ego Consciousness Loss of memory of the Spirit – Abandonment of the Spiritual World.

2.      Bind the Ego Consciousness to illusion – clouding of Ego Consciousness – Loss of memory of the World – Abandonment of the Physical world.


This will be the subject of next week’s lecture, where we will not only discover who the opponents of the Grail are but also how they have opposed it and continue to do so in the present.   













The Opponents of the Grail
The Anti Grail Stream



Last week we discovered that in the past humanity had a ‘revelation’ of the Spiritual world through the Great Sun Being. We heard that this revelation could only occur by way of the faculties of perception available to human beings at different stages of development and occurred since Egyptian Chaldean times as ‘Gnosis’ that is a knowledge experienced within, the ‘bearing’ of the Sun Being in a passive way. After the mystery of Golgotha this revelation occurred in the physical body of a human being the Nathan Jesus. After this time the ‘gnosis’ or revelation died away and it was taken up into Spiritual worlds and given to human beings in a renewed way, as the imagination of the Holy Grail, or the path by which man can ‘receive’ the Christ within and be a conscious participator in this process. We explored how the carrying of this esoteric knowledge was the responsibility of four mystery streams North, South, East, and West. That each carried the secret of this perfection of one part of man’s being. We stated that the Eastern Stream related more to the perfection of the Astral body, the Western Stream to the Etheric body, the Southern Stream to the Physical Body and the Northern Stream to the Ego. We mentioned that these streams had human guides, The Eastern and Western streams were united in Parzifal or Manu, the Southern Stream was led by Christian Rosencreutz and the Northern Stream - the responsibility of Rudolf Steiner who brought these streams together on the 25 December 1923 in the Foundation Stone Cultus which was in effect a kind of high mass or communion between human beings and higher beings.


We also discussed the fact that Christ is the ultimate teacher of these secrets, that through the Holy Spirit he conveys his teachings to the 12 Bodhisattvas who exist in the White Lodge, these in turn reflect these teachings to Human initiates who through the great Grail Brotherhood disseminates them to their followers in the physical world. We also learned that there are five higher beings that have a particular relationship to the Grail. The Archai Michael we said sacrificed being an Archai in order to guide human beings in a more direct way in preparation for Anthroposophy. The Archai Raphael sacrificed becoming a spirit of form to become the guardian of the exoteric form of this knowledge – Exoteric Christianity[67]. The Archangel or Folk Soul of the Celtic people sacrificed becoming an Archai in order to be the guardian of Esoteric Christianity. The Angel of Buddha- Vidar/Ramael sacrificed becoming an Archangel until the right time in order that he might take the position vacated by Michael as the highest Archangel of the Sun who would guard the Nathan soul in which resides the ethers in their pre fall state. We also mentioned the sacrifices to Christ past and future, made by the Nathan soul.  


We discussed that the Holy Grail then is an imagination for the perfection that can enable the Consciousness of Christ to enter into the human being, and we saw how each mystery stream had its task preparing mankind for this attainment.


The Holy Grail is multifaceted and complex and seeks to unite human beings in Love. The Anti Grail is quite a more simple affair. It seeks to bind the human race together by using division through hate. The main emphasis here lies in the difference between unification through love and binding through division and hate. This is a very important point. We must not always look at the obvious things around us, the obvious evil and terror, sometimes we have to go deeper, to those things that are insidious and make a pretence at goodness, for it is there that we shall find impulses that lurk beneath the surface of events to prevent the consciousness of Christ being the possession of all human beings.


Tonight we will discuss the opponents of the Grail the four Anti Grail Streams and their Guardians in the world today, who seek to undermine the principles of the attainment of the Grail or perfection that will enable a communion between human beings and the Christ being.


What are the Tasks of the Anti Grail stream in the world today?  


The Task of the Anti Grail stream today is to keep humanity asleep. Asleep to the divine in the human being and to the divine in Nature.

What do I mean by this? The task of the Anti Grail stream is:


1.      To prevent consciousness of the need for perfecting various bodily sheaths or redeeming the results of the fall, in preparation for a communion with Christ - Microcosm.

2.      To prevent consciousness of the need to perfect the various bodily sheaths of the human being in order to thereby redeem nature and spiritual beings in preparation for its communion with Christ - Macrocosm.                                                        


The Anti Grail Brotherhood and the Four Anti Grail Streams

The Anti Grail Stream has four human initiates that guide it who belong to an Anti Grail Brotherhood. These initiates are well hidden. We only see their ‘pawns’ in the world arena today.                       





Western Brotherhoods of the Left - work against the experience of Christ in the Etheric Body as a Healing force -shadow of the Loving Offertory - Hateful withdrawal from spirit.


From the West come the Brotherhoods of the Left - the Freemasons - at least some factions of them, C.F.R (Central Foreign Relations)., Round Table, the Cecil Rhodes Scholarships, the Order of Skull and Bones, and their associated political and economic instruments[69] - who seek to unite as many human beings as possible in an ‘unconscious’ way with the material life so that in the life between death and rebirth the Etheric bodies of those souls does not dissipate but remains surrounding the earth and can be used as instruments for these powerful groups. These Etheric bodies become the vehicle by which the Antichrist[70] can replace the Being of the Etheric Christ.  These western brotherhoods work particularly in the economic life because this is an excellent way of binding humanity to matter. Those initiated into this stream, also seek to ‘consciously’ remain in their Etheric bodies after death as a kind of Etheric immortality.[71] They learn how to excarnate and incarnate at will through the use of an ‘illegal gate’ a northern constellation/ star sign that appears in the night sky at midsummer – or midday in the cosmic year. This is the illegal constellation of Ophiucus, the serpent handler. We can see the connection between this constellation and the earth’s kundalini in the diagram below. Ophiucus lies on the Zodiac, and is the thirteenth constellation, however, it is not recognised by Astrologers. It represents a serpent, coiled round a man's, Aesculapius', body. Aesculapius is believed to have preceded Hippocrates as an early healer who was supposed to be able to raise the dead. It deals with birth and death and the prolonging of life.[72]  Those initiated into these mysteries would live a shadowy half-life like the ring wraiths of the Lord of the Rings. They participate in ceremonial magic, rituals that originate in past epochs and are not suitable for human beings today.[73] We see the triumvirate of Evil raise its ugly head since 2001. There are leaders in the western world that are pawns of those who govern the Western Anti Grail stream. This stream seeks to and is uniting with, the Eastern stream as did its good counterpart in the ninth century. We only need to look at how Sept 9/11 strengthened the position of many political leaders. It also increased the wealth of many Western and Eastern co-operations. Think about why there has been a question of National Security before two election campaigns in Australia both brought about by an Eastern threat. Think about how all three countries are led by parties that are being moved more and more to the right. This divides human beings, by promoting differences – Them and Us - through fear and a deep religious as well as nationalistic fervour. This works against the impulse of the Grail stream that seeks to unite human beings in their spiritual commonality by promoting the knowledge that in every human being there exists the same element of the divine and eternal.    


In the lectures on the Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric, Rudolf Steiner places particular emphasis on the fact that more and more human beings will come to realise that there are forces that run from north to south. These forces can and will be misused by the Anti Grail stream and are related to impulses from the cosmic spaces that come from the sphere of particular constellations that are related also to Etheric forces that lie deep in the Earth. In particular he mentions the constellation of Gemini and Sagittarius being related to dualism – electricity, magnetism and the ‘third’ force.   The impulses coming from Gemini is related to Midday and Sagittarius to midnight.  The other two are Pisces and Virgo, these are related to morning and evening and can be put to the service of humanity as a healing science.                                                                                                                      


The Gemini forces,[74]  the forces of midday can be exploited by Western brotherhoods to acquire knowledge of :


1.      The degenerated Father forces or mysteries of Gold of Birth[75] or Life Ether or ‘Energy before Matter’ in its fallen form. This relates to incarnation through the manipulation of DNA, that is, through the 13th illegal sign of Ophiucus which is The Serpent Handler or sign that knows how to utilise the Kundalini of the earth or its fallen ethers. Through this sign Life will be created in an illegal way, that is, independent of Karma,[76] by bypassing the forces of the twelve Zodiacs.

2.      The degenerated Son Forces or fallen Chemical Ether or Magnetism - mysteries of Health – The forces of the Son in the fallen form. This knowledge can be used in vitamins and minerals, medicines that are tinged appropriately[77] and can enable human beings to relinquish karmic illness that might lead to ‘goodness’ in another life for ‘good health’ in a bottle which is not balanced by conscious inner work and so therefore does nothing to further the evolution of the individual and his Karma.

3.      The forces of degenerated Holy Spirit - fallen Light Ether or Electricity -These forces can be used to Prolong life by giving human beings who undergo special initiations of this kind an Ahrimanic immortality. The human being can Excarnate at will. [78] 

These relate as shown by the diagram, to the Etheric Kundalini of the earth. The electro - magnetic forces that work tortuously from the south up through Australia to the magnetic north pole in North America.  The activity of the double or the human being’s darker side thrives on the fallen Etheric forces.


We can see how these western brotherhoods are connected with what is carried over from Australia to America from south to the north magnetic pole and how this is reflected in the political arena of today where Australia and the UK join forces with America to create an Empire. 


Eastern Lodges – Brotherhoods of the Right – Religious Fundamentalism, Islamic groups/ Bolshevism.

Work against the Experience of Christ in the Astral body

The shadow of Creed – Doubt  in the Spirit


The Eastern Lodges exploit the forces that come from the region of Sagittarius.[79] The forces of Sagittarius or archer are the forces of duality the ordinary Ego the Ego bound to the material body or matter and the higher Ego. The human being is depicted mounted on an Astral beast.[80] These are the midnight processes. They encourage practises that are unsuitable for modern human beings, practises that use the ‘Astral Beast’ the retarded Sentient Soul which will unleash tumultuous human emotions, terrible astral forces of destruction. Terrorism is only the tip of the iceberg. [81] Conditions are also prepared whereby that aspect of the thinking that is related to the Astral body in the Intellectual soul affects the Etheric body to enable it to become like an empty shell after death so that it can be utilised by the double. This is not an immortality experienced by initiated human beings as in the case of those experienced by members of the Western Brotherhoods but it is an immortality experienced by the Double who should leave the human body at death. Scores of human doubles remain attached to the earth in these Etheric shells in particular near those areas where these Luciferic initiations take place. Together they will form a Physical Etheric and Astral body, for the Subsuprahuman double[82] into which the ego of Ahriman can incarnate in order to avert attention from the Etheric Christ.


It is also the task of these brotherhoods of the Eastern stream to prevent Eastern Europe from developing the Sixth Cultural Epoch.[83] The Mafia in Russia and the Terrorists as well as the Government work towards this end. We see this erupt in the problem of Chechnya which has not only led to terrible terrorist acts but also the slow decay of civil rights. Recently the Russian president has abolished elections for the lower house stating terrorism as his reason. This is only the beginning.







The Southern Anti Grail Stream – Jesuits, Catholics, Opus Dei

Work against the Experience of Christ in the Will / Spiritualised Physical body

Shadow of Transubstantiation/ Spiritual transformation – Fear of the Spirit


This is the Stream of the Jesuits[84], Opus Dei and Catholicism. Initiates into this stream learn through certain exercises to extinguish the individual ego in the will. The Jesuits seek the eradication of all knowledge concerning Christ replacing it with knowledge of the human Jesus only. Today this stream works most strongly through Opus Dei which extends its influence into the world by recruiting lay men. It penetrates all levels of government and society through recruitment. It cultivates power, an attitude of authority and is patronised by the Vatican and is permeated by the spirit of Jesuitism[85]. 


The Northern Anti grail stream – Future

Work against the experience of Christ in the Spiritualised Ego

Shadow of Communion –Separation from the Spirit


This stream seeks to unite the ego with the physical body so that it loses its connection with the spirit and the consciousness soul which is driven down and become fused with physicality cannot accept the Spirit Self or the Christ into the chalice so that there is no communion with the Christ being and human beings become automata – The retarded Spirits of Form or Asuras are responsible for inspiring this stream.                     


My very talented son recently wrote a thesis on America’s involvement in Cambodia and Vietnam and some of his insights are truly remarkable.


He came to the conclusion that Governments can use ideals that are outwardly opposite to their own ideology in order to create a power base. In this model a Capitalist can use Terrorism in order to secure Autocratic leadership and visa versa. In this case both Economic Capitalism (West) and Religious Fundamentalism ( East) start out at opposite ends of the spectrum however as they move more and more to the extreme- one or the other they lead to one and the same thing, Autocracy and Dictatorship. Each time a revolution, war or threat is needed in order to create an atmosphere of Oppression, be it Economic, Social or religious. If we use this model in the present context when we look at the Anti Grail streams we can see how east and west arrive at autocracy and dictatorship by working together – in a similar way to how the legitimate East and West Grail streams came together in the ninth century. We are seeing the fruits now of the unification of the Anti Grail stream  in the event of September 11th.  





§         Left wing Terrorism moves to the right and leads to Economic Repression.

§         Right wing Economic Repression moves to the left and leads to Terrorism.

§         Left Wing Religious Repression moves to the left and inspires Nationalistic tendencies

§         Right Wing Nationalism moves further to the right and leads to Religious Repression


In each case the pendulum swings and each time there is a loss of Egohood.


Culture is the only thing that can balance out the two extremes and realise the aims of Rudolf Steiner by providing a third pillar in a Christened Three Fold Social Order. But culture is being attacked from both sides in an attempt to prevent a ‘meeting in the middle’.


The Black Lodge and its Five Supersensible Guardians of the Anti Grail

The Anti Grail streams and the Anti Grail Brotherhood of Black Magicians is inspired by higher beings that belong to a Black Lodge whose twelve archangelic members oppose the work of the twelve Bodhisattvas and seek directly to prevent the Holy Spirit from being reflected towards humanity for an understanding of the Christ being. Beyond these there are five higher beings that inspire this Black Lodge and directly oppose the five Supersensible Guardians of the Grail. 


Sorath Sun Demon retarded Spirit of Motion – Opposes Michael and the Cosmic Intelligence concerning the experience of the Consciousness of Christ in the Spiritualised Ego in the Sphere of Sun as a Star.


Sorath works to undermine the cosmic intelligence of Christ or the knowledge concerning the consciousness of the rebirth of Christ within man. Michael is a Time spirit and therefore an Archai, however because of his renunciation in his ascent as we discussed last week he is an Archai who has the capacities of a spirit of Form. He works as we have stated in the sphere of the Sun as a Star or Higher Devachan. He has, therefore since his Ascent. been directly opposed by Sorath who as Sun Demon is a backward Spirit of Motion or a Spirit of Motion working as a Spirit of From.  Through his agents, that is beings that are lower in rank such as Lucifer, Ahriman and most importantly through Asuras he works to bring about a binding of the human Ego to the Physical body, to materiality so that it loses its connection with the spiritual and cannot therefore, spiritualise the Ego for the communion with the Ego of Christ. He will work to create a race of human beings that have no Egos a ‘Sorathic Race’ or race of ‘Christ refusers’ that will oppose the ‘Michaelic Race’ of Christ ‘receivers’ - Anthroposophists. He inspires the northern Anti Grail Stream of the future.


Asuras Retarded Spirit of Form - Opposes Raphael and the work of the Spiritualised Ego as Spirit Self through the Materialisation of the Consciousness Soul - In the Sphere of Sun as a Planet.


Asuras fell behind on old Saturn and have the capacities of Spirits of Form through they work as Archais. They work therefore from the Sphere of the Sun as planet, in the realm of the Will through all that brings about a materialisation of the Consciousness Soul which results in its inability to rise upwards to the Spirit Self. They are the inspirational force behind exercises that abolishes or paralyses the will (Demonised initiation of Will) by the Jesuits, Opus Dei, and Catholicism. Through the Asuras does the Being of Christ become only a physical Jesus. Asuras inspires the South Anti Grail Stream and is directly opposed to the Templar stream.


 Ahriman Retarded spirit of Personality - Archai – directly opposes the Celtic folk soul –- and the experience of the Consciousness of Christ in the Spiritualised Etheric Body in the Sphere of the Planets - Esoteric Christianity.


Ahriman is an Archangelic being that has the powers of an Archai. He fell behind during the Sun incarnation of the earth. He works Macrocosmically from the sphere of Planets against the spiritualisation of the Etheric body by two means:


1.      Subconsciously: Through Materialistic thinking which descends to the Etheric body by way of the Intellectual Soul. This materialistic thinking is brought about through, Alcohol, television, movies, rap music, sexual perversion, commercialism, wealth at the expense of others (stock exchange), loss of civil rights and materialistic science and its laws. This materialisation of the Etheric body results in hatred for all spiritual things. After death the Etheric bodies of these hardened human beings stay attached to the earth.


2.      Consciously: Through esoteric exercises taught in Occult Brotherhoods (Black Magic). This results in a kind of Etheric immortality.


Such Etheric bodies do not allow for the consciousness of Christ to light up in them.

They cause an occult clouding after death, that is they will pollute the spiritual horizon over which the Etheric Christ can be seen in the Astral world. In this way will Christ be replaced by the Subsuprahuman Ahrimanic double in the Etheric sphere.


In the microcosmic sense Ahriman will incarnate into an ego-less human being.  It will be his task to prepare humanity for the pseudo incarnation of Sorath through the vehicle of the Anti Christ. He inspires the Western Anti Grail Stream and directly opposes Manicheanism


Lucifer retarded Archangel – directly Opposes Vidar/Ramael and the Supersensible experience of the consciousness of Christ in the Spiritualised Astral body Through illusion and Fear in the Sphere of the Moon.

Lucifer is an Angel that stayed behind during the Moon Evolution of the earth and so now has the capacities of an Archangel. He opposes the new clairvoyance that will enable human beings to see and commune with the Etheric Christ in the Astral world, by way of terror, Fear, religious fundamentalism, an Us and Them Xenophobia which leads to Genocide/Nationalistic Fundamentalism. All of it averts human attention from conscious work on the Astral body. Human beings who barely survive, who are afraid, have no schooling, who have no food are not in a position to work on spirituality. Lucifer also works through the dissemination of old forms of esotericism the Fenris Wolf[86] (Yoga, Buddhism, séances, spiriticism etc) not appropriate to modern human beings. These old degenerated forms of clairvoyance will lead to a blinding to the Christ consciousness in the Astral body. He inspires the Eastern Grail Stream and opposes the work of the Rosicrucians.


Subsuprahuman Etheric Double - Directly opposes the Nathan Soul and the Fifth Sacrifice, the Supersensible Experience of Christ that will occur by way of the Higher Ethers - From the Etheric Sphere.

The Subhuman Etheric Double is that being that is created from the aggregate of degenerated Thoughts, Feelings and Will of all human beings.[87] 


After the fall a part of the unfallen Etheric forces Sound and Life Ethers were protected and guarded in Spiritual Worlds by the Nathan Soul. This means that a part of man remained inaccessible to him, this is more precisely the physical and Etheric bodies and that part of the Astral body that is concerned with the will.  Into those parts that have been unconscious or inaccessible to human beings, is vulnerable invasion by supersensible beings. Lucifer resides in the Astral body in the Sentient Soul or life of feelings and Ahriman in the Intellectual soul as well as that part of the Etheric body that he can access through thought, memory. You may know from my lecture earlier this year that the higher ethers have their counterparts in the Sub Earthly sphere. We know that these fallen Ethers are connected also with man’s own Etheric body and soul inasmuch as the soul affects the Etheric body in a positive or negative way. Rudolf Steiner tells us that


“The Evolution of our planet is intimately connected with the forces of         humanity and civilizations”[88]


The majority of the Etheric body and physical body which man cannot access with clear consciousness[89] is the home of a double of man that is made up of these fallen Etheric forces of the earth, that is energy before matter (Power behind the Atom ?Anti Matter), Magnetism and Electricity.[90] These have entered into man and that aspect of his Astral body that the double accesses through the will; doubt, hate and fear. The aggregate of the individual doubles of human beings forms one subsuprahuman double which will provide a vehicle for the Macrocosmic incarnation of Ahriman as a subsuprahuman double. It will work in the Etheric sphere in direct opposition to the work of the Nathan Soul[91] and will attempt to sabotage the manifestation of the Christ in the Astral world in an Etheric form.



The misuse in the past of Etheric activity is said to have caused the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis and access to these fallen forces in Sicily is said to be behind the power of Klingsor; and the old Castle Marveil or that place where all the beings reside that oppose the Grail Stream. What in our time then is the earthly equivalent of the Castle Marveil?


The present day Chastel Marveil


There are places in Europe that are particularly exposed to the above mentioned fallen ethers in particular from those of the old Atlantean continent. These forces have found their way to the surface through the movement of the earth’s crust. Pagan Temples were erected over them in ancient times eg where now stands Chartres Cathedral, Lourdes, Dornarch where stands the Goetheanum, Montsegur where the last of the Cathars were destroyed, Sicily the home of Klingsor the terrible magician[92], Cellydon wood where resided Merlin, and Lockenhaus in Austria where the last of the Templars perished and where Rudolf Steiner places his Templars in his four mystery plays. The Templars and others who guarded the Grail, Christianised and ennobled these places by erecting churches over them. This ennoblement is symbolised by the fact that the Ethers – associated with the Female principle, that is the fallen ethers associated with Rhea, Demeter, Persephone[93] the old forces of Saturn Sun and Moon that is Energy before the Atom, Magnetism and Electricity are Christianised in their Christian counterparts theBlack Madonna, Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mary that is: Life Ether, Chemical Ether and Light Ether.[94] We must not forget that the Nathan soul – that has a feminine quality is the embodiment of the Ethers not affected by the fall.


Certain areas are known for certain Etheric forces. Some have especially strong energies due to the geography of the landscape i.e.; proximity to the fault lines or to granites that have been thrust from out of the depths of the earth.


Rudolf Steiner tells us that America is the location of Old Atlantis. In American soil is preserved the retarded forces that brought the destruction of Atlantis and is especially connected to the forces of the double. 


Australia once Lemuria, has within its soil a preserved memory of the retarded forces that destroyed the Lemurian civilization and are especially connected to the forces of the double.   


Rudolf Steiner tells us that these forces are especially related to the human will and so are pacified by a self-less will striving to do good “…when human will is devoid of egoism it is able to appease this fire” [96]


Wherever human beings however live a selfish materialistic life this works right down into the Earthly Ethers and into the Ether that surrounds the earth, volcanoes, violent storms and other terrible natural catastrophes are the result.


The Anti Grail streams utilise the knowledge concerning these fallen Ethers and their influence on man and visa versa in order to execute their plan to prevent the down pouring of the consciousness of Christ into the individual in order that he or she can at the same time redeem the fallen forces of the earth.


These Anti Grail impulses were disseminated in the past from centres such as Gondi Shapur in Persia home of Harum Al Rashid and Terra Labur home of Klingsor.


In modern times there are many centres from which comes the work of the Brotherhoods of the left or the Western brotherhoods and the Brotherhoods of the South Catholicism, Jesuitism and Opus Dei one such place is Rennes le Chateau.


Rennes le Chateau is a small village of less than a hundred people. It came to the attention of the world through a book written by Gerard de Sede which explored the story of the Abbe Berenger Sauniere, [97] the town priest who despite earning very little was able to spend thousands renovating the town church, building a guest house he called Villa Bethany and a tour he named after Mary Magdalene which he called Tour Magdala. Through Mary Magdalene we the connection with the Chemical ether.


He is said to have tampered with the church in the renovations, placing an altar upside down, reversing known religious symbols such as the Alpha and Omega that usually belong to Christ and John the Baptist. Templar symbols as well as hermetic symbols abound as well as a water stoup held up by Rex Mundus the king of the earth – Ahriman. There is in fact a striking resemblance between this Ahriman and Rudolf Steiner’s Ahriman. The Villa BethanyBethany being where Lazarus was raised is where his housekeeper found the Abbe dying of a stroke, despite the fact that this was only his guest’s quarters and he lived in the priori. Also two days before his death he had been in good health, despite this, his servant ordered a coffin to be delivered two days later, the very day that he became ill. He is said to have been involved with a neo Templar group that called itself the Priori de Sion. The Priori de Sion is only the outer face of the western brotherhoods that, in conjunction with the Jesuit order of Opus Dei, managed to infiltrate anti Christian impulses into the world.[98] It also points to the conscious Etheric immortality which we discussed earlier, in which the Etheric body does not dissipate but hardens and materialises, effectively imprisoning the human being in the earth’s surrounds. This points to the great Anti Grail mystery of incarnating and excarnating at will through the thirteenth Zodiac Ophiucus or Serpent handler


The story of this Abbe was picked up by three journalists who produced a small television series that sparked off a book which explores the connection that existed between the Abbe Berenger Sauniere and the Priori de Sion and its connections with the Templars, Cathars, the Merovingian dynasty and the supposed blood line of the Grail. Concluding that the Grail was nothing more than a pedigree that could be traced back to Christ’s survival of the Crucifixion and his subsequent marriage to Mary Magdalene, a blood-line which continued through the Merovingian kings of France and later the royal houses of Europe.


This may seem laughable, and far-fetched but it has left an indelible mark on the world today, inspired by the Jesuits who seek to turn Christ into Jesus and the Western Brotherhoods who seek to undermine the manifestation of the Etheric Christ. 


This small village went on to spawn numerous books that explored this same theme.


There are people who have read these books and have been known to become Atheists because of them. Certainly it completely pushes aside the Mystery of Golgotha and replaces the Divinity of Christ with a human Jesus that did not die on the Cross. It is interesting to note that of late the hoax perpetrated on the public by the false documents which started everything the documents of the Priori de Sion has now been discovered and the connection between this ‘made up’ order and the Jesuits as well as Opus dei have been revealed.[99]


We see how the Anti Grail Streams of the west and south work from this centre inspiring books that promote Doubt and Hatred of the Mystery of Golgotha while at the same time the world is brought to a condition where it is racked by war, and terror that promotes Fear by the initiates of the Anti Grail Stream of the East and West.


Doubt, Hatred, and Fear are the work of the four Anti Grail Streams and its five Supersensible Guardians, Sorath, Asuras, Ahriman, Lucifer and the Subsuprahuman double in direct opposition to Faith, Love and Hope the work of the new Grail Mystery Stream and its five supersensible guardians, Michael, Raphael, Celtic Folk Soul, Vidar/Ramael, and the Nathan Soul.

However things don’t always go as planned for the Anti Grail Stream not so long ago it sought to bring a materialised form of ‘spirit’ into the world through ‘spiritism’ but this backfired and only fuelled the desire that humanity had for what lay beyond the senses. Negatives can be turned into positives. The dispelling of dogma that has been the result of these books, the revelation of the possibility that what we hear and see may not be the truth can be utilised for the good. This can lead to an opening through which real truths can be expounded. War and Terror, and personal grief can also lead to questioning of what is right and what is wrong and the creation of a groundswell of compassion for others and courage to seek for truth, beauty and goodness, a return to faith, love and hope.

Anthroposophists are in a position to become vanguards, to participate in the workings of the new Mysteries of the Grail inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas Foundation Meeting. In this way we are not passive, but we become participants in the New Science of the Grail which has united all former Grail Streams into one – Anthroposophy - and seeks to unite the world. These renewed mystery streams guard the secret of man’s spiritual development in readiness for a communion with the Christ Being which is possible in our time. But we must not become unguarded, we must also at the same time become sentinels whose task it is to be awake and aware of what the Anti Grail Stream seeks to achieve in the world around us. We must do this not only for ourselves, for the sake of our own development but for the sake of those less conscious and therefore unable to see the truth. We have to part the fog that lies over the happenings in the world around us to

…see things as they are. One can only see things as they are, however, when one is in the position of applying to reality the concepts, the ideas, that emerge from an Anthroposophically oriented spiritual science.[100]

Then we shall have to ask the question, we shall not be like the young man of Sais, we must be like Parzifal:

            Who most benefits from this?  You will often be surprised at the answers.

Thank you and Goodnight.







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