The Illusion of Truth                            5-15-1998
By Dale G. Cox

Just what is the Truth? Truth, despite its definition, is a very transient thing. To a small child, the truth is what mommy and daddy say it is, subject to change as this child grows older, and is able to accept more of the "truth". To a Lawyer in a courtroom, the truth is usually the demise of the defendant, or his/her salvation. Demise or Salvation! To the average American, truth is what's handed down by the established authorities on how we should live. Or should I say, the establishments established authorities on the topics they want to have founded as the truth. Poor people are bad, lazy, rich people are good, productive, politicians steal from us, but its OK, etc. The average new-ager wants to believe the truth is something they must seek forever and never find. Melodramatic. The truth can be pretty easy to find. In a very real sense the truth is something we seek to avoid at all possible costs. The truth of ourselves, that is.

So, what are the truths you believe in? If you exist in a cave in the middle of nowhere alone, its quite possible you are the author of what you call truth. And since it would be hard for anyone else to argue those points with you, we'll leave you alone, for now. If you exist in today's "modern" society, chances are your truths have been purchased by the highest bidder, and then pounded into you, and lovingly re-enforced by those around you. Heaven forbid you should think for yourself, that's rebellious. Ooh, what a notion, "thinking for yourself." The fact that we must sometimes learn to "think" for ourselves, could give you some indication as to the intensity with which we are taught not to. People who think for themselves are labeled alternative and weird. Why should it be "alternative and weird" to think for yourself. Unless, of course, you become powerfully wealthy, entering proudly into the halls of the corporate elite. Then you are much sought after for your insight and advice. Your individuality is celebrated, and established as the truth to aspire towards. Yet again another conflicting version of truth.

Thus, it is the use of the truth as an illusion, that has become the downfall of our society. It is used to sell us products, that may or may not be good for us. To sell us on politicians to lead us, who may or may not lead us well. We are sold religion and even spirituality. Our ideals are presented to us in a form that calls us successful for excepting the status quo. We have become such an informed society, but the information is created by someone else. Even the notion of what is true is sold to us by people established to convince us of a truth. Professional people. It's their job. You could call them professional liars, how do you find truth in that? So, just what can we rely on as the truth. Well, everything I'm telling you right now is the truth. What, you don't believe me! You say you don't know me from Adam. How then can you believe someone else you've never known? Well, you can always trust that in a capitalistic society, truth will be founded on profitability. And why not? In a religious setting, our god will always be the one true god. In relationships your perspective will always be the truth, to your knowledge. In involvement's with the IRS, their truth will eventually prevail. In the nature of conspiracies, the truth will be both hidden and revealed to us. You must decide which is which. In the new age movement, the truth will be just beyond the wall you can't figure out how to get through. And once you do there'll be another wall. In legal matters, the truth, has been clearly defined, even if you weren't aware of it. In history, the truth is always defined by the victor. Convenient. And in the area of your soul, your ego will never want to know the truth, for the sake of its own survival. So, you may be wondering where does that leave us.

Wondering if there are even a set of truths for us to live by. Well, of course there are. And I'm going to tell you about them (wink). They reside in your heart. Your eyes and ears will betray you, they are after all, manipulatable. That is a truth. But your heart will never lie to you. When it is happy, you know. When it is sad, you know. Your heart talks to you quite often, but you don't always listen, and you know this. Sometimes it seems to want to go in a direction you don't think is a good one. Well, this is called choosing your lessons. You can choose not to go in a certain direction, and to have that lesson come to you in a different way. That is a truth of free will. Your heart steers you through the lessons your soul needs to grow. The question then becomes, why don't we trust the truth of our hearts, our intuition? Because we have been taught not to. We have been taught to believe in the truth of others. Which brings us back to the benefit of learning to think for yourself. You can believe in yourself. That is a major universal truth. You are the only entity able to manipulate your experience on planet earth. The biggest truth of all. Think of something you want, or someone, then when it comes to you, ask yourself why you don't think you can have that thing, why you don't believe it could actually be that easy. In the context of that question you will find the truth of your only handicap in life. Doubt and low self esteem. See truth isn't so hard to figure out, its just hard to deal with. The practice of trusting your intuition is basically that, it must become a consistent practice. One little trust at a time. Life is a grand experiment, don't be afraid to indulge it. Sometimes your eyes will not trust the choices of the heart, but eyes can be deceived.

Your heart is the compass to your path of truth. Truth will be different for all of us, perceptually. Because on the surface we're all different. But, at a deeper level we are all one in the same. We're all doing the same thing, just in different ways. Two more universal truths you can believe in. Life is a classroom, the world like one big schoolyard. In a school this big there must be many teachers. We are those teachers, teaching each other, learning from each other. Your heart was designed to guide you along a path to your greatest expectations of joy and enlightenment. If we can all find the courage to follow our hearts, one day we will all achieve a universal truth the likes of which we have never imagined. To that end, I believe you have the courage to address this challenge. See ya there!