G. A. Bondarev
Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenarios
Book 1, Chapter 3,

"Pan-Mongolianism! - A Savage Sound"

In August 2014 a hundred years had passed, since Russia landed as a guinea-pig on the dissecting table of the world-wide vivisection laboratory. The day of the entry of Russia into the 1st World War was the beginning and the source of the pain and suffering of one hundred years. Its path was difficult and dangerous decades before this event, but there was still a certain chance of remaining on the course of normal cultural-historical development. Unfortunately, this chance was squandered. This happened on the 30th July with the signing of the decree regarding general mobilization by the Tsar. He was well informed of the fact that the strategic plans of Germany in view of the threat of a war on two fronts plainly envisioned the following: If Russia announces general mobilization, then this is to be treated as a declaration of war on Germany. And so Germany did not embark on warlike action against Russia it was Russia who initiated military action.[1]  (Indeed, Russia was pressured into this by its partners in the Alliance, but this is another story.) In this way, the great vivisectorinaugurated his sequence of experiments.

It was not due to a failure of diplomacy that Russia threw away its opportunity. Diplomacy did, admittedly, have its negative influence, but it played a secondary role. For the present, it was the slumber the spiritual, social, political slumber, into which those in power in Russia had fallen; and with them the general public, who normally keep awake the spiritual life of a country. Russias reasoning faculty had fallen asleep and it brought forth monsters. And this sleepassumed at a moment of particular responsibility a metaphysical character. Rudolf Steiner described it thus: This war catastrophe will make it impossible to write history merely on the basis of documents and archive research. [...] the decisive things that happened in 1914 at the end of July and the beginning of August came about through dulled consciousness. Human beings over the entire earth had dulled consciousness and through the working of Ahrimanic powers into these dulled consciousnesses, the things happened(GA 186, 29.11.1919). (On the Russian side, the dulling of consciousness was represented in the then War Minister W.A. Sukhomlinov, who was so infinitely far removed from any mysticism.) All the thoughts in Middle Europe and Russia so Rudolf Steiner says in another lecture had been appropriated at that time by demonic spirits, and their place was taken by the untamed subconscious (cf. GA 192, 26.06.1919). To this day it has been impossible to trace the source of the eruption of the popularpatriotism of that time, to which even students and Socialists had succumbed.

But even if the decisions of the people who bear the responsibility for the unleashing of world-wide tragedies were influenced by metaphysical forces, this does not absolve them from their guilt. One must simply avoid defining guilt too narrowly. Its origin can lie far back in time and reach, within the spiritual realm, into great heights or remote depths. Human beings are, of course, not delivered over to events in their immediate, snapshotpresent, so to speak. The challenge is that they should develop a wide perception and look into the heights and the depths, if they have the intention to guide the destiny of entire peoples.

The inevitability of the World War arose out of the world constellation of our civilization as a whole. From 1879 onwards, when the Archangel Michael took over the rulership of his epoch, a powerful onrush of waves of the spirit swept into our world. Human beings had to open up their feelings and their understanding to these waves so that they could stream into their hearts and souls. It was those waves of the spirit which finally entered our world through Rudolf Steiner, but the majority of human beings opposed them, and this resistance found its expression in the World War (cf. GA 206, 10.07.1921).

This is what we need to grasp at present that every human being, especially one who has been invested with powers of the State, has the duty to gain insight into the true reality that is in its essence sensible- supersensible, and in all matters to look for symptoms with the help of which he can develop an understanding for the archetypes of the events in question, which are hidden behind them. Certain people do devote themselves to this task, although within narrow circles, in the enclosed centers of the worldwide occult-political power, in the community of Darkness. (Real power in the world is always occult.) But there, knowledge is placed in the service of various group egoisms, and not in the service of mankind. In the 80s of the 20th century when the Perestroika began, the first experiment to which Russia had been subjected came to a conclusion. And before the second begins, the country has the opportunity to tread the path of true, i.e. of not exclusively material but, rather, of spiritual development, and to take its own destiny into its hands, and to escape the influence of the conspiratorial world-powers which are leading civilization to its downfall. But this will not succeed without spiritual knowledge, without an openness towards the waves of the spiritstreaming into human hearts and souls. Otherwise, what will happen? Here are a few thoughts on this question.

It will be particularly instructive if we direct our attention to certain parallels between the events at the beginning of the 20th and the 21st centuries. When Germany lost the war in 1918 it found itself in a situation very similar to that of Russia after the beginning of the Perestroika. The material destitution in Germany at that time was utterly catastrophic, but spiritually it had freed itself from the fetters of a scleroticized monarchy, and under these conditions the opportunity was provided to resurrect on a new, more spiritual basis, in order to fulfill the task assigned to it by the karma of world evolution.

In that situation, Rudolf Steiner saw the possibility of a transformation of the social structure in Germany, so that it could be brought into harmony with the spiritual tasks of the Middle Europeans through the realization of social threefolding in the country, whereby a further slide of the whole European culture into chaos could be avoided. He wrote as follows: In law-making, administration and social structure, to recognize and to accept the separation of the political, the economic and the universal-human [the spiritual life G.A.B.] as a goal of Middle-European striving means a paralysis of the forces of the Western powers. This would compel them, [...] within the realm of their folk-instincts, to give themselves the configuration that is appropriate for them (as a State structure), and to allow the Middle and Eastern European peoples to live out their shared destiny in a spirit of true human liberation, also within the space allotted to them by nature, without the disturbance which was a cause of the War [...]” (GA 24).

Rudolf Steiner founded the Union for Threefold Membering of the Social Organism. He tried to reach through to the consciousness of those in responsible positions. In a lecture of 21st April 1919 he said: “[...] it would have been quite a different matter if in the middle or even in autumn of 1917 this Threefolding had been recognized by persons of importance, either in Germany or Austria, as a statement of Middle European impulses over against the so-called Fourteen Points of Woodrow Wilson, drafted on the basis of an American view of things. At that time it would have been a historical necessity. I told Kühlmann [State secretary of the Office for Foreign Affairs G.A.B.] then: You have the choice, either to accept reason now and listen to what is heralded in the evolution of humanity as something that should come about [...], or you are faced with revolutions and cataclysms. – Instead of accepting reason, we got the treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Just think what it would have been this can be said without heroics if, over against the so called Fourteen Points, the voice of the spirit had sounded into the thunder of the cannon at that moment. The whole of Eastern Europe would have had understanding this, anyone knows, who is familiar with the forces in Eastern Europe for a substitution of Tsarism by Threefolding of the social organism. Then something would have come about, which ought really to have come about(GA 192, 21.04.1919).

But the slumbers of reasoninto which people had been lulled by human inertia and Ahrimanic demons, could no longer be reversed. Social threefolding was not presented as a counter-influence to the Pointsof Wilson (in whom the monad of Ahriman was, according to Rudolf Steiner, not incarnated but incorporated, and whom the latter used as an instrument), and thus the world drifted towards the next World War.


What is, to our mind, of extreme relevance today is a comprehensive and detailed comparison of the events of the 1920s and 30s in Middle Europe, with those that have occurred here in the last 25 years and are working into the future. One must begin with what has many times been noted by various political scientists namely, that the Cold War was a war in a literal and not merely metaphorical sense. It was not waged with weapons but by diplomatic means; but when it was lost, Russia found itself under the yoke of its own Versailles Treaties. Its losses in this war were not merely comparable to those of Germany after the 1st World War; they exceeded these both in absolute numbers and in proportionate terms.

As with Germany, so here also vast territories were lost: White Russia, the Ukraine, the Caucasus, the Asiatic regions. Russia too, like Germany, was forced to pay huge contributions: the gold reserve, a large part of its plutonium with weapons potential the world price of which is surpassed only by that of diamonds were removed from the country; billions of dollars went and continue to go to the banks of the new Entente. Destruction of its industry was worse than that caused by the 2nd World War. The population was left to its own devices, an active reduction of the population began, population growth came to a standstill etc. etc.

Just as happened earlier in Germany, industrial concerns in Russia, real estate, raw materials the whole country, in fact were bought up by certain personalities at giveaway prices. As in Germany, so in Russia an unbridgeable gulf opened up between a handful of criminal oligarchs and the majority of starving citizens deprived of their rights. Admittedly, all censorship, all restriction of freedom of expression, prohibition of the founding of parties and associations and the publication of media products were abolished. But under the conditions of general decline, of brutalization and arduous struggle for survival, these freedoms could not bring any form of renewal. Discontent spread among the people; in Russia, as once in Germany, they were ready to follow anyone who promised an escape from hunger and cold.

At the end of the 1920s a process of stabilization had begun National Socialism came to power. A stabilizing of the situation in Russia can also be sensed at the present time. And everywhere the question is being asked: What form of power will this period of stabilization bring with it? This is an extremely interesting question, as it indicates that comparison of the two periods of time mentioned above is a concern of a considerable number of people above all, the left-wing Establishment which spearheaded the Perestroika, and continues to represent a power in the country that should not be underestimated. Amongst its ranks unease is growing in face of the danger that consolidation of State power could, as formerly in Germany, assume a radical character and, as a result, one would lose everything power, money, maybe also freedom and life itself.

This year (2014) the Olympic Winter Games took place in Russia. The left-wing opposition set this event on a par with the Olympic Games organized by Nazi Germany in 1936. Viewed externally, this comparison is quite baseless, as the power that exists today has nothing in common with National Socialism. However, the Olympiad in Sochi can be treated as a kind of symptomatic event. We will return to this question later.

Let us now consider the crisis that began in the U.S.A. in 1929. The conspiracy theorists have long agreed that it was produced artificially, and no-one doubts any more that it assisted the seizure of power by the National Socialists in Germany. And also today one can recognize the intention to conjure up a worldwide financial crisis. A first attempt has already been made. But here, opinions on this question seem somewhere to diverge. The financial situation in the world today differs substantially from that at the beginning of the 20th century. Under present conditions, such a crisis has the potential to unleash an uncontrollable chain reaction that would plunge everything into chaos.

In our comparative analysis, one can also not ignore so remarkable a symptom as the shifting of what we can call the biggest control lever” from left to right. This can be seen in a great many phenomena, but with particular clarity in the fact that Holy See has been occupied by a Jesuit. This happened for the first time in the history of mankind, and, as one says, with express-trainrapidity. A precondition of this was, that the previous occupant of the Papal Throne was hastily dispatched into retirement. As a rule, politicized Catholicism prefers to pull the strings from behind the scenes and use other hands to snatch the chestnuts from the fire. If one has now decided to take directly into ones own hands so important an element of world-power as the Papacy, then this bears witness to the fact that the world stands at the threshold of significant changes. Presumably, they are changes for the worse. A noticeable shift to the right was also observed in Europe in the first quarter of the 20th century. Today it has been demonstrated that the Vatican played a very significant role in the takeover of power by National Socialism. Such a figure as Himmler was, directly, a creature of the Vatican. In its essential character, National Socialism was a world-wide phenomenon. And the mission of Hess in Britain, for example, failed through a chance event the fact that he most likely fell into the wrong handsand did not reach the people intended.


One could pursue this comparative analysis much further (one could, for example, call to mind the notorious Berlin-Moscow-Tokyo axis; today there is talk of reviving it again, only Tokyo would be replaced by Peking) this would merely confirm the conclusion to be drawn from it, that in our time the attempt is being made to reawaken the scenario of the 1920s and 30s, in order to steer the course of world events according to this pattern whereby, instead of Germany, Russia is to be placed at the center of events.

It is known from many sources that the beginnings of this project are to be sought at the end of the 19th century. And at this point it had already been postulated by the leaders of the secret societies that for its realization three World Wars would be necessary. This would, so they thought, break the conservatism of the humanity which does not want to understand that there is the wish to lead it to the earthly Paradise. Today, two of these wars are already behind us and the new representatives (not leaders) of those societies, such as Brzezinski, Kissinger (two grey Cardinals, as they are called, of the world political élite: one oriented to the right, the other to the left) or Jacques Attali, offer to humanity openly the choice between either voluntarily recognizing the New World Order, or being drawn into another World War. Thus, for example, Jacques Attali in a lecture held at the request of the Basel section of the World Jewish Congress. The Basler Zeitung(Nr. 253, 30.10.2002) reported on it as follows: Attali concluded with the appeal that a World Government should come about, not after a conflict, but instead of a (World) War. He reminded the audience that the League of Nations was created after the 1st World War and the U.N.O. after the 2nd World War.” – On the whole, a quite clear indication.

But humanity hesitates to make its decision, and its situation therefore grows ever more perilous. This is evident from what Zbigniew Brzezinski thinks and expresses in this connection, as one can easily read in an article in the Internet. Here are a few brief quotes from it.

“The former national security Adviser [...] added that one can see the following: This expansion of activities carried by the population world-wide is detrimental to an authority imposed from outside, such as that which characterized the age of colonialism and imperialism. A sustained resistance, borne by powerful convictions and motives and anchored in the population, on the part of people who are politically awakened and reject, for historical reasons, control imposed from without, is demonstrably ever more difficult to suppress’ [...].

In his statement Brzezinski seemed to avoid pronouncing a judgement, but the ideological milieu in which he was speaking, and earlier declarations, would suggest that it was a matter, here, not of celebrating the resistance on the part of the people, but, rather, of lamenting the consequences of this for the control from without, which Brzezinski has frequently proposed. His speech was held in the context of an event arranged by the European Forum for New Ideas (EFNI), which advocates the transformation of the European Union into an undemocratic federal State in fact, precisely the sort of bureaucratic control from withoutwhich in Brzezinskis opinion is endangered.

In this connection we must state clearly that Brzezinskis argument to the effect that a resistance borne by the populationputs at risk the imposition of a New World Order, represents a warning and not an expression of agreement. It is also worth pointing out that Brzezinski [as early as 1982], in his book Between Two Ages: Americas Role in the Technotronic Age, supported the idea of a control of the population by the dominant political class through the use of modern and, particularly, electronic technologies. In the technotronic age there emerges, step by step, a progressively more controlled society. Such a society is ruled over by an élite which does not feel bound to traditional values. It will soon be possible to watch over every citizen practically the whole time, and to gather in comprehensive and continually updated [electronic] records even the most personal information about the citizens. The authorities will have immediate access to these records,says Brzezinski there. In the technotronic society the trend will go in the direction of a drawing together of the millions of single and uncoordinated citizens, who can easily be influenced by charismatic and attractive personalities, who apply the most up-to-date communication techniques to manipulate feelings and control thinking,it says elsewhere in the book.

Brzezinskis sudden concern over the consequences that would follow if one unexpectedly had to do with a politically aware and active population, does not mean that he identifies with their aims in any way. Brzezinski is a hard-boiled and convinced member of the élite, which he knows intimately. [...]

It is not the first time that Brzezinski has complained about the opposition springing up in the population against domination from without by a small élite. In a speech at a gathering of the Council on Foreign Relations in Montreal he warned his globalist colleagues in 2010 that a world-wide political awakeningwould, together with inner conflicts within the élite, endanger the introduction of a New World Order.

Author: Paul Joseph Watson


In a repetition of the scenario that was tried before, Russia would be brought into the situation where it risked having to fight a war on two fronts: against Europe and against the East China. It must therefore, so the opinion goes in the Community of Darkness, again become a powerful monolithic State, and incorporate into itself once more all that it lost in its Versaillesof 1991. At the same time, it must become increasingly isolated in the world. It must be more hatedby the world than in Middle Europe. The first impetus in this direction was provided by the annexation of Crimea. The method applied here shows that the power in Russia is being sworn into the policy of annexation of territories. First, only its own, but later the whole thing is to spread further and further.[2] The parallels described will continue. In Germany the situation, as we know, was such that to begin with a new, strong power restored to the country the territories that had previously been taken away from it. It is easy to understand how, in this way, the backing of the whole population was assured: Alsace and a part of the Sudetenland were annexed (with the support of Britain and France) regions that had been settled by Germans through centuries , German cities: Strasbourg, Danzig. But then events took a different turn. A strategic game began. Thus, Britain announced its intention to march its troops into Norway. One had, of course, to anticipate the enemy and be quicker than him. And this is what is happening now.[3] (It was according to exactly the same method that the USSR provoked its invasion of Afghanistan.) The Führer was led by the nose.

How Russia is meant to act according to this system in the future, can be seen on the map shown earlier, on which the thick line of the boundary between Europe and Euro-Asiareaches far down into the West Europes underbelly, as some political scientists call it. (And, incidentally, is not here to be found the cause for the default of Greece which is seeking ways to leave the EU, or for the separation of Kosovo from Serbia?) This is the unquestionably real way in which a Russia with its strength restored could provoke a conflict with Europe seeking refuge ever further and more obediently under the protective wing of America.

As to the relations between Russia and China, these can be turned easily and quickly in any direction whatever. One need only recall the experience from Soviet times when enthusiastic songs like this were sung: Moscow-Peking, Moscow-Peking: the peoples are marching... for a light-filled future...” etc. and suddenly we found ourselves caught up in the border conflict over Damanski Island. But if one compares the relative strength of Russia and China, it is similar to that of Russia and Germany in the past, though in the present case to Russias disadvantage. During the 2nd World War the inexhaustible human reserves of the enemy became a nightmare for the soldiers of the Wehrmacht. They were confronted with the fact that the Soviet Army suffered enormous losses, without its attacking power being reduced in any way.[4]

Russia can bring this advantage to bear over against the West; and loses it as soon as the threat comes from the East as happened during the time of the Mongolian-Tatar invasion. And in the future this threat could easily come in the form of a coalition of the forces of the East!

<font face="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif">Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenario - Volume I</font>

<font face="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif">Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenario - Volume I</font>

Regarding a military confrontation between East and West, the possibility maybe even the inevitability of such a thing happening is dictated by European karma itself. The East is led by great Luciferic initiates. They see evil in the whole of Western civilization and aim to avenge the suppression of Eastern spirituality by forces of materialism and the relentless spread of technology. This is the prevailing conviction in the East that for the good of humanity as a whole Western civilization must be destroyed. One need only listen to the views expressed by Islamic fundamentalists in this connection. When Europe during the First World War was still in accordance with its own will soaked in streams of blood, Rudolf Steiner gave the following warning: “If it does not come about that more and more people appear who hold fast to the idea that a united European resistance must oppose the militarism of powers that operate covertly, then the collapse of European culture is unavoidable. Across from the East there are already rumbling toward us, from Japan, the menacing tones of an imperialism that may be far more powerful than that of previous empires. The will to conquer can be heard in the new national anthem which, as an echo of the English “Rule Britannia”, now gives utterance to the “Rule Nippon”. And then Rudolf Steiner read out a hymn that had been published by a Japanese newspaper: “When Nippon at the Lord’s command / Rose from the waves in morning’s glow / Resounding through the world’s expanse / A call proclaims from heaven’s blue:/ For domination thou wast born, Japan ...” (GA 174, 08.01.1917). Against this background, the fantasies of our Russian Eurasians and those in the West who dream of the creation of a great alliance stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, are simply laughable. There is very little sense of reality in Russia’s intention to create a financial and economic bloc of the States of the Pacific region, in order by this means to undermine the global dominance of the United States of America. Viewed externally, such a plan might appear to correspond to the objective process whereby due to the fact that Europe has no inclination to turn away from materialism and toward the spiritual foundations of life a shift of the process of history and civilization from Europe to the Pacific region must take place. But one needs to recognize that this is a process of the downfall of Europe (and of Russia, too, of course). Rudolf Steiner says in this

      “There will be no rest on the Earth until a certain harmonization has taken place where the great
      issues of East and West
on the spiritual level are concerned.” But as this is not happening, “the great
      war will be waged between Asia and the West, despite all disarmament conferences ...”

it is unavoidable,

      “... if the Asiatic peoples cannot see coming toward them from the West something that is the spirit of
      the West, which can be a beacon of light for them and in which they can place their trust because they
      comprehend it out of their own
albeit decadent spirituality. Peace in the world depends upon an
      understanding of this situation and not on the talks engaged in by the external leaders of humanity. It
      all depends upon recognition of the fact that the essential thing is the spirit that lies hidden within
      European-American culture, and from which one flees, refusing in comfort and complacency to
      engage with it, but which is the only thing
that can lead humanity to forces of ascent ...”

Hope for improvement is baseless, so long as it is nourished only by a spirit of fatalism ...

     “Humanity must itself decide whether it wants spirituality, or whether it does not. [This is, in the final
     analysis, the choice that needs to be made by humanity, and not the one proposed by the globalists.

     G.A.B.] If humanity wishes to have spirituality, the progress of mankind will be possible. If it has no
     wish for it, then the downfall of the Western world is guaranteed and, accompanied by the most terrible
     catastrophes, a quite different further development, unlike anything that many people could dream of,
     will have to take place
” (GA 209, 24.11.1921).

These were the words of Rudolf Steiner in 1921. Today one is fully justified in saying that humanity does not want spirituality, despite the fact that it is “politically awakened.” And in these circumstances the events will unfold which were planned according to the scenario of the last two wars! For the Luciferic initiates of the East, China is nothing other than a gigantic cudgel which can be made to descend upon a powerful military opponent. For the Ahrimanic initiates of the West, Russia is a cudgel of this kind. And so, if it comes to a military confrontation between East and West, one cannot hope for a display of any form of courtesy. In a deadly conflict there will be, not a crossing of swords, but a swinging of cudgels.

This conflict was foreseen by Vladimir Soloviev who speaks of it in his “Three Conversations”. He regarded it as unavoidable and also saw its cause in the spiritual decline of the West. He found expression for this viewpoint in his famous poem:

A savage sound

But luminous and familiar to me it rings.
It is as if God’s voice of destiny
Is speaking of the course of world history.

When in deeply corrupt Byzantium
The Divine altar was extinguished
And when Prince, Priest, people and Tsar
Took leave of the Messiah,

From the East there came like a mighty storm
A foreign stream of heathen warriors,
And trembling under the crushing blow
The second Rome collapsed to dust.

The fate of this fallen Empire
Leaves Russia unperturbed.
The flatterers of Russia always say:
The Third Rome
is you! is you!

So be it then!
The God-sent plagues
Have not yet all been used.
The awakened might of the nations
Arms itself for new battles.

From the Archipelago to the Himalaya,
Led by the island kingdom in the sea,
A gigantic army boundless in number

Crowds against China’s ancient wall.

Locust-like, vital, ravenous,
Wild, insatiable, uncounted,
Charged with an excess of strength
Its ray pours northwards.

Russia! Forget the feelings of glory and fame;
The Double Eagle exists no longer,
And the torn fragments of your flag
Are given as playthings to yellow-skinned children.

In humiliation and offense they tremble
Who forgot the commandment to love one another ...
The Third Rome is dust, is vanquished

There will never be a fourth.

Thus there are good reasons for Russia to abandon the well-worn paths of her forward movement, which still lives disturbingly in the memory. She ought in her external relations to abstain from over-engagement in political activity, although this does not, of course, mean a policy of isolation. She should pursue a path similar to that of, for example, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland. She ought to avoid involvement in dangerous international adventures, and follow the method of refraining from action. This lesson ought to be taught us by the painful experiences of the past.

When Rudolf Steiner spoke about the beginning of the First World War, he remarked that the important question is not: Who was responsible for the outbreak of war? – but a different one, namely: “Who could have prevented the war? There can be no other answer to this than: The Russian government could have prevented the war!” (GA159, 18.05.1915) And in what way? we ask today. By doing nothing! Simply by not joining in the military action. It is interesting to note that Wilhelm II telegraphed to Nicholas II on July 29, one day before signing the decree for general mobilization: “I believe ... it will be possible for you ... to watch the Serbo-Austrian conflict without plunging the world into one of the most terrible wars.” The Kaiser added that it would not damage Russia’s reputation in any way. Russia had this possibility of “preventing the war” through the whole duration of the war. W.A. Sukhomlinov writes in his Memoirs: “In 1915, Russian diplomacy had every opportunity to pursue an independent policy, which could have led to a peace accord of the Entente with Germany, as Russia could not have been forced to fulfill the conditions of an agreement not adhered to by the other side.” (Emphasis G.A.B.)

Of course, in the conditions of that time it would not have been easy to remain a mere onlooker; it would be even more difficult today. This would require strong forces within the country, not, above all, military which are obviously also needed but primarily spiritual forces. These will only be acquired through an appeal to the higher spiritual Beings; but in the life of society such an appeal can only take the form of social threefolding. (Here we would remind the reader of what was said by Rudolf Steiner regarding Germany’s opportunity in 1919.)

Those living in Russia the decision-makers and the populace as a whole must of necessity for the sake of their own survival, and that of their country and its culture, for the sake of the prospect of a continued life and development on the Earth summon the inner strength to burst open the fetters of materialism, overcome the sleep of the intellect, and turn their gaze to the wide world of the reality that is, in its unity, both sensible and supersensible; and they should recognize that Divine beings of the greatest holiness and immeasurable power are inclining in love toward them and the world of human beings walking the Earth, and are simply waiting for the human beings with an understanding of the world constellation to call upon them and their forces, and they will immediately provide help. For as soon as people grasp this situation, they also understand what has to be done to bring them into harmony with the laws of development which lead the human individuality toward freedom.

As the outcome of a mighty evolutionary process, the human being has finally arrived at a phase of development whereby he is able, like those Divine beings, to reach through to his own higher “I”. He must bring this about himself. The Gods value him to the highest degree as he engages in this task. But he must himself take the decision to fulfill it. Then, the help from the Divine realms will take on the character of a collaboration. Help in the old sense, however, whereby the Gods take the human being by the hand like a small child, is in contradiction to present development, and only leads to human beings remaining behind in their development. For this reason, the Gods are silent when a person tries to obtain this kind of help from them.

Besides the correspondences that exist between the situation in the 20’s and 30’s of the 20th century and our own century today, there are also differences. The greatest of these lies in the fact that we stand at the threshold of the earthly incarnation of the Ahrimanic monad. The author fully recognizes that when he turns to this theme he risks being classified among the numerous “mystics” of our time, with parapsychologists, etc., who fill the pages of the relevant printed matter with confused and almost entirely misguided predictions. It must be admitted that these muddied waters seriously undermine confidence in esotericism of any kind and discredit it enormously. Leaving aside certain terminological correspondences, we must draw a sharp distinction between Anthroposophical and all other forms of esotericism. The esotericism of Anthroposophy is a spiritual science. It is as exact and as logically consistent as any other of the recognized sciences. This cannot be said of any other of the forms of esotericism known today. And as a science, it is fully autonomous. Falsification, however, and profanation can, of course, be found not only in occultism but also in the well- known sciences. For example, the dialectic of Marx represents nothing other than a falsification and profanation of the dialectic of Hegel.

Prophecy regarding the “coming of the Antichrist” is very ancient. It is there in the New Testament Book of Revelation. That this advent is to take place in our own time is known and believed by very many people on the Earth. For example, in the United States there is a sect with many millions of members which advocates comprehensive support of Israel, as the coming of the Antichrist will supposedly happen there and Israel will need a huge amount of strength to handle the situation. Moreover, everywhere in the mass media on television, in newspapers one can see politicians and the powerful in finance, etc., making a certain gesture with their hand which means the number 666 spoken of in Revelation as the “number of the Beast.” Many make this gesture in order to show that they are initiated into the secret and also to give evidence of their “chosenness” (a culturally illiterate person has no difficulty profaning anything whatsoever). Others, by showing this gesture when they appear publicly, want to call out, as it were, to the participants at certain functions: “What are we arguing about? Why are you disagreeing with us? This is it! This is happening!” – or at least something of this kind. An exact interpretation is not possible, as the meaning of this gesture is kept secret.

If we speak here of the incarnation of Ahriman, we let ourselves be guided by the statement of Rudolf Steiner. He not only points to the event, but, rather, explains the laws which make it possible. He says that in Asia in the 3rd millennium B.C., the incarnation of Lucifer took place (thanks to which, Confucianism, for example, came into being). A consequence of this was that, from then onwards, the evolution of humanity took an extremely one-sided direction. And in order to establish a balance in a certain way, the incarnation of the Christ occurred but also for the sake of mitigating, neutralizing in advance, the harmful consequences of the forthcoming incarnation of a second retarded spirit; and in order to endow the human being with forces that will be needed for an encounter with this spirit in the sense-world.

From the beginning of our fifth post-Atlantean cultural epoch, as the individualistic development of the human being is advancing at great speed, forces have been taking shape which make the incarnation of Ahriman unavoidable. He has an objective right to incarnate and nothing can and will prevent him from making use of it. It is up to the human being to prepare for it in the right way so as not to succumb to its temptations and confront it in full consciousness. Thus:

     “As truly as Lucifer walked on earth and Christ walked on earth objectively in a human being, so will
     Ahriman walk upon the earth
with enormous power to manifest earthly intellectual capacity.” (GA195,

Concerning the time when this will occur, Rudolf Steiner says the following:

     “... just as there was a bodily incarnation of Lucifer, and just as there was a bodily incarnation of the
     Christ, so will there be, before even a [small
G.A.B] part of the 3rd millennium A.D. will have elapsed,
     in the West a real incarnation of Ahriman: Ahriman in the flesh
” (GA191, 01.11.1919).

One could try to determine the year meant by Rudolf Steiner, if one takes into account the law to which the movement of the Ahrimanic spirits is subject in world evolution. This evolution is woven through in all its phases by a sevenfold rhythm, following the path of seven-membered metamorphoses. The retarded Ahrimanic spirits make use of the sixth element of these rhythms in order to prevent them from being realized and thereby attaining their goal (here, we will not go into details). Thus arises the number 666. And by means of its number the human being is steered in the direction which can lead one to expect the most favourable conditions for the future incarnation of Ahriman in the 3rd millennium.

Within the historical process Ahriman moves in the rhythm of the number 666. In this connection, Rudolf Steiner pointed to the special significance of the years 666, 1332, and 1998 A.D. In all probability, one can regard the latter as the year of the incarnation of Ahriman, the year in which the body was created into which Ahriman steals. Its creation was obviously not a simple matter after all, Ahriman is the god of death! Rudolf Steiner also speaks of this. In a lecture of 4 November 1919, he points to that special field of technological progress in which knowledge is used of the connection of the material realm with the human spirit: “ ... through a given application of these things, certain secret societies will ... prepare that through which the Ahrimanic incarnation will be able to be here on the earth in the right way” (GA193). One can assume that they were able to combine the most up-to-date technological procedures with the means of black magic in order to create a body with the capacity to bear within it for a number of years the Ahrimanic monad. (Could it be three years?)

Thus, it is in no way unjustified to assume that the incarnation of Ahriman is well under way. And according to an entry in a notebook of Rudolf Steiner (we spoke about it in our book The Christmas Conference in the Changed Condition of the Times), Ahriman will reveal himself to the world at the age of 18. Here it is probably more correct to speak of 18-1/3 years, which corresponds to the so-called lunar node or Metonic cycle. It follows from this that humanity needs to be ready by early 2017.

In his “Three Conversations, Vladimir Soloviev also speaks about the “Coming of the Antichrist”. But according to him, the war between East and West breaks out prior to this event. In this question, we incline to the view that the opposite will be the case. Time brings all events into their right place. No prophecy of the future is fulfilled down to the last detail. And then Soloviev’s clairvoyant experiences were spontaneous, not guided by his “I”, and thus they may contain various kinds of overlapping and confused images. By means of Anthroposophy, one can consider such matters hypothetically, without having at one’s disposal clairvoyant experiences.


Any development offers alternatives. Even the scenario we have outlined can undergo change. There might be, for example, ecological reasons or, as Brzezinski puts it, a “resistance that is rooted in individuals within the population” whose political consciousness grows. Consciousness self-consciousness is an extremely important factor in the spiritual world. The path of inquiry that follows the method of historical symptomatology plays a particularly favourable role in this connection. Once one has recognized the impulses that the Ahrimanic spirits carry into the stream of earthly history, then there is a law according to which insofar as one knows these impulses, recognizes them, takes them up into one’s consciousness – one can oblige them to undergo certain corrections and give them another direction.

During a course of lectures held in June 1924 on the estate of wealthy landowner Count Carl Keyserlinck in Koberwitz near Breslau (its theme was the possibility of a renewal of agriculture on a biodynamic basis), Rudolf Steiner uttered a warning which has a direct bearing on our own time: “The true antithesis is not between America and Russia – that is only apparent. The real conflict comes between China and America. Whether this is across Europe or across the Pacific Ocean, that is the question. Europe would justifiably hope that it would happen across the Pacific Ocean.”

On the basis of all that we have brought forward in our discussions, we can come to the conclusion that in this conflict, the decision has fallen in favour of the first option namely, that it will be fought out on European territory (and thus, in the first place, in Russia). But in view of this, the human beings of this world who are possessed of a healthy judgment have every reason to appeal without ceasing, with their knowledge and their understanding of the processes involved, to God and the higher powers who guide and guard over humanity: “May this cup pass from Europe!”

This choice is, in its essential nature, determined by that gigantic complex of measures in which the world is enveloped in order that the incarnation of Ahriman should be given a form that is particularly favourable for him. This includes gender mainstreaming, the brutal, unspeakably vulgar, barbaric destruction of all classical art, the monstrous advance of technological development in the field of electronics, which is being applied for the development of psychotronics, and many, many other things. All this taken together robs humanity of the meaning of its existence. And this movement of civilization accelerates faster and faster, like the increase in speed of the flow of the Niagara River as its masses of water approach the Niagara Falls.

And yet the possibility exists of reaching the safety of the riverbank. Humanity still has a chance to give a decisive, positive turn to its destiny. Russia also has this chance. But if nothing happens apart from the restoration of a united statehood within the boundary and the spirit (the choice of words can vary here) of the former USSR; and if, in addition, the so-called “polar” forces of occult Bolshevism rise to power (we spoke of them in our book Crisis of Civilization), then Russia will, of necessity, miss this chance, just as it missed its chance in 1914 and as Germany did in 1919. Then it will have to wage a war on two fronts, which will stretch it beyond its limits. The neo-Bolsheviks of occult Bolshevism were masters in the creation of that scenario; it is tailor-made for them, to perfection. And then “the Third Rome crumbles to dust. Everything will happen as Soloviev predicted: an army four million strong advances from Chinese Turkestan into our central Asiatic regions, crosses the Urals and inundates Eastern and Central Russia. “As ... the enemy was vastly superior in numbers, the Russian troops could only demonstrate their military gifts in a defeat that was at least honourable”, etc. The peaceful populace – women, children, old people will be plunged into a state of misery comparable to that of the civil population of Germany in 1944-45, or even worse.

But whatever the course future events may take, no one has the right to surrender to fatalism. For from the standpoint of eternity, things are different from what they are when seen from an earthly perspective. Humanity is passing through a difficult phase of evolution which threatens to plunge it massively into materialism and utilitarianism. This is the reason for the chaotic conditions that are arising in Central and Eastern Europe. For they are the regions in which the spiritual future of mankind is meant to be prepared through the instilling of life and spirit into today’s material culture, the striving to spiritualize it. This calls forth the resistance of the forces of decline, of decay, of retardation. Rudolf Steiner said the following:

“It is certainly not possible to speak without an undertone of sorrow about this chaos that has descended upon the lands of Central and Eastern Europe, and which, externally, shows little prospect of a return to harmony in the near future. But something else is there, too. Where this chaos is spreading, there will be a world which, on the outer physical plane, will in the very short term give human beings the least one can possibly imagine. The blessings of the physical plane will not be abundant in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. All that the human being can receive through the fact that he bears his existence through external forces all this will not amount to much. The human being will have to take a strong hold of himself in the inwardness of his soul in order to stand firm in life. And ... he will be able to make the decision to move forward to the spirit, from which alone future salvation can come” (GA186, 21.12.1918).

April 2014

Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenario - Volume 

Events in the Ukraine and a Possible Future Scenario - Volume I

Postscript, December 2014

Eight months have gone by since these essays were written, and so far the events in the world have not given us reason to alter their content in any significant way. The imposition of a series of relatively mild sanctions on Russia still aims to bring the country to focus on its own development: to build up industry and agriculture again, and of course to arm itself, etc. But for some reason Russia persists in her reluctance to do this. Many sensible things are said, but beyond this nothing happens. Everybody is waiting for the price of crude oil to reach the 100 dollar mark and exceed it. Then there will again be enough for everyone, there will even be a bit extra for the public health service and education. And this is a very remarkable fact and, indeed, a symptom. What lies behind it?

If one observes attentively the development in the world in connection with the events in the Ukraine, then it becomes increasingly obvious that these events represent in their essence the conflict, the relentless battle, between two gigantic world powers. One of these powers remains faithful to the scenario described above, the realization of which is to enable it to achieve world domination. The other power favors the continuation of the process that is underway in the world, whose main points can be summed up as follows:

  1. To steadfastly promote the semi-violent mixing of all the races;

  2. To continue the work of radically altering the character and type of the human personality, and even its kind, by means of the sexual revolution; and

  3. To continue the process of the destruction of the monolithic State with the help of “Orange revolutions” in order to bring about in the world a total but controllable chaos.

As soon as the one part of such a development gains the upper hand, the peoples of the world will be joined together in a State which encompasses the planet, with a government that rules over this planetary State. In this case, a third World War would not be necessary.

The advocates of these two globalization projects battle with each other in all parliaments, even in the world’s monarchies, in all financial, economic, ideological and other structures. Each of these groups has its voters, a mass of conscious and also unconscious followers representing all strata of society.

And in these circumstances, which of us is qualified to judge who is the friend and who the enemy of the welfare of mankind? But here there is something else to grasp: namely, that there exist two forms of globalism and that the realization of either the one or the other would mean the downfall of human evolution. And so it is the supreme task of any individual who has been able to maintain a healthy judgment and an independent personality to oppose the movement of civilization in either one of the directions mentioned. For, what paths are they? What lies in store for humanity if it follows them?

The vision of one of them (the Ahrimanic) is found in the utopian novels Weby Yevgeni Zamyatin (1884-1937) and Brave New Worldby Aldous Huxley (1894-1963); and of the other in The Earthly Paradise, the utopia of Dmitri Mereshkovski (1866-1941).


1. It should be noted here, that neither Germany nor Austria-Hungary was prepared for a military confrontation in the East; the considerable initial successes of the Russian invasion testify to this.

2. With the reacquisition of Crimea, Russia has, in some way, obtained its own East Prussia. Here, the question of the “Polish corridor” naturally arose. In 1939 it led to the Polish-German War and the partition of Poland. Let us see how the matter will end in our case.

3. In this connection, knowledge of the true history of the wars of National Socialism becomes increasingly relevant, but still today this does not exist in the Russian language

4. Field Marshal von Bock, who took part in the battles around Moscow, wrote in his diary on 7th Dec. 1941: “In an amazingly short time the Russian has put defeated divisions back into action... Today there are 24 – mostly complete divisions more facing our forces than there were in 15th November. By contrast, the strength of the German divisions due to the uninterrupted fighting and the overwhelming force of approaching winter has been reduced by more than a half...” [Field Marshal General Fedor von Bock: War Diary, 1995].

Chapter 2
Volume 2