Acute Megalomania!                                                              3-30-1998
Strike any images for you?
By Dale G. Cox

acute (e-kyoot') adj. 1. Having a sharp point or tip, not blunt. 2. Keenly perceptive or discerning; shrewd; penetrating. 3. Reacting readily to impressions; sensitive. 4. Of great importance or consequence; crucial. 5. etc...

megalomania (meg'e-lo-ma'ne-e, man'ye) n. Psychiatry. A psychopathological condition in which fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence predominate.

Who are we turning into these days. When I was a little kid in school, we used to say to the kid who called us names. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." How is it we grow up and give in to this childish whim? Our entire adult society is caught up in the marketability of image. How do I look, how do you look. Do you look like something I want? Of course you do if I find you attractive. To the extent that we choose not to look at each other that much anymore. Ego! Every relationship on this planet, save several hundred for the odds. Has some expression based on ego. We go to war with other country's, based on looks. Hitler may have said he hated the Jews, but he preferred blondes . Skin color runs neck and neck, as a good excuse for conflict, with "what do you think". There must be a deeper explanation for this. We've obsessed over it for so long now we've institutionalized it as our way of life! Mines bigger than yours. Maybe so, but mine goes around corners!

Can someone in our studio audience say "self esteem". Into the cameras please. Self esteem, what is it? Why don't we have it? Maybe because we've been beating the shit out of each other for the last several thousand years, at least. When you consider we re-incarnate every time we die, it gets rather pointless to keep killing each other. If we know that when someone dies their personality gets to change, why not wait until they die of their own accord. Keeps things interesting, and maybe we could learn something along the way. Maybe how to disagree politely, over sun tea, on a warm afternoon in the middle of a lazy summer. This resort spot we've chose for our sabbatical, really has some pretty great amenities to offer. If we were to stop destroying them in pursuit of our madness. Its like a bunch of kids on the playground. One pushes and all of them start pushing. Only problem is some forget their on still on the playground.

Lets look at it realistically! What has mankind achieved in six thousand years? Well we've re-achieved the ability to blast ourselves back to the stone age. If any of you were wondering if we've done that before, the answer is yes. Around nine or ten thousand years ago. We were really smart then too. We knew how to chart the stars, if not fly thru them. We understood the inherent spirit we expressed and how to express it with style, much the same way we do now. Mine can hold it's breath for at least four hours! Then for some reason we blasted ourselves into oblivion. Wonder if it was that self esteem thing again, and agin, and again. Did I repeat myself, sorry. Second cool achievement. We can make the wheel roll again. That's real important. Wheels do things to us, I mean for us. The wheels on the bus go.... Other than that we've pretty much accomplished squat. Technology that works if the little wire is connected, and if you handle it very carefully. No wire, no technology. Technology is not used to our better health. We create primitive machines that just create problems so we can create more primitive machines to fix them, and they all end up broken eventually. Pessimist? Bite your tongue. You've been deceived into thinking broken is fixed, and its the rage. Up is down if you look at it right. And grey is grey. Not the usual bright things we create.

Where were we? Acute Megalomania! That's only the half. There is a very sinister aspect of this illusion starting to show its ugly head. You better look now, cause once it knows you can see it it'll hide again, and you'll have to shift your perspective until you find it again. It put toxic waste into the soil that grows our food and says it'll be good for us, when we know it won't. Its turning our animals and eventually us into cannibals by feeding them other dead animals. Rover, Fe Fe, this mornings road kill. Are being rendered( such a professional word) and fed to our pets. Meat, yum! Our proud beef stock is fed left over parts from aunt Elsie. Herbicide and chemical companies are earnestly trying to produce seed that doesn't propagate itself, breaking the natural biological chain of the planet so they can maximize profit in the control of the food sources. What happens if something goes wrong. Say a disgruntled food service worker decides to smash the genetic archives, to get back at his girlfriend. Whoops! Food chain collapses, wonder how many thousands of years it would take for that to come back to life. What if it didn't? Frank Herbert would turn into Nostradamus over night. Can you say dessert? Maybe we could have an accident with an ultra secret biological weapon. We'd never have to know we died. Has to make you wonder what type of personality or personalities is so bent on being in control, that these actions would be considered viable risks. All or nothing, that's what I always say. I'm quite certain their all upstanding, and their looking out for the kids.

Big question is who's responsible? We are! If we allow it we are as much to blame. We should all be in control all of the time. That doesn't mean bashing someone in the head. Or degrading them because their color is different than yours. Or because their shorter, or a woman, or child. We are the sole propagators of violence in our society. We are our society, not just those other people. Have we become so afraid, if so why do we tolerate this environment. We were not destined to live in fear. It screws up the hardware. We were destined to find joy within ourselves as a manner of being. We are our highest aspirations. All we need to do is allow each other to happen. Every moment is a new one, If we can make it thru this one, maybe we can make it thru the next.