GA Bondarev
Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenario
Book 2, Epilogue

Epilogue: The Constellation of the Year 2017

After reading through these two short volumes – which are a result of our striving to grasp the events in the Ukraine within the context of the general spiritual-scientific methodology of political science –, a serious reader cannot but ask the question: If the 'ur'-phenomenon of occult-political world-phenomenology is in constant metamorphosis, then the second form as shown in the book must be changing into another; and what, then, might this third form be?

Indeed, the change is really taking place – and before our very eyes. A constellation of the 'ur'-phenomenon is emerging in which, positioning itself at the lower apex, is another of the five leading occult-political world-forces that are drawn together in this reversed pentagram into a strange unity. And this time it is Zionism.

The peculiarity of such a constellation lies in the fact that this occult-political centre is not able to assert itself outwardly as a super-power, an empire, like the U.S.A. or the U.S.S.R. The U.S.A. will do this on its behalf. For this reason the U.S.A. is now, as a world-hegemony, assuming outwardly an illusory character, as it becomes in reality a mere servant. Emerging in the place of the former America is an “as if” America, because for a while it loses its own meaning and its own purposes.

To many people such a hypothesis may well seem an impossibility, but the point is, not to look upon it in too trivial a manner. Let us not forget that, as we have already mentioned, the rotation of the greatest and most important “wheel” of world guidance is taking place in a right-ward direction. This obliges us to radically change all the accepted ideas of political science. This rotation is in a certain sense an expression of the tasks of world-historical development in which a significant rôle is played by the dialectic of the confrontation of good and evil and by the “evil dialectic” of the unity of the blocs of world-evil.

A year ago one could still only hope that this rotation would not turn into an outbreak of revolution or war. But now one has the impression that the handover of power from the forces of the left to those of the right can be effected by parliamentary means. *[Footnote:* Anyone with strong doubts about this change could look somewhat more attentively at recent events in Britain, which are very symptomatic. Theresa May, through calling early elections, virtually removed with her own hands the absolute majority of her party in Parliament, which could create substantial difficulties for the implementation of Brexit. Now it will probably be only a “soft Brexit” that takes place, meaning that the intention is, as it were, to leave one room and not to enter the next, to remain on the threshold and wait to see what will happen in the two rooms. This probably became necessary because the previous mode of action, which was leading Britain into the arms of the U.S.A. and was accompanied by the idea that the two countries are brought together through the collaboration of powerful secret societies, might, if carried further, lead Britain into the arms of the “Fathers of Darkness”.] This can mean only one thing: namely, that in the pentagram of the five occult-political forces big compromises of some kind are being made. Let us try to guess to some degree at least what they might be, and reconstruct here the decisive meeting in which they arrived at these truly epoch-making compromises.

Rudolf Steiner mentions in a lecture the novel “Ascension” by Hermann Bahr, in which the “suspicion” is voiced, “that in the last, inner-most circle of this hidden, world-encompassing web, Rabbis and Monsignori might be sitting together in perfect harmony...” (GA 173). So let us imagine we had succeeded in being present, maybe incognito, at what is for us the most important of these meetings.

It would appear that the first to speak was the representative of Zionism:

– I trust you all understand, he said, that Zionism today, by virtue of world-karma, is to reach its zenith?

The representative of the “Father of Darkness” replied:

– Yes, we understand and acknowledge this fact. But you should also know that the rudder of world-guidance is to be turned to the right. Will you agree not to prevent this?

– Yes, yes, we are in full agreement, but only if we receive all the help that is needed, to remove whatever obstacles lie in the path of Zionism to its apotheosis.

Father of Darkness: – Well, the representative of pan-Americanism needs to be asked about that.

Pan-American: – Okay, but in this case we have to take on two very big tasks. We alone can start the rotation of the wheel of the world-order, as we are the world hegemony. And now we have at the same time to become, not guardians, but domestic servants of Zionism. And, what is more, in our hegemony we have up till now always needed the support of the “Brothers of the Shadow”, who are left-oriented through and through and figure in the profane world as antipodes of the Fathers of Darkness. What are we to do in such a situation?

Fathers of Darkness: – Can Zionism take upon itself the task of restraining the Brothers of the Shadow from undesirable excesses, when they begin to lose their world-power?

Zionists: – Oh yes, we take over power and can guarantee its implementation. And pan-Americanism for its part – there is no alternative! – must assume the role of our domestic servant, while showing itself outwardly, of course, as the world-hegemony, as before.

Representative of the “Brothers of the Shadow”:

– What are we to do, then, under such circumstances? How can we save face, so that our multitude of profane followers do not turn away from us?

Fathers of Darkness: We will proceed in such a way – and are doing so already – that we extend also to America that irrationalism in politics, with which we have already flooded Europe. The next U.S. President, whose task it will be to “turn the wheel”, will be elected as if by chance and by virtue of a misunderstanding. Then he will be always hanging as if by a thread; but all the mass-media will remain in your hands for a long time yet, and you will have ample opportunity to rouse your profane followers throughout the world to battle for “liberal values”, “human rights”, etc. And they will bask for a long time in the illusion that they could at any moment come out victorious as the only power in the world. Only bit by bit will you be edged into the shadows.

Representative of Eastern Europe: – And what part will we play? Fathers of Darkness:

– Your rôle will emerge gradually, within the process of abolition by the administration of the Right, of all institutions created predominantly by the Left, such as U.N.O., NATO, UNESCO, Federal Reserve etc. Think of the map you know well (map to the side... ).


– And it is strongly to be desired that you should coordinate your forces fully with those of pan-Americanism in support of our movement to apotheosis.

Eastern Europe:
– I don't think it's possible to be of two opinions in this matter. Zionists: I thank you.

Thus – said the representative of the “Fathers of Darkness” at the close of the meeting – we have arrived at a complete consensus – at least for the period of the presence of the “Monad” on earth. –

And he made the hand-gesture that expresses the number 666.

The representative of National Socialism was not invited to speak during this meeting; but he was, himself, not inclined to say anything.

Within the 'ur'-phenomenon Russia is in this situation shifted to the position previously occupied by National Socialism. This heralds for Russia the possible emergence of a social order that could be described as National Socialist Orthodoxy. It would be, in essence, a kind of symbiosis of the North Korean Ju-ch-he and elements of nationalistic pseudo-Socialism and Church Orthodoxy. An impressive and alarming picture of such a social order has been given by Vladimir Sorokin in his novel “The Day of the Oprichnik” (Moscow 2015, also translated into English).

We do not count ourself among the friends of this author, but this novel is, without any doubt, an excellent work. The original theme of Sorokin's novel arose for the first time in the head of Peter Kraznov, who embodied it in his novel “Behind the Thistles”. Which means that this fable has been hovering, as it were, in the spiritual atmosphere of our epoch since the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. Kraznov tried to create out of the elements of life in old Russia a picture of salvation for the Russia of the future. But today, after all that Russia has gone through in the 20th and early 21st centuries, such a picture can only have the character of an outrageous grotesque.

Shifted now into the former position of Zionism in the pentagram of world-evil is Europe, where the “Brothers of the Shadow” become the political hegemony.

The “Fathers of Darkness” retain their initial position and the world-centre of National Socialist forces shifts into the middle of the pentagram, where Russia was not long ago. This means that all the five leading forces that serve cosmic evil will take on a Nationalist-Socialist colouring – which is already apparent today. Russia will continue to confront Europe and be led by the U.S.A. in line with Zionism. The compromise of the “Fathers of Darkness” with Zionism will ensure the continued “servant rôle” of Europe.

More and more phenomena are appearing in political life, which speak in favour of precisely this constellation. For example, its new goals even find their correspondence in the family structure of the new U.S. President. And it could be that he has been given the task of adapting America to the rôle of servant. If this is the case, then all the massive, insolent attacks on the part of the world-press and the politicians against him are no more than a diversionary tactic.

And moreover: if the 'ur'-phenomenon really assumes this form, one can no longer view as entirely fantastic the creation of the promised Kingdom, the “heavenly Jerusalem”, a subsidiary of the southern regions of the Ukraine and, in part, of Russia (Crimea). (Historically, this would mean the restoration of the ancient Chazar realm of the Ashkenazim.)

And if this unquestionably grandiose super-project really exists, then the scenario described in our book for the present and the near future, arising from all that has been planned and realized since the end of the 18th, and especially since the 19th century, for a rapid revolutionary transformation of the world, can be postponed (we mean the unleashing of civil wars, of revolutions in Europe – although they cannot be count- ed out entirely –, the igniting of the Third World War.)

But postponement in time does not mean that this “cup” will pass humanity by and that it will no longer need to reflect on ways in which civilization can be led out of the crisis. If it is merely “postponed”, the fury of the thunderstorm will be all the greater.

This project (if it is not a pure invention, but a “fruit” “hatched” by especially misguided materialists, and meant for realization in practice) is only a palliative, and one that misses the point completely, because the Apocalypse of St. John speaks of the – in the truest sense of the word – heavenly Jerusalem: that is, the supersensible realm of existence of humanity in the far distant future. But today humanity can only be saved through the transition of European States, Russia included of course, and of America to social threefolding. The restoration of ancient conditions, be it from the time of Ivan the Terrible or from the times of the Chazar Khaganate, can only considerably deepen the abyss into which our civilization if falling. But it does have a chance – the only one possible – and that is the realization of social threefolding. In this, we are not uttering a mere slogan. To anyone who engages in a serious spiritual-scientific study of history, culture and mankind it becomes quite clear: such a social order is needed by human beings today, so that they may be freed and enter their path of higher development. The West must also bring to the countries of the Third World, instead of “orange revolutions”, social threefolding – adapted to their conditions, of course. Then the chaos of immigration will stop, and the populations of Asia, Africa, Latin America will be given a basis for existence that is in keeping with human dignity.

But if the peoples who form the avant-garde of the present culture- epoch do not first bring order into their own affairs; lead themselves out of the crisis of civilization and cure themselves of the deadly sickness of materialism through turning to the new science of the spirit; set themselves healthy spiritual goals of development for the age of the consciousness-soul and also realize them in society; take the trouble to understand spiritually the human being as such and the special qualities of the human being across the earth – in the East, the Middle and the West –; find again the human being who has been lost through materialistic science and place him at the centre of all cognitive and social striving – then all attempts of the West to aid the Third World are, at bottom, no more than hollow pretension and untruth: one who is sick, spiritually blind, and egoistic can, in the end, only bring with him sickness, destruction and enslavement, and the antithesis and confrontation between East and West can hereby only grow deeper and more irreconcilable.


How can one grasp the course of development described above, from the standpoint of methodology? Up to now, the 'ur'-phenomenon of cosmic-social evil has functioned, as it were, according to the principle of “evil, infernal dialectic”. Contradiction, which otherwise works as a principle that serves progress, has become a principle of the destruction, the regression of humanity in its development according to the laws of the Divine. And yet the human being can in such a situation, however dramatic it may be, transform the evil into the good; then evil will, nevertheless, promote his spiritual strengthening and 'I' development. But Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Asuric forces who, in triunity, guard the reverse pentagram, aim to deprive the human being, the “measure of all things”, of this capacity and gain control of him completely. And it is precisely for this purpose that they wish to establish in the world their globalism, which is to corrupt the human being once and for all.

How can this come about? Let us recapitulate in a few words what has already been said in the book. The human being as a microcosm, as the repetition in miniature of the macrocosm, has his life or etheric body in the form of a spiritually luminous pentagram. The stream of life-forces pours into his head from the universe and, flowing along the pentagram, individualizes itself in his ether-body. This ether-body is, under the influence of the 'I', gradually transformed into the Life-spirit, as it is permeated more and more with consciousness by the human being. And this enables him to enter into relation to the Christ.

However, the powers opposed to evolution wish to sever the human being from this cosmic stream. This means that man should be turned spiritually on his head, and his pentagram reversed; then he will be led, not by the higher, but by the lower, the fallen etheric forces, which will also stream through the head (this is an important theme in Anthroposophy, which we can only touch upon here). His thinking is then cut off from the sources in the spiritual world, becoming entirely dead, abstract, mechanistic, bound fast to the material brain. The life of feeling will shrink, grow stunted, and remain limited to sensations arising from sense-impressions (although these, too, will be corrupted); he will lose, progressively, his 'I', his spiritual individuality, until finally he will, as substance, be extinguished, dissolved, fall out of Divinely-willed evolution.

The forces of opposition try to achieve this by going so far as to renounce the “evil dialectic” in their socialized 'ur'-phenomenon. They want the stream of forces in the reversed pentagram to repeat the streaming of the world-ether-forces, but entirely in accordance with their impulse and together with their substantial content (this is shown in the depiction of the 'ur'-phenomenon by means of continuous, non- dotted lines). Such an intention of adversary powers will become particularly dangerous during the earthly incarnation of Ahriman, of which we have said that, in all probability, it is already taking place or is imminent (let us be vigilant in this respect at least until the end of this year, and then we will see what next year brings). And the third form of the 'ur'-phenomenon is adapted to precisely this event.

We bring our book to a close in the hope that we have succeeded in describing and illustrating on a practical level a sufficient number of principles of the methodology of political science, so that the interested reader can, himself, deepen further his understanding of political phenomenology, which reflects today the battle of cosmic forces for the future of the world and humanity.

What we have accomplished so far says to us, as it were, like the Angel of the Apocalypse: Go, and behold!

And one should always remember and trust that the spiritual world needs this “beholding”, which would (and should), despite all hindrances, lead to knowledge of the truth of events in the social and political life of the world today, and to an understanding (and taking up) of the true tasks of humanity in our epoch. It is for this purpose that we have descended to the earth in this difficult, critical time of transition in the evolution of mankind.

June 2017

Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenario - Volume II

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