Selective Economy

Questioning the practice of cultural separatism
By Dale Cox                            7/01/01

Can a free market ever really be free? We know its not "free", it costs money and somebody makes that money providing the infrastructure of economy. But lets look at the other nature of free, in that anybody is allowed to participate in it, on an equal basis with everyone else participating in it. Studying history you will realize how much of our world history has been a BI-product of "trade". The whole concept of colonialism was based on trade. Business, and the making of money. Wars have been fought to secure the rights to trade or the products of trade. Colonialism is essentially the act of taking someone else’s resources and making personal profit from the use thereof. I have a gun, my neighbor doesn’t. I cut down my neighbor’s tree and sell it. He is deprived of the pleasure of his tree or the potential profit. If he doesn’t like it, I just shoot him, or enslave him and make him cut down his own tree for me. This is not economic freedom.

Of course anytime we venture down this path of trade rights; we must realize above all materially established ideas that we do not own the planet we live on. It is a living being all by itself; we are obligated to learn to live harmoniously with it. We do not consider its efforts in anything we do. We do not pay for the minerals we dig out of the earth or the food we grow. When an industry sets out to develop raw materials into a product to be consumed. That act effects every person on this little planet. When the amazon rain forest is cut down, that effects the entire planet. The stated position of the US Republican Party, that conservation doesn't come before economic survival. Is the position of selfish arrogant men who are only interested in personal gain, at the expense of all the rest of us. The U.S. Republican party is funded heavily with oil money. The United States of America has been made dependant upon oil driven technologies so that these individuals may profit. This is an example of selective economy.

Selective economy is the practice of creating a support group, like a guru needs a cult to be a guru. A privateer needs pirate crew to make profit.  If we hop back to the early stages of feudalism, we see a lord owning a plot of land, and essentially anyone who happened to live on that land. Today we are merely duped by the illusion we are free, when in fact we pay more fealty to our lords than we ever did before. We have achieved greater concepts of productivity, but when it comes to the bottom line, the Lord still controls 95% of the profit. Ownership is where the ills of selective economy begin. If you consider the concept of land ownership in relation to survival, you must imagine a day when every square foot of the earth will be owned by someone. Imagine the amount of struggle it will take to get us to that point. The death and destruction generated by the notion we can survive better alone. Every time you draw a line of separatism, you steal a breath from the life of our humanity. This is the crime of selective economy.

As Americans, we are constantly wooed by the proximity of wealth. It drives by us on the freeway, walks by us on the streets, we drive by it in our cars, and we see it in every TV show we watch. Like addicts to a drug, we are led to believe we can eventually achieve the perfect high, wealth. Like craven animals our humanity is reduced by the constant competition for resources and wealth. Our world is driven by our ideas about economy, not our ideas of humanity. This is consumerism. Consumerism is nothing more than the blatant waste of natural resources. The repetitious purchasing of purposely defective products, which eventually break and must be replaced because we have become dependant upon them. This is a dramatic problem, rapidly expanding out of control, or should I say expanding into more control. 

Economic separatism is very strong in our world culture today. Western colonialism defines the tone, and to survive you must adopt the tone. The big question being, which businessmen will be in control of the environmental infrastructure of a growing global market place. We are seeing these conflicts today. The symbols WTO, IMF, are the big banners of the day. The groups of businessmen creating alliances that will sound the economic tone of the coming decades. Making alliances to ensure the survival of business, rather than humanity. The world has always been free for trade. Gunboat diplomacy puts a price on that trade. A banana sold from Africa should be worth the same as a banana sold from Guatemala. The difference in that price today is the difference of selective economy. Because the banana grown in Africa is grown in Africa by a poor man, and not on a Dole plantation in South America, it is worth less. Because the Dole family supports a political organization that uses force and control of markets, to give the Dole family a better price. Because the Dole family supports a political organization, that supports other businesses the Dole family supports, they all support each other. It is in their collective interest to continue to make money and grow in economic power. The farmer in Africa doesn’t support this particular collective. Unfortunately for him, his collective got started a little late in the piracy game. They don’t have big enough gunboats to take on the gunboats of western industry. So they take what they can get, which is not survivable. Thus, we begin to understand that poverty in the world isn’t always a product of natural disasters, like floods or drought. Africa is poor because western colonialism had the upper hand technologically. It used and still uses this technological advantage to steal the resources of Africa. It then sells small quantity’s of this technology to groups of African men angered by poverty, all the while telling them its their next door neighbors fault. Causing them to fight and kill each other, which causes their children to fight and kill each other. Which leaves their respective land open to western colonialism to come in and steal their resources. Africa is poor and dying today because it is a victim of economic warfare. This is a product of selective economy.

The social dynamic of the Have’s and the Have nots has always been around. The social construct of wealthy and poor has always created conflict. Because of the spell of materialism, the wealthy in this model will always have an illusionary advantage over the poor. The poor are continually led to believe they too can acquire the wealth. Divided by the prospect of individual profit, the poor continue to forget they dramatically outnumber the rich. In this social form, the poor individual is always reduced to the level of a commodity. The poor person, not being born with provided wealth, must learn to serve the wealthy man in order to survive. The poor person must in essence become a saleable commodity. In our modern culture, the individual will go to great expense to turn his/her self into a marketable commodity. Like the ox knocking on the farmer’s door proclaiming himself the better ox to plow the field, just to acquire a handful of grain. This has disastrous effects on our social development as human beings.  It is our natural inclination as human beings to give, and to seek community with our fellow humanity. By threatening us with economic privation, the heart notion of service is extorted from a position of vulnerability. Meaning, this expression of human endeavor can not come from a mood of giving, because it is demanded of us. This very act alone is dramatically destructive to the concept of human being we evolve towards. We must then struggle to learn to give in an environment of egocentric selfishness, which becomes extremely competitive, and emotionally violent. We can see the gross effects of this in the truth of our everyday inter-personnel relationships. Love has even become a commodity to us.  One we fight and often kill for. The physical and psychological violence this condition creates will not subside until we eliminate capitalism, or each other. 

But our economic usefulness is temporary. The elderly in the west are continually slipping into a harsher and harsher position in our economic culture. Usefulness, being the key word here. Once an individual is no longer useful to economic progress, their economic survival becomes difficult. This is not the cultural expression of civilized people. Uncivilized animals treat their elderly better. The irony of this concept is that in our youth we forget we will one day grow old. We can see in America today, that the plight of the Baby-Boomer will be a product of their youthful folly. Making social decisions to put economy before culture. While the youth of today fight with and raise protest against the economic monsters their Grandparents put into power. These very grandparents still fail to see what they did. This is the pitfall of human pride, the inability to admit fault and correct the situation. The elderly of today should be on the frontlines of social change. Endeavoring to leave a good world for their children to inherit. A future world where human life has more value than money. Not sitting back, condemning their children for trying to take away the world they built, their economic security. In fact, it was our parents who were the most instrumental influence in our industrial conditioning. They sent us to school, taught us our manners, and raised us to fit obediently into the machine. One more breath of life stolen from our evolving humanity.

Classism is another product of selective economy. Setting up a particular group of people as a ruling class, or even a middle class. In the West this is the case with the white race. The plunder of colonialism was funneled into the aristocracy and those who collected around them. Call it trickle down wealth, in modern times it has grown into culture. In white America there exists a myth of superiority, based upon this condition of trickle down economy. It has been statistically proven that even today, white males are the highest paid individuals in the west. After them the playing field levels out with women and minority’s competing for the scraps. White males qualify for home loans more often, as a result of being paid better than everyone else, and just being the ones that the power brokers want to promote. Now, some white males don’t want to think that our culture is that fake. Not all of them seek the rewards of controlled culture. Most people want to believe we earned what we got. The American dream, that all of us have equal access to the potential of wealth. Especially when the myth is established on the concept of intellectual superiority. Thus, to say the white male is the most intelligent aspect of our culture becomes a false cliché. He is merely favored by those who are willing to deal with his shortcomings in return for his loyalty. The establishment feeds him an artificial sense of worth, in order to make him the most loyal subject. Thus the white male is the hero of our culture, and the blond female is his prize, along with the car and the house, and the fantasy neighborhood that looks a lot like a left over "Leave it to Beaver" set. By being allowed to purchase real estate, the white male takes part ownership in the kingdom. This is a key strategy. It places seemingly grateful people around the throne in positions of power. Pawns surrounding the King and Queen with their expendable lives. Even though, there are wealthy people of color in America, who would appear to be as intelligent. They are not allowed to participate in white elitist culture. They are not allowed to buy membership in the country club. Unless they too have become devout idolaters. The number of statistics that support this perspective have been just pouring out of the closet lately. This form of culture does not maintain the strength and integrity of the human gene pool. It is not the proof of natural selection. It is the evidence of a spiritual corruption that only leads its adherents into the abyss. It has been my observation that this aspect of culture often uses Christianity as its banner of conscience. Do not be fooled. These people are not Christians. These people are actually Satanists. Their lord is the idolatry of their self-worship, and the obsessive hoarding of material wealth. Christ has not blessed them with wealth and prosperity. Satan has blessed them with vain self-delusions.

In essence, western capitalism is not democracy, it is not free enterprise, it is feudalism. The western corporate enterprises seek to set themselves on thrones of wealth. The Captains of industry are nothing more than the Dukes and Barons of our modern times. Our so-called democratic governments are nothing more than illusions. Our everyday lives are controlled by policies established by the industrialist. The WTO and other such organizations will not bring economic prosperity to the world. Industry has not brought wealth to the world; it has brought wealth to a chosen few. They will not bring economic prosperity to the world; they will bring economic control. They own the banks, they own the natural resources, and the means by which they are distributed to us, they own the production of weapons, and the means of global information distribution. The scariest aspect of corporate global control is what I like to call economic siege. In order to survive, we must seek to follow the flow of economy. Economy has been designed to "flow" us into the major urban areas in order to find work to survive. Once in these urban areas, we effectively become corralled like beasts of burden. Everything we need to survive comes from outside the fence. Our water, our energy, our food, the replacement parts to keep our machines running, everything, comes from outside the fence. Inside the fence we are easier to control, more vulnerable to disease, essentially cut off from the basic necessities of survival. It even becomes easier to manipulate us via our cultural differences, creating a distracting social conflict that draws our attention away from our strategic vunerability. The more industry takes control of our global economic enterprise, the more isolated and vulnerable we become. We live in a state of economic siege.

If we are to have a world market based on free enterprise, that market must be equal. The banana from Guatemala should cost about the same as the one from Africa, and both must get equal access to markets. No one individual can have more rights than any other. In our current world, the imbalance of wealth allows wealthy individuals to capitalize over poor individuals. This must end. Only an economic market where the individual is equal to the rest of the culture will produce a future that is survivable for the human race. And that economic structure must be subordinate to cultural policy. Industry does not have the right to destroy the environment for profit. Industry must be subordinate and accountable to the cultural body wherein it resides. In our current culture, Industry is in the process of giving itself the right to resist the controls of the culture that it serves, or was that, the culture that serves it? The WTO has given Industry the sovereign right to resist any attempt to cut Industrial profits. Which means we can kiss our world goodbye. The technological drug dealer has addicted us to consumerism, now he’s going to make us strip our home of any value to pay for our addiction. The trick of selective economy is fooling some of us into thinking this will actually profit us. Investing in the stock market is the individual’s buy in to the sale of consumerism. Stocks go up when products sell. When products sell, raw materials must be consumed to deliver the products that have been sold. The more consumption, the more the planet is devastated. You may leave your children a fat stock portfolio, but will paper feed them when the planet is dead? Extremist you call me, when all around you the cry for environmentalism is being suppressed in the interest of your stock portfolio. In other words, you turn your back while the drug dealer peddles his wares, just so long as he gives you a cut of the profit.

Capitalism is the delusion of selfishness, and the sin of materialism. Economic separatism causes us to compete unnecessarily, competition eventually leads to conflict, conflict to isolationism. Capitalism reduces us to the level of animals fighting over the leftovers. This incessant psychological conflict darkens our souls and drives us insane. We are depressed because we are tired of this conflict. It causes our souls to ache, and no drug can remove that ache. It is the call of our cosmic divinity, tasking us to learn to love each other. Because we are all one. Call it weak, and you fool yourself. It takes more strength to love than it does to hate. Satan is the last strong man waiting for every hero who thinks he’s stronger and smarter than everyone else. There is no profit or victory on the path to darkness, only darkness. Once your there you don’t come back, ever. Selective economy is a wedge being driven between the human race and god. If you think this is more stupid new age spiritual crap, you better wake up. The war between heaven and hell never stopped, and it will continue to rage well after your soul has slipped into the abyss. Anything that forces us to harden our hearts, rather than open them in compassion, is evil. Not profit. It does not benefit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. It does benefit a man to now that he is one with humanity, and humanity is one with this planet, and it will take all of us working together to survive.