Disinformation                       6-4-98
By Dale G. Cox

What is Disinformation? Well obviously it is the opposite of information. Why has it become such a popular word in our culture today? Obviously, someone doesn't want us to have information. Why? Who can imagine the many perverted intricacies of the human mind. We could literally spend a lifetime in therapy on that one, at least in respect to individual motive.

Lets instead look at the nature of Disinformation, its more clear cut. The notion of including, in information, information that misinforms. Tricky. Basically then, hiding the truth in a lie, and a lie in what is called the truth. Sound like something from the dark halls of the Central Intelligence community! Even the notion of centralizing intelligence seems absurd, when we all need it to survive. Thus, you could say the compromising of information, effects our individual survival. Comes back to the issue of Truth (5-15-98). Indeed, the nature of Disinformation in relation to our survival goes back many thousands of years. The church state joint governing project started before the coming of Christ. In ancient times the true nature of man was concealed from the masses and secreted away in secret cults. Only to be revealed to those who were worthy. Thus, the notion that in order for our society to move in the direction certain individuals wanted it to go, certain info would have to be excluded from public knowledge, began. We have never been told, outright, who or more importantly, what, we are. When a very moving definition exists. When told outright, now, we laugh and say, yeah right. The end result of Disinformation. When you tell someone the truth, they don't believe you. Should begin to make you wonder what is the truth?

Today we have created very lucrative employment opportunity's for people called Spindoctors. People who's soul purpose is to confuse the truth with lies and vice versa. It should make you wonder why people like this are employed by big corporations and our high ranking government officials. When by definition they are liar's. One of those things that should make you go hmmmm. Why do the people who are supposed to have our best interest at heart feel the need to lie to us? Of course, at this point, it should be noted that I am possibly engaging in dis-information. I am saying that the people we entrust to define our truths are probably lying to us. And doing a very good job at it. Truth or fiction? The object of this essay is to help you discern for your self. No one can tell you what to think. But they can misinform you. I could be a pathological liar, and by not informing you of this fact, I am disinforming you of the whole truth. I could be a hardened criminal, or a minority, a woman, a child, a bum on the street trying to get a sympathetic quarter out of you. Any one of a number of images, not a white male in a suit, that society has been programmed to not accept truth from. We all trust a white male in a suit, especially if he is aging. He is the quintessential expression of truth in our society. He even does wrong for our own good. He will take great challenge on himself for our good. He will sometimes lose his way to greed, but his original intent was only for our good. The responsibility he take on put great strain on the personality. We should feel guilty for even expecting someone else to take on such great burdens for us. When he is wrong we can forgive him and he will mend his ways, he is after all, honorable. The rest of us better get therapy and start down the long road for forgiveness. We will have to prove ourselves for a very long time before we can be trusted.

A little bit of a tangent, and again I have participated in disinforming you, or have I? The burden of truth depends on your willingness to seek the truth for yourself. By establishing your own values of right and wrong. Disinformation can effect you by merely applying to a truth or untruth that you wish to support in your own life. That does not make it a truth. In essence it criminalizes our society by suggesting that if someone else gets away with an untruth, you can too. The truth is insidious, it always comes out when you least want it to! And it will always come out in the end. Always. Because truth is founded in reality, and illusion can only hide reality for so long. This is a cosmic truth, and not subject to human misinterpretation. Our spiritual nature is not prone to subterfuge, we must practice consistently and purposefully. No one accidentally lies to you. Its done on purpose.

The nature of Disinformation is to purposely confuse you into not knowing what to believe. This separates you from the reality of existence, forcing you to believe in illusion for peace of mind. The perpetuation of a belief in illusion, causes you to not believe in your self. When you don't believe in yourself, you are vulnerable to illusion. Illusion will seek to define you to its needs. In this world, select individuals control the means to create society's illusion. Although you too have this power over yourself, you do not have the power they have to confuse you. You do have the power to un-confuse yourself. You do have the power to believe in yourself. But you must choose to exercise this power over your chosen illusion. Trying to live both will be frustrating. Another purpose of Disinformation, never being sure which way to go. What's at stake is your sanity. When you don't believe in yourself, you can be made to abuse yourself, for the sake of illusion. Self-abuse is no fun, especially when you are tricked into believing it is the worlds fault. You lash out at others who lash back and the fabric of the illusion is strengthened in your disillusionment. You drift further from the truth, until the illusion becomes the only reality you know. Then you are truly lost, life will eventually become painful. Lies cannot survive in reality.

Did that get vague. Let me clarify. You have been raised a victim of illusion. You have been told who you are by others, unless you've managed to exercise your own value system. Free thought. Society is a value system of illusion that forces you to seek public value for a price. The price is your soul. By not teaching you that you have one and it is yours to express. You are not taught to discover yourself. You are taught to conform yourself into a product useful to someone else. This is not a true expression of self. Self is, without the explicit guidance of those who exist outside of the self. Self will become without the influence of others. A little help and recognition is always welcome, but not from the barrel of a gun, or at the expense of survival. Disinformation has turned us into numbered parts in a machine. No matter how good illusion makes it to be a part. Bottom line, a part is a part. A human being is something else altogether. Strive to be human, you will be astonished at how many people will suddenly no longer relate to you. Humans and parts have trouble relating. Disinformation makes parts feel important. Strive to inform yourself, you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist. Funny term. It means to believe in mans inherent nature to lie. Disinformation has made it a bad word. Do I need to spell it out any clearer. Think on!