A Brief Comment on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy!

In seeking to take the first stumbling footsteps of the starving political writer, I must of course make a comment on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I have read about as much as the next guy. And I've seen Oliver Stone's "JFK". I've also seen the McGruder film, many times.  So here goes.
1. The assassination of our President is a matter that is personal to every American. Henceforth, "NO" information on the case should have been "TOO" secret for the American public to see.
2. The ensuing assassination of the so called "Assassin", obviously precluded to a more involved plot. Especially when it was done right after he said "I am just a patsy".
3. After which assassination the secondary assassin proceeded to remain silent on the issue, until his death from cancer.
4. If after this series of events the officials we appointed to investigate the assassination withdrew the evidence from public sight. We can only conclude that contrary to the statement that the case was closed, the case had been purposely closed to protect the guilty. Because, if the case was closed, the Warren Report should have been made public, as the issue had been settled.
5. Which meant that since the evidence was not due to be publicly released for another 50 years or so. That not only were the people responsible powerful people within our own society, but they were powerful enough to compromise our legal system to hide their crime.
6. Conclusion: It is obvious, by witness of the events of the last thirty years or so. that not only did the perpetrators of this crime keep the evidence in secret, but that they were able to maintain the power to do so up until today. With the flavor of a good old Roman intrigue, the wolves do lurk, and we would be foolish to not beware.